Personal Assistant Part5

Warnings: SMUT! SMUT! SMUT! 18+ Only!

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Previously: Part4

Pulling out his phone, he opened his contacts and saw your number. Seeing the picture of you above your contact info, he opened it and starred at it for a while. Rubbing his thumb over it he opens his messages and sends you a text

To Y/N: I love you - (Not sent)

To Y/N: I’ve loved you since the day I laid eyes on you - (Not sent)

To Y/N: Sebastian doesn’t deserve you - (Not sent)

To Y/N: Sorry I can’t make it to lunch - (Sent)

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 Please forgive me this is my first hc and im shit at these things

- Kevin is pissed the fuck off. 

-  If you thought he was an intolerable person you haven’t met him when he is pissed beyond belief. (Drama Queen)

- (see what I did?)

-(Yeah I hate myself for that pun as well)

- He was pissed over Nicky being behind the prank. The prank where someone had vandalized the walls and put ‘Kevin loves his stick and balls’ in bright red paint over the plexi glass 

- Nicky didn’t actually do it, @neilswesninski said they don’t know who had done it.

- (Sorry if i hijacked or stole your ‘Kevin likes stickballs. I just found it funny and a great way to lead to this @neilswesninski)

- Neil is having an off day where everything he is doing is just not working out and causing Kevin to get pissed and himself, leading to even more mistakes

- By the near end of the practice, all the drill shave ended with either the ball hurting something or someone, the movement off and causing him to face plant and eat dirt, 

- Basically anything that could go wrong did go wrong at the moment of practice and he was near crying and screaming, baiscally hitting something out of his anger he has in himself. 

-Andrew was laughing from his goal, enjoying seeing his boyfriend fail miserably and piss Kevin off beyond belief. 

- So when Kevin throws his helment off after the ball was safely out of play and started storming over, already starting to yell as he pointed his finger towards Neil, Neil froze and tensed,his fingers starting to slowly shake

- He didn’t see Kevin and the orange. All he saw was the familiar room he had stayed in when he was at the nest, trying to keep Andrew safe

- He felt the familiar hard bed, the black sheets and room surround him as Riko twirled a knife around, a murderous look in his eyes

- All he could hear was the distant yelling from Riko lecturing him as the knife dug into his skin. It was at that moment where it started. 

- His blue eyes had a far away look as his body shook and he back away from Kevin, stuttering apologizes before yelling a loud. “Im sorry Riko.” He said as he clenched the scars where the knife had dug into him all along ago. He was breathing heavy, his body convulsing in fear, his voice strangled as he let out faint whimpers

- Kevin had stopped, his eyes wide as he froze in place, scared and surprsied he triggered something that horrid of Neil’s memory. 

- However, Andrew didnt waste a single moment, abandoning his gear and going into a full on sprint as he saw his boyfriend living a panic attack

- He kneeled down after shoving Neil down to the ground, laying his body down as he took a hold of Neil’s arms, holding them above his head as he kneeled down, presseing their foreheads together, letting their nose touch as he stared deep in Neil’s blue eyes he loved so much.

-”Neil……..Neil you are not there……Riko is dead and you are in South Carolina.” HE spoke in a hard voice, watching Neil’s reaction. “You are a fox and you are with me and you are safe. YOu do not need to run when I am here to protect you.” Andrew said.

-andrew kept like thats, softly rubbing Neil’s hand in soft circles, murming as he slowly got his boyfriend to come back. 

- Neil could finally breathe properly, his eyes blinking as he looked up at Andrew’s eyes with surprise. “You had an attack idioit……” He said loud enough for the team to hear. He whispered quickly after. “You always worry me and im always cleaning up your mess.” He said in german smirking as he released Neil’s arms, sitting back.

- Neil felt like a rock had been lifted off his chest, his vision coming in clear once more, his breath returning as he shakily stood up with the help of Andrew. 

- “Thank you.” Neil whispered back in german before Andrew, pulled him down a pecked his lips softly before throwing back on his helment and neck guard, running back to the goal

- Neil was there, eyes wide with surprise as they have ever kissed in front of the team. He brushed everybody’s stare off as he jogged back, lightly clamping a hand on Kevin’s shoulder, smiling and forgiving him

- Nicky was squealing as he took out a camera from no where, snapping pictures of Andrew and Neil

- Neil had never played better at a practice after

Bittersweet Words On My Tongue

I wrote this for Jeva on AO3, they’ve been leaving me a lot of nice comments on my stories and I felt like saying thanks!

“Evan and Nogla talking about friend crushes, yeah. That would be cute to read (or not bec I know you can make good angst) :)”

Pairings: H2OVanoss, Mentioned Daithi De Vanoss (nothing actually happens).

Warnings: Alcohol Mention, Swearing, a little bit of angst & a bittersweet ending (depends on how you look at it).

“Have you ever… kissed a man before?”

“Yeah. Once… in high school,” Daithi replied, his head ducked low as he concentrated on his drawing and Evan watched as his pencil stroked across the surface of the paper.

It was oddly mesmerising.

He knew that David wasn’t overly talented when it came to drawing- he had watched the YouTube videos of him drawing their group- but his friend was determined to better himself and Evan was proud. It was a hard talent to learn- from Evan’s experience- but it was funny to watch Nogla, with his tongue peaking out between his teeth, as he attempted to draw Evan’s hand.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I just wanted to ask, what dances would the gems have to fuse with each other?( green opal, black opal, etc.)[if this makes sense im sorry lol) Thxx!

Hello! Thank you for being interested in it, that’s a really good question :>

oookay HERE WE GO

Felix + Jack: they would dance in hustle style or something similar to that, it starts energetic and smooth, but every time they begin to flirt with each other, their dance becomes more intimate and rough

Felix + Mark: Felix would mess around Mark a lot being dorky and Mark would just want to fuse as fast as it is possible, because Felix embarrass him, they usually dance in a slow pace

Jack + Mark: they would definitely dance in a very fast tempo, Jack would be very bouncy and active, nevertheless Mark would have the leading role. They both rely on flexibility of their bodies

Dan + Phil: they fuse almost without any dancing, just some moves and here is Dil. But before they made really shy attempts and danced very slowly, just doing some simple moves, like Sapphire and Ruby on the lake in “The Answer”

Jack + Felix + Mark: Jack and Felix dance like idioits but then go all over Mark, so there is a lot of rubbing *cough* and body contact. Their dance is very energetic

Felix + Dan + Phil: it’s is all about swirls and changing places with each other, also they never speak during dancing, but smile a lot

Jack + Dan + Phil: their dance contains a lot of jumps and they avoid touching each other a lot, so basically they hold hands only in the end right before transformation