idgaf omfg

this fandom has so much beautiful artwork dedicated to it, with amazing, talented artists producing masterpieces daily…

meanwhile, i made this

2nd follow forever

first off, hahahahahahaha excuse my nasty poster. i got really hungry after jotting down the usernames and placing them separately in my notebook. so the follow forever poster is shxt af. BUT I AM THRILLED WITH THIS EXPRESSION LMAO.

secondly, thank you all so facking much for following me, you lovely bullets. i’m sorry for slacking on updates with everything, but with my new job starting soon, i’ll be back up with stories, edits, drawings, and maybe singing too? hehe. <3

third, let’s get following with amazing blogs!!

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sippingonsouthernrains  asked:

Can you please convince me of Dean and Cas' canonical love? I'm losing hope stuck rewatching season 9 and I don't want to become convinced that they're only platonic. YOUR FAITH CAN CARRY US ALL!! (p.s. I am totally in love with your blind!Dean fics. They give me life.)

all i can say is CRYPT SCENE.

(DEAN was suppose to say “i love you”) we had a brainwash castiel, practicing killing over 100 maybe 1000 deans! YET when he was actually faced WITH THE REAL FUCKING DEAN WINCHESTER. NOPE. you know why? YOU WHY WHY? LOVE. that’s why, BECAUSE CASTIEL LOVES DEAN AND DEAN LOVES CASTIEL. 

OR WE can go back further. Cas is MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD!, he was there when the first fish pulled itself out of the water. his whole time existing is follow orders, love God, follow orders, give orders,love God. repeat so imagine living like that for millions of years….then along comes this one human whos like naah…this shit ain’t right.(even the angels recognized that cas was too close to dean) SO now its disobey orders, love dean, save humans. repeat. So cas literally fell for dean. (Do you remember how angered and almost disgusted with anna when she fell?)

i could go on but u haven’t eating anything all die and i can’t write worth shit so durrrhuurr

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