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Laying down on a sofa up against a plain wall, you look down and notice your stomach has more of a bulge to it. These past few dinners in the Sakamaki house have taken their delicious toll. Even though it shouldn’t bother you, the new stomach downs you. You sit up in an attempt to hide it with your poofy shirt. As if sensing your distress, one of the many brothers appear in front of you. 


He looks at you with concern. “Why are you in distress?” 

 You look up at him with a mildly angry look. “You wouldn’t understand.” 

 He sighs as he sits next to you. “I think after all this time you’ve been with us I would be able to understand.” 

 You’re silent for a bit. “Well… I’ve noticed I’ve grown more of a stomach.” You’re hesitant to lift your shirt, but you do anyway to show. 

 He sits blank while he figures out a way to try and cheer you up. “That’s the cause of your distress? Most girls would probably kill for your stomach. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.” He awkwardly chuckles. 

 You smirk to his comment. “I know you mean well, but that doesn’t exactly help.” You notice he’s getting a little frustrated, but hides it as best as he can. 

“If you were so plain and boring then why do I desire you more than anything?” He leans closer to you. “Remember, you aren’t perfect, but that’s okay because we all like you for you.” 

 You embrace him with a hug. “Th- thank you Reiji-San.” 


“Why are you in such a bad mood? Its ruining my sleep.” 

 Looking up, you see Shu glaring at you. It quickly softens as he sees you’ve been faintly crying. Taking a seat next to you he wraps an arm around your lower back. Pulling you closer. You’re surprised by this action, but go with it as you lay your head on his shoulder. 

“Thank you.” You sigh shakily. 

 “Tell me why you’re crying..” You don’t look at him as you speak. 

“I don’t think you’ll quite understand but I’ve grown quite the stomach in the past few days and it bothers me.” 

 He sighs as he lifts you up facing him on his lap. He then pulls up your shirt. “What stomach? I see nothing wrong with it.” You gasp while pulling down your shirt. 

He pulls you back into a hug while you struggle to escape. “No. Stop. Its clearly there.” 

 He nibbles on your ear. “If I show you your worth, will you stop complaining?” 

You can’t help but shiver when he whispered in your ear. “I’m not sure there is a way to prove that.”

 Scoffing, he pulls you back to face him. Standing up, he holds you close. “If you were fat, then why can I pick you up with ease?” He leans his face closer to yours. “If you were ugly, then why can I look at you with this much desire to devour you?” 

 “Well, you have inhuman strength, and you’re a vampire but thank you Shu.” 

He smiles, “Your welcome Y/N.” 

Kanato and Azusa- 

“Why… are you… crying… Y/N?” Azusa spoke with slight concern. 

 “Yeah. Its bothering me.” Kanato scoffed. 

 You look up with small tears streaming down. Kanato looks down at you with a panicked look. Azusa sits next to you and wipes away the tears. “Why… are you… crying?” 

 You finally are able to form a sentence, “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to disturb you.” 

 Kanato looks at you sadly, “Then you should at least tell us why you are like this.” 

 Azusa’s frown deepens, “You… don’t have… To tell us…. But… It would… help…” 

 You sigh as you wipe away the fresh tears. “I’m not the petite girl you all put me out to be. I’ve grown a stomach in the past few days and its bothering me.” 

Kanato pulls up your arms with one hand and lifts your shirt with the other. “What stomach? You’re petty excuse for being sad is not going to work. What’s the real excuse?” 

 Azusa smiles slightly. “You’re… Pretty… Why are you… Concerned?” 

 Slightly smiling, you break free and pull down your shirt. “Its a valid excuse for a girl Kanato and… Thank you Azusa.” 

 Azusa stands up and pulls you up with him. He embraces you and takes a nibble on your neck. Drawing blood you pull away without a word. “Your blood… Is so good… You’re perfect… Y/N.” 

 Kanato looked angrily at Azusa. “Hey! Just because you had the opportunity to doesn’t mean you can just grab a snack out of her whenever!” 

 Azusa laughed, “See? If you… Were ugly… Then we.. Wouldn’t be here..” 

Kanato pulled you towards him, “Or protecting you for that matter. Damn wolves…” 

 They both looked at you with small smiles. When you realize that they meant what they said you embraced them both and thanked them. 

Laito and Kou- 

“Why is M- Neko- Chan sad?” Kou pouted. 

 “Is Bitch- Chan being self concious again?” Laito giggled. 

 You look at Laito slightly angered. “N…. Yes… I’ve grown a stomach in the last few days.” 

 Kou scoffed. “I’m sure you’re just over exaggerating. I’ve seen girls who could use a body like yours.” 

 Laito giggled. “We’ve neglected to pleasure you.” He walked up to you and crouched in front of you. 

 “Please don’t.” You tried backing away.

 Kou sat next to you and hugged you. “Don’t be so selfish Laito.” 

 He giggled, “And you have room to speak?” 

 In a room with a pervert and a selfish idol. You shift uncomfortably. This is a bad combination. “Uhm.. You guys don’t have to be here.” 

 Kou looked at you with his cherry smile, “Oh, but we do Y/N!” Laito held your arm. “We must make you smile again.” Kou picked you up swiftly, “Had you been chuby, I would have had trouble picking you up!" 

 Laito took advantage and lifted your shirt to take a nibble on your side. You squirm uncontrollably. "Had you been ugly I wouldn’t have taken a nibble on you just now." 

 "Hey! Unfair!” Kou set you down abruptly.

 Laito giggled. “What? You can’t blame me!" 

 You back up enough to look at the both of them. "How does this cheer me up?" 

 "You fatuous girl. We’re fighting over you with compliments.” Kou spoke a little offended. 

 You blush furiously. “I’m sorry, you guys are just so hard to read sometimes.” Walking up to them, you embrace them both with a hug, “Thank you guys." 

They glared at each other like two rival wolf packs, "You’re welcome." 

Yuma and Subaru- 

"What’s with the face?” Subaru avoided eye contact. 

 "Sorry to bother you, it’ll be a waste of your time if I told you.“ 

 He clenched his fists. "Waste of my time? If it was I wouldn’t have asked you a question." 

 Unaware of Yuma leaning against the doorway Subaru punched the nearby wall in frutration as you refuse to answer. Finally Yuma makes an entrance by popping a sugar cube in his mouth. "What’s with the bad vibe?" 

 "She won’t answer my question." 

 "What question?” He shifted the cube in his mouth. 

 "Why she looks so flustered.“ Yuma walked closer as if to examine you. 

"If I give you a sugar cube will you speak?" 

 You think about it but decline and decide to just speak. "Its because of my stomach… It grew a bit bigger after the past few days." 

 Subaru glared at her, "Oh so what? That doesn’t change you at all!" 

Yuma noticed him clenching his fists again and thought to lighten the mood. "Hey. Just be thankful you aren’t like the girls at school. They seem skinny and perfect but that’s because of rich families." 

 "Your beauty is natural.” Subaru quietly let out. 

 "Yeah see? Even he agrees with me.“ 

 "Thank you, but that doesn’t change my weight gain." 

 Yuma sighed as he sat down next to you. Wrapping an arm around you. He noticed Subaru back up a bit. "Why ya backing up? Do I intimadate you?" 

Subaru scoffed, "No!" 

 Yuma chuckled, "Relax. I’m only messing with you." 

 He looked away disgusted. "Whatever." 

 Yuma stood and laughed, "Come on. We have to cheer her up if we want her in a good mood.” He picked you up like a child, “See? No hesitation!" 

 Subaru scoffed, "Like she believes you. You are way stronger than her." 

 Yuma put you down after you started to squirm uncomfortably. "I guess. But my point stays clear." 

 Subaru finally walked up to you. He cupped your chin in his palm, "You are beautiful. I don’t understand why you’ve gotten yourself all worked up." 

 You smile at them both as you hug them. "Thank you guys." 

"Yup sure thing." 


Ruki and Ayato- 

"Oh Y/N! Where are you?!” Called out Ayato. “There you are. Why do you ignore Yours Truly?" 

"I’m sorry. I wasn’t ignoring you." 

He scoffed, "Then why did you not answer me?" 

"Leave the livestock alone. She clearly needs time to herself.” Ruki walked into the room.

 Ayato pulled you up close to him. “Oh?” He leaned his head closer to your neck to the point where you felt faint breaths. “What are you gonna’ do about it?" 

 Ruki kept his stoic demeanor. "Nothing. Seeing as how she’s merely livestock." 

 Ayato laughed. "So you’re saying you wouldn’t be the least bit affected if I were to take a bite?”

 "Of course I would. That’s why I won’t let you.“ 

 You break free from Ayato. "Stop you two. I’m not in the mood for this." 

 Ayato chuckled, "Not in the mood?! Thats absurd. What makes you think that will stop me?" 

 Ruki nodded, "I also would like to know." 

 You sigh. "I’ve noticed my stomach has grown to be chubby. It makes me self conscious." 

 Ruki walks up to you and lifted your chin to eye level. "There’s nothing to be self conscious about stupid girl." 

 Ayato pulled you away. "Get that idiodic thought out of your head. I don’t care about your appearance. Your blood is what’s important.” He licked his lips as he went for a bite. 

 Ruki pulled you back before he could. “I also could care less about your appearance Y/N. You’re merely livestock for us.”

 Finally able to back away you scold at them. “I’m not going to listen to you both put me down like a dog!" 

 Ayato’s face went soft, something not never happens. "Look Y/N, I’m not saying bad things about you. In fact, you should be happy Yours Truly is complimenting you.” It didn’t last long. 

 Ruki took a step closer. “Fine. You want to feel better?” They both walked your way and backed you into a corner. 

Ayato was first to speak, “If you were fat then why does your stomach look like this?” He lifted your shirt and brushed his hand against it. 

 Ruki now held up your arms. “Had you been so disgusting then why is it hard to not get lost in your gaze?” He went in to bite your wrist. 

 "Oy! She’s mine!“ Ayato pushed him off you. "All mine.” Smirking, he leans down and takes a quick nibble to your neck. “Mmm. Delicious." 

 Ruki shoves Ayato. "I don’t appreciate you." 

 "Who said you did?" 

 You can’t help but giggle a little. It was cute the way they tried to do something they weren’t too good at. 

 "What’s so funny Chichinash?" 

 "She’s laughing at your stupidity.”

 "Why you…“ 

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