idina sings the shit out of this

the3dimaxofmymind  asked:

If/Then. for the musical ask thing.


Send a musical and I’ll answer these questions:

  • Song I wish was longer: Some Other Me because it’s such a rare Idina/Anthony moment and I want it to go on forever <3
  • Song I wish was shorter: A Map of New York Reprise aka cut it out because I hate it
  • The one song I always skip: You Never Know (sorry James)
  • Song I sing the best: You Learn To Live Without is the most fun to sing in the shower
  • Song I still don’t know all the words to: You Never Know, I Hate You, and I can’t sing What If without the track
  • Song that honestly deserves an award or five: This is gonna sound cliche but Always Starting Over BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW SHIT UNLESS YOU’VE SEEN IDINA SING THAT LIVE IN A THEATER
  • Song that’s terrible but I still love: Story of Jane (sorry I’m not sorry)
  • Song that’s really good but I hate: You Don’t Need to Love Me BC ITS SO AWFUL BC LUCAS IS BEING USED AND HE KNOWS IT AND I JUST CANT
  • Song I think could change the world: The Moment Explodes
  • Song I wish I’d written: No More Wasted Time and basically the whole show because it’s BRILLIANT
My favorite moment from Radio City

“This isn’t something I’d normally say in the show but since this is intermission I figured I’d share this…I’m very grateful to have some really amazing songs. They are very empowering; they’ve helped me through times in my life. I know how important they are for other people, I think they’re beautiful beautiful songs.

Sometimes I have to be honest, I sit at home and I can’t get out of bed on certain days you know, and so it’s kinda hard to always be singing about these very uplifting songs about defying gravity and I just, I can’t always let it go, you know what I mean?

So if it’s ok, I really dig this song Radiohead does called Creep. I know my life is good, but sometimes shit sucks too you know, and I have a really hard time getting up out of bed and I don’t want to act like it’s always so easy to just let it go. So this is my anti-empowerment song.”