September 23rd
  • everyone:IDINA!!!!
  • me:RODNEY HICKS!!!!!!
  • everyone:IDINA!!!!!!!!!
  • me:Chad Kimball!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • everyone:IDINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • me:JENN MOTHERFUCKING COLELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know how Broadway Stars are always like “I grew up listening to Into the woods and West side story” “I was obsessed with Patti Lupone” “Bernadette Peters was my idol” “My parents will always put Les mis in the car”

Well, in a few years, Broadway stars will say things like “I grew up listening to Hamilton and Spring Awakening” “I was obsessed with Jonathan Groff and Aaron Tveit” “Idina Menzel and Laura Benanti were my idols” “My parents will always put Hairspray in the car”

We are the new generation, the girl who sits next to you in choir could become the main character in the next Broadway hit, that boy who does really nice covers on Youtube may be the next tony winner. Hell, the person reading this can become the next Broadway stars and inspiration for thousands of children from all over the world. 

Have you ever actually thought about this?


The best part of #Disneyland60 didn’t even make it to TV.


#OutOfOz: “For Good” Performed by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel | WICKED the Musical


happy 45th birthday, idina menzel 
→ may 30, 1971

All performers get on stage because they need to feel love from an audience. I might appear confident, but those three seconds before I get out there, I’m a mess. But I have to take the risk; otherwise, I’d be miserable and would feel like I wasn’t seeing through my personal destiny.


musical theatre meme → [2/5] film adaptations → rent
I can’t control my destiny. I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be. There’s only now, there’s only here. Give in to love, or live in fear. No other path. No other way. No day but today.

Idina Menzel publicly gets behind #GiveElsaAGirlfriend

“The voice of Elsa has thrown her support behind the online campaign to make theFrozen lead Disney’s first LGBT princess.

At a red carpet appearance for the Billboard Music Awards, Idina Menzel told Entertainment Tonight that she’s all for the push to #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, which the Daily Dot first covered earlier this month, when bisexual high school student Alexis Isabel Moncada launched the hashtag.

‘I think it’s great,“ Menzel said. "Disney’s just gotta contend with that. I’ll let them figure that out.’” 

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