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What would Africans like Black Americans to do?

I get so many conflicting impressions of what yall want us to do. We get told to stay away from ALL African culture, and that we’re appropriating it when we attempt to educate ourselves. We get cast off as ignorant and malicious when we fail to be perfect at learning about our West African heritage. We are constantly laughed at and made fun for approaching African culture as a monolithic entity, by people who act as if they are knowledgeable about ALL of Africa, simply because they are African. We’re told that its not our heritage, so educating ourselves specifically so we can be capable of understanding and discussing it is tantamount to white people and non-African PoCs doing it. We’re told all this by people who very often use Black American language and idioms, music, fashion, etc and utilize rights directly attained by Black American people. I don’t understand how our culture, which we give yall credit for contributing to through our ancestral influences, is so accessible to yall, but your culture - which IS our actual history - is banned from us???? What do yall expect from us? Cause its getting to the point where I’m convinced that yall think we’re disposable just like everybody else does smh