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can we get rid of the idea that ‘strong women’ in media can’t fall in love or be straight

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I bet the only person zombie Frisk (Zisk?) ever spares is the temmies.

The child has actually spared everyone so far except that Froggit and potentially Toriel! Not that they’ve had many encounters or chances though.

Hmm. Thinking about it, that’s pretty Boring. Let’s Spice It Up a little next chapter. What do you think, Friends? :)

Whatever you do, don’t think about Makkachin being a protective puppy with Victor and Yuuri’s baby. Don’t imagine their baby toddling around after Makka and pulling on the poor poodle’s ears and trying to ride her like a horsey and Makka just taking it because her people seem to really love this loud, squishy thing they brought home almost as much as they love Makka and, therefore, Makka loves the loud, squishy thing. And don’t think about some of the baby’s first words being, “Ma, maaa,” and people being really confused because this kid has two dads and no “mama” to speak of and Victor and Yuuri having to explain they’re pretty sure the baby’s trying to say, “Makkachin.” Don’t even consider Makkachin  waiting under the high-chair for the baby to inevitably drop food or Makka licking the baby’s face clean or Makka and the baby falling asleep together on a blanket while Victor and Yuuri coo and take pictures.

Don’t. Just don’t think about it. Don’t do that to yourself.

I put on a clay face mask, and was like ‘I can paint my nails while I wait for the mask to dry’. And then when I was done painting I realised that I’ll have to wait half an hour before my nails are dry and can wash my face. 

I fucked up. I make bad decisions.

  • sunny has featured freudian theory before
  • according to freud, dreams are wish fulfilment fantasies that are attempts by the subconscious to resolve repressed conflict
  • mac dreamt about living alone with dennis in their old apartment and dennis kissing him
  • conclusion: f uck