idiot :(

I remember when I thought these drawings were good……

I guess this could be a good reminder to keep drawing so you’ll get better and better! And feel the same dread as I do when I look through old drawings :P

whoever said that love was “friendship set on fire”
obviously never fell in love with their best friend
because i did
and the two did not go up in flames
only one of us is burning

the smoke of these flames took shape of you
and god, it looked so much like you
i could have fooled myself into believing it was you
and i couldn’t help but to steal a kiss
now my chest hurts and my lungs are full of poison
i can’t breathe
but i can’t stop breathing you in
even though it’s killing me

love is not “friendship set on fire”
because being on fire like this hurts
and love should never hurt
and i would never want you to burn like this
i would never want us to burn
i want us to flourish
i want us to rise like the phoenix
and soar together
i want us
to feel like we’re flying
all of the time

Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something about falling in love with your best friend but youre not sure if he loves you more than a friend?

alyssasfriendana said:Could you maybe write one about a girl who loves a boy so much that it physically hurts, bc hes her best friend and she’s his but that’s the only way he sees her

Anonymous said: I wonder if could write about falling in love with somenone. About a girl who once was my “girlfriend”, and now we are really close friends, but i still love her and keep falling over and over again

(cc, 2017)

Karamel: *argue*
Karamel: *make up*
Karamel: *make heart eyes all the time*
Karamel: *are both flawed individuals who recognise their mistakes and learn from them*
Karamel: *smile the most around each other*
Karamel: *stick up for each other*
Antis: ABUSIVE!!!!!!


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