Shitted on Em

Nailed every final this week.

Glass: Sungsoo took back what he said about wanting me to blow a piece on top of sandblasting; my jars were good enough and he wasn’t expecting them to be as good as they turned out. He also said that they looked like a product that could be sold and I died.

Graphics for Design: Mari said she was starting with the strongest work from Anthony’s class and she picked my book up first. She loved my personal logo/branding and how it varied slightly from my book to my business cards and letter heads. Our guest said it was very cool and I died again.

Comm Skillz: I don’t give a fuck what they thought of my final. It was a snow globe that was basically a bell with clouds in the bottom. Take it or leave it; I got it done over an hour before our 2.5 hour cut off.

ID: Even though I am beyond salty that I only got minuscule feed back, they praised my improved drawing (which is all I was hoping for) and they thought my concept was good and solid and well thought out. And that my name was very clever (the only other thing I was hoping for).

I shut my finals down this week. Got that ish on lock and I’m so fucking proud of myself. Here’s to hoping for good grades and a happy New Year!


ID is like my colorguard.  By the time I came out senior year I was damn good, but I forgot about where I’d fallen short as a freshman.  I wasn’t on rifle line, my class grades sucked, and I felt over-whelmed by a new community (band).  And as I got more adjusted and met people, I did nothing but improve from there.  It became my life, and now I get to do the same lifestyle change with design.  I’m glad that I realized this because I know for a fact that everyone of my projects was a vast improvement from the one before it.  This doesn’t mean I’ve good yet, but having the ability to improve is far my valuable than talent.  


I’m going to sit down with drinks and snacks and 5 or 6 of my favorite albums, paper, and every colored pencil I own, and just sketch concepts.  I want image inspiration and ideation and physics for justification and I want to get better at sketching.  This is my biggest road block.