idgaf what is this

Guys i’m gonna need another photo reel ending in YOI

but this time from their wedding reception, after the final episode that will end when they kiss at their wedding OF COURSE  pls yoi production team i’m begging also pics of the honey moon hell yeah

can their first dance be on the ice? pair skate in their wedding duds? pls can that be a thing?

so YEAH reception photo reel. shenanigans ensue once more! 

Yurio wants a rematch against Yuuri

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Chris brings out the trusty ol’ portable stripper pole again ( i stg that’s how it randomly appeared at this professional business function LOL) 

Phichit is in charge of photography and is taking 3,000 pictures a second because he totally plans making a full-on documentary of the infamous love story of Victor and Yuuri and damnit the whole world is gonna SEE THEIR LOVE

Georgi has his new boo

Leo is the DJ


JJ is pouting cuz he was totally upstaged

and this time Katsuki will be sober enough to remember everything 

Maccachin is the ring bearer by the way 

and then 2016 will be saved. THE END

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kaleidoscope eyes // panic! at the disco

What I should be doing at 3am:  sleeping

What I am doing at 3am: Ignis text tone ヽ(*>∇<)ノ

idgaf if Remy Ma diss won’t be played for years vs. what Nicki put out. IDGAF if Remy Ma diss wasn’t a club banger (She was on some real rap game shit, not some club pop bang shit) Remy Ma had my core SHOOK and I was SCARED AF listening  to it. That shit went HARDER than the original “Ether” from Nas. Don’t @ me. She came at Nicki’s WHOLE life with not just words, but legitimate poetry. Remy Ma is legendary and will always be. I am not with the quantity over quality shit. Remy Ma BEEN a winner since Terror Squad days. If you a fan of Nicki, I respeck you for being loyal to her but damn, SHETHER had me fearing for Nicki’s life yo. 

ndrv3 idgaf (watsky)
  • saihara: let me tell you about my gpa four-o straight A's and my...
  • yumeno: i dont give a fuck
  • momota: let me tell you about my resume its so cray its insane and my...
  • yumeno: i dont give a fuck
  • ouma: and my boyfriend hes so hot and the car that he bought me is just...
  • yumeno: i dont give a fuck
  • iruma: and my ooh la la my blah blah blah and...
  • yumeno: I DONT GIVE A FUCK