Look at this ignorant leftist thinking they are funny!

when I actually expanded and replied to an anonymous ask with what I will once again write below. 

I beg to differ anonymous person whom I am naming Anderson and who is making my life difficult, I would say other things but eh. I’ll forgive and forget cause I’m Canadian. That is way besides the point. What was it I originally said? Judaism Terrorism? Well I would like to support that with fact, now keep in mind I’m not sure if they are still active but here are a few jewish terrorist groups, Brit HaKanaim (, Tzrifin Underground ( Lehava (, Sikrikim ( and heres another news article,

I think I also mentioned buddhist terrorism? (

The only thing I will say is wrong is Icelandic terrorism, there hasn’t been a big or any attack since 1986. So yea, and Norway has Anders Behring Breivik may he rot in hell. SO yea, I’m not about to delete my blog. I would have you consider deleting yours before making “funny remarks” so please

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I’m sure @whatbigotspost will understand though and not male me look like a racist asshole when I clearly in other remarks I made state that I am not saying they are irrelevant, just becoming irrelevant.