idiom box

Monky Business

“A monastery is forced to interact with the outside world when their mead becomes wildly popular.”

Abbot Costello likes the quiet life. He likes his bees, he likes his garden and he likes the mead he and his brother monks have been making for hundreds of years. Now, because a hip-hop star on holiday sent a tweet, that mead has become the hottest new thing in hollywood and it’s placing his way of life in jeopardy. With millions of dollars to be made that would help their charitable work, the little monastery must suddenly learn to deal with the very materialism and false idolatry they’ve spent their whole lives trying to avoid. Can the monks weigh the good they could do with the money against the threat to their way of life?  Will the their lack of world experience make them vulnerable to exploitation? And what about Thelonious the master distiller who just might want to keep the whole lot for himself?

Suggested catchphrase: “Why do they keep sniggering when I say my name?” (Costello’s constant question whenever he deals with the outside world)

Out on a Limb

“A one-legged female ex-con tries to re-build her life on the outside.”

One evening, while on holiday in mexico, Sandy Rudderford’s husband placed a bag of uncut cocaine in her prosthetic leg while she slept nearby. The next day she was arrested for drug trafficking whilst trying to re-enter the United States. That was 12 years ago, now, after serving her sentence, she’s out with a slew of new skills, new contacts and a no-good husband to track down. How will Sandy use her underworld connections to get her revenge? Will she ever go back to her happy former existence as a chartered accountant? And what about Wilco the rough and cold prison guard who harbours a secret crush on Sandy that he can’t let go? 

Suggested catchphrase: “Say that again and you’ll get a Handi-Cap in yo ass”

Flash in the Pan

“An elderly superhero retires to northern Florida and makes trouble for the residents”

Some superheroes are immortal, some superheroes have vast family fortunes to support them and some get old and retire just like the rest of us. As The Flash, Barry Allen saved lives, battled supervillains and kept the world safe for 50 years. Now age has caught up with him and he has moved down to the warm climate and sunny beaches of the Florida Panhandle. Accompanied by his long suffering wife Iris, Barry must juggle his nostalgia for adventure with the frailties of his body and a haphazard desire for anonymity. Can Barry learn to live the quiet life? Will he be able to resist the urge to use his powers and possibly reveal his identity? Or will boredom and Barry’s mischievous nature get the better of him?

Suggested catchphrase: “Nurse, I’m the fastest man alive but I don’t have to be.."