Signs As Misused Idioms
  • "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back":Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius.
  • "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb":Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius.
  • “Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one":Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces.
  • "Great minds think alike but fools rarely differ”:Aries, Leo, Scorpio.
Some spanish idioms for your knowledge.
  • Me cago en la mar “I shit on the sea”: when we are angry.
  • Lleva una torrija encima “He/she’s walking around with a fried slice of milk-soaked bread on her/his head”: when someone is clumsy.
  • Pollas en vinagre “pickled dicks”: to ruin someone else’s argument.
  • A buenas horas, mangas verdes “green sleeves in good time”: when someone is late.  
  • Con dos huevos “with two eggs”: bravely.
  • Cagando leches “shitting milks”: very quickly.
  • Mojar el churro “to wet the churro”: having sex
  • Tener los cojones de corbata “ to wear your balls as a tie”: being nervous.
  • No tengo el chichi para farolillosmy pussy is not in the mood for Chinese lanterns”:  this is the wrong moment for that.
  • No me toques los cojones “don’t touch my balls”: don’t bother me!
合縁奇縁 | aienkien
—  (noun) A Japanese untranslatable idiom, aienkien is defined as an expression used to describe an uncanny relationship. It characterizes a couple who met by a quirk of fate, but are strangely happy and deeply bonded by their unusual attraction and course of destiny. 

Favourite Czech idioms translated literally into English:

  • Gather your five plums and leave! (take all your stuff and get out!)
  • To have nerves in a bucket (to be mentally drained and stressed)
  • To receive lentil/soda (to get told off)
  • That is a back bucket to me (I don’t care)
  • Mushrooms with vinegar (nothing)
  • Like a tiny moon on dung (very happy)
  • Once a Hungarian year (in very long intervals)
  • Bear service (to cause damage with originally good intentions)
  • Two asses of sth (lots of sth)
  • To get drunk with a bread roll (to be satisfied easily)
  • Cucumber season (dull season without any news)
the signs as idioms

Aries: “taste of your own medicine”

Taurus: “it takes two to tango”

Gemini: “best of both worlds”

Cancer: “see eye to eye”

Leo: “whole nine yards”

Virgo: “blessing in disguise”

Libra: “hit the nail on the head”

Scorpio: “speak of the devil”

Sagittarius: “method to my madness”

Capricorn: “actions speak louder than words”

Aquarius: “every cloud has a silver lining”

Pisces: “crying over spilled milk”

Spanish Idiomatic Expressions
  • No tengo donde caerme muerto - I’m broke
  • Te estoy tomando el pelo - I’m pulling your leg
  • ser un cero a la izquierda - to be useless
  • estar para chuparse los dedos -  to be delicious/finger lickin’ good
  • estar hasta las narices - to be fed up
  • de tal palo, tal astilla - like father like son
  • te gusta o no (gústete o no) - like it or not
  • empinar el codo - to drink alcohol
  • enredarse con - to have an affair with
  • tener una aventura con - to have an affair with
  • ¡Qué tiempo de perros! - What awful weather!
  • Dicen las malas lenguas - Rumor has it…
  • No hay mal que por bien no venga - Every cloud has a silver lining
  • Ser la comidilla del pueblo/barrio - to be the talk of the town
  • almas gemelas - soulmates
  • mi media naranja - my other half
  • estar como pez en el agua - to be right at home
  • no tener pelos en la lengua - to be very outspoken
  • tener malas pulgas - to be short-tempered
  • perder los estribos - to lose your temper
  • andarse por las ramas - to beat around the bush
  • estar fuera de quicio - to be out of your mind
  • sacar de quicio - to infuriate, annoy, blow out of proportion
  • ir por cuenta de la casa - to be on the house
  • traer entre manos - to be up to something
  • a la larga - in the long run
  • de buena gana - willingly
  • de ahora/hoy en adelante - from now on
  • de arriba a abajo - from top to bottom
  • en pleno día - in broad daylight
  • de puntillas - on tiptoes
Some spanish idioms/expressions for your knowledge (part 3)
  • Tener pocas lucesTo have few lights”: Being stupid.
  • Olerse la tostada “To smell the toast”: When you suspect something is going on with some certainty.
  • Tener más cara que espaldaTo have more face than back”: when someone takes advantage of a situation 
  • Eres la hostiaYou are the communion waffer”: You are rad!
  • PintamonasFemale monkey painter”: Unimportant person who seeks to be famous.
  • Ida de ollaDeparture of pot”: Going crazy.
  • Quedarse con la coplaTo keep the copla”: To understand what’s going on.
  • Salir rana “To come out frog”: (The thing) has turned out badly.
  • Meter cizañaTo put garnel in”: when someone says or does something to make people fight.
  • Tomar el peloTo take the hair”: To fool someone.
  • Escurrir el bultoTo slip the lump”: Setting aside a problem.
  • Hacer el AgostoTo make the August”: Taking advantage of a favorable situation to earn a lot of money.
  • Echar un polvoTo throw a dust”: To have sex (vulgar) 
Idiomatic Expressions With Иметь

Quite often the verb “to have” should be translated into Russian as “у … есть”. The verb иметь is more formal and means rather “to possess”. However, there are a few dozens of idiomatic expressions with the verb иметь. Here are some:

иметь в виду – to keep in mind, to mean.
иметь голову на плечах - to have a good head on one’s shoulders
иметь значение – to matter
иметь вес - to have influence
иметь место - to take place
иметь талант - to have a talent
иметь честь - to be honored
иметь отношение - be related to
иметь влияние - again, to have influence
иметь дело (с кем-либо) - to deal with
иметь зуб (на кого-либо) - to have a grudge (against smb)
иметь виды - to have definite goals, plans, intentions
иметь возможность - to have a chance

Literal translations of Bulgarian idioms pt. 2

1. Хлопа му/й дъската. - His/her board is knocking.
2. Правя се на две и половина. - I’m pretending to be two and a half.
3. Имам таралеж в гащите. - I have a hedgehog in my pants.
4. Гълтам си граматиката. - I swallow my grammar.
5. Гъз път да види. - The ass would see the road.
6. Докато свят светува. - As long as the world is worlding.
7. Гледам през крив макарон. - To look through curved macaroni.
8. Дето да отиде врана, все посрана. - Wherever the crow goes, it always shits itself.
9. Гоня този дето духа. - I’m chasing the one who blows.
10. Когато пръдне гугутката у кипела вода. - When the turtle-dove farts in boiled water.