idiot animal


animal morphers: idiot kids with, like, 30 death wishes

drawing 8 sketches was hard. too lazy for this. 100% headcanon based
take my headcanons! take them!! i drew these headcanons for you!!! (and i captioned them with jokes too)

i was gonna color these but TOO MUCH WORK SORY

i love animrphs! ill die!


Cindy brought a mouse into the house and has decided to look for it in the dumbest place possible. My cat, everybody.

dont you ever

get it in your head that because someone bought their snake from petco/smart/land and learned the incorrect care means they are lesser than you.

dont you ever think you are better than someone else for learning the correct care the first go around.

and dont you EVER discourage people from seeking help and asking questions to better their husbandry, intentionally or otherwise.

some people impulse buy their animals, and yes we wish they wouldn’t, but making a post calling those people idiots and animal abusers DOES NOTHING to help the animal and does nothing to help the person improve their care.

if you make these posts and contact these people with such sentiments, you are truly a selfish person and show you put your needs in front of actually helping the situation.

cussing or otherwise being aggressive towards someone with incorrect husbandry DOES NOT HELP THE ANIMALS

“This cannot be right. It simply cannot be right. The Prophet and the Catalyst, and you are scarcely more than boys. Green to manhood, untrained in Skill, full of pranks and lovesick woes. These are the ones sent to save the world?”

The Fool and I exchanged glances, and I saw him take a breath to reply to her.
But at that moment, Starling snapped her fingers. “And that is what makes the song!” she exclaimed suddenly, her face transfigured with delight. "Not a song of heroic strength and mighty-thewed warriors. No. A song of two, graced only with friendship’s strength. Each possessed of a loyalty to a king that would not be denied. And that in the refrain … ‘Green of manhood,’ something, ah …”

The Fool caught my eye, glanced meaningfully down at himself. “Green manhood? I really should have showed her,” he said quietly. And despite everything, despite even the glowering of my queen, I burst out laughing.”- Assassin’s Quest, Robin Hobb
same Kettle, can’t believe these two are going to save the world


mobile isn’t letting me order these into grids so um. press j to skip!

I finished this secret santa wayyy way back like 2 weeks ago as a challenge to both a) encompass as many of the prompts that @blackberryblossoms gave and b) to finish a complete comic! like full color and everything. If anyone followed my twitter during the beginning of december i was Pretty Bad at the secret part.

sjw’s don’t give a fuck about animal lives. i hate you all. you think the human race is more important than animals are. news flash: humans are animals too. a lot of you seem to have forgotten about that fact. go educate yourselves or fuck yourselves or something. stop thinking that your entitled asses are so much more important than those of other living creatures. the universe doesn’t give a shit about you or your life. it certainly doesn’t revolve around you or anyone else. but we all exist on this planet, for some goddamn reason, and just because we have evolved to be “more intelligent” than other animals, doesn’t mean we should treat those less intelligent than us like their lives are unimportant. humans aren’t the only ones who feel. we aren’t the only ones who have a right to exist. why else would other species exist? fucking take care of one another, including other animals, and the planet that is(and should be) our shared home.

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NAME? Eric
NICKNAMES? I’m not cool enough for a nickname
ZODIAC? Pisces
FAVORITE FLOWER? Foxgloves, Queen Anne’s Lace
FAVORITE SCENT? Cilantro, coconut
FAVORITE ANIMAL? My idiot cats
CAT OR DOG? I love them both
DREAM TRIP? London? Maybe Tokyo?
NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS? Around 1,300, but I think a lot aren’t active
WHAT DO I POST ABOUT? All the dumb shit I try to do?
FAVORITE BAND? I can’t stop listening to Fleetwood Mac rn
AESTHETIC? uhhhhhh in what sense??
FICTIONAL CHARACTER I’D DATE? Me and Rohan Kishibe can be a Hell Bitch Comic Power Couple
HOGWARTS HOUSE? Hufflepuffle

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