idina in concert

At Idina Menzel's Concert in Dublin (20/6/15)
  • Male audience member: We love you, Idina!
  • Female audience member: We love you!
  • Male audience member: I said it first!
  • Idina: Thank you! But how come no one says "I want to sleep with you?"
  • Audience: [laughs]
  • Idina: Oh, it's probably because all the guys here tonight are gay.
  • Audience: [laughs and applauds]
  • Idina: I know my demographic.
So I Was At Idina  Menzel’s Concert in Kansas City Last Night...

And when she got to “Let it Go”, she invited all the audience to sing with her. She came out to the stairs and let this massive mob of at least 20 to 30 kids surround her, hug her, sit on her lap, etc. She sang with them and let them sing into the mic at full volume-cause let’s be real, except for Idina herself nobody sings “Let it Go” like a small child. And then afterwards she made sure all the kids got back to their parents safely. But the best part was when one little girl gave Idina her pink bow. Idina put it on and wore it the rest of the concert.

This woman is a true gem and I’m glad I got to see her live again.

Idina Concert Tips

I figured there were a lot of people out there who are first-time Idina concertgoers (YAY!) and could use some helpful tips. I wish I had thought to make one of these posts earlier for the International fans, but I’ll make one now for the US/Canada fans.

#1. Get there early. The concert may start a few minutes late, but it’s good to get to the venue early to go to the bathroom, buy merchandise, and incase you hit traffic or have an issue getting there.

#2. Be yourself. Every fan is different and doesn’t handle live concert experiences the same way, but don’t hold back or feel embarrassed to be a fan because everyone is in the same boat. If you want to laugh, laugh. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to dance, do it calmly in your seat. Some fans may be more enthusiastic, others are very quiet. With that being said, please respect others around you and if you are the more enthusiastic type, don’t act in a way that is disruptive to others during the concert.

#3. Screaming/cheering/singing along/clapping rules: It is okay to do all of those things, but PLEASE DO THEM AT THE APPROPRIATE TIMES. If you’re going to sing along, do it when Idina tells you to. If you choose to sing along anyway, do it quietly without being obnoxious to those around you. When I saw Idina in concert the first time, a girl near me was mouthing the words to a point where she was making fool out of herself. Don’t be that person. Same with cheering/screaming, those things are usually okay between songs/conversation bits. Clapping also a “do when told” type of thing (if it’s to a song) and between songs and conversation bits as well.

#4. Stage door: It’s really hit or miss with Idina (whether it’s a concert or a broadway show) and depends on the venue. Most outdoor venues don’t even have “stage doors” so I would contact the venue to see where it is if you’re interested in waiting for her whether it’s outside or inside. It’s never guaranteed and if she does stop to meet fans, you will usually be waiting awhile, so make time in your schedule if you’re willing to do that. If you’re in a hurry to leave, then it’s best to probably skip it.


but there’s always that one person who makes it that much more interesting…

#6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: HAVE FUN! This will probably be the best concert experience of your life, so enjoy every second of it!

I Don't Want to Sing No Princess Song
Idina Menzel
I Don't Want to Sing No Princess Song

Just listen to this and hear the irony that is this whole situation. So basically, at a concert that I went to of hers on April 1, 2008, this kid in the audience asked her about Kristin singing on the Oscars that year, and she made a joke about her singing “princess songs” and winning an Oscar “tomorrow.” I guess you can take it from there….