idgaf how

I have a confession....

On Saturday my friend got me started on the first two episodes of Sons of Anarchy…needless to say I was hooked instantly…to the point where I finished all of season 1 yesterday!!

I have fallen into a new hole and that is the Jax Teller hole….all last night and all this morning I have been reading Jax fanfic >.<

I just….I CAN’T HELP IT!!!! LOOK AT HIM!!!

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….*sigh* I’m already in deep….AND I DON’T CARE!!!! 

You know that like Victor’s skating is going to be like so much more beautiful and joyous next season like IDGAF how cheesy it is I so want that to be commented on by commentators and other skaters and fans and everyone. “Oh wow there’s so much more love and emotion in it! I thought it was amazing before, but when I compare what we’re seeing now to what we saw before, it’s so wonderful.” Like whatever that’s corny as can be I DON’T CARE. Give me all the Victor’s so filled with life and love for Yuuri now that it’s pouring over into his skating and it’s amazing and everyone is so touched watching him wow. And like P.S. you know he’s skating totally romantic programs because of course he is. 

listen up heteros!! idgaf how much you try to convince me, fishing is boring af. like i dont care if “it gets exciting once you catch a fish” it’s the waiting 3 billion hours for the fish to come part that is boring i dont have the time for that! i have a million of other things i’d rather do than wait for some dumbass fish to put his little ass stupid ass mouth on my tiny ass fake ass worm and then struggle to reel the poor guy in and see that he’s only a scrawny ass mirco fiber sized mackerel fish it’s just not worth all the effort!! 


I just want an entire episode of Yuri being happy and spending the day with his Grandpa *cough*OVA*cough*  

please just let the boy be happy. 


“You’re alive.”

Shadowhunters 2x10 - By the Light of Dawn

Another thing I hate is when writers are like:

“as they charged into battle, (male character) couldn’t help but notice how beautiful (female character) was….like….that’s bullshit. Idgaf about how nice Female Character looks with her hair flapping around or whatever. She’s probably about to die or get captured so Male Character can get the character growth he sorely needs, and that’s some more sloppy writing, but really, the last thing you’re gonna say about this girl is that she’s pretty?!

Tell me that she looks wild and alive, completely confident that the battle will go her way. Tell me her teeth are bared in what almost looks like a grin. Tell me she’s running forward like the battlefield holds all her wildest dreams.

Or tell me she looks determined, mouth set grimly, weapon raised. Tell me that you can almost see in her eyes the knowledge that she won’t come out alive, but the feeling is being kept back by the thought that all this has been worth it, that the future will be wonderful and bright for her family, for other people. Not for her.

Tell me she’s terrified. Tell me her eyes are darting around, wide and large and watering with all the smoke in the air. Tell me she’s scared to death of the thought of life leaving her, but she’s outpacing all the soldiers around her, running like she’s trying to leave behind the memories of what happened yesterday.

Tell me she’s fighting for her life, that an enemy grabs hold of her bound-up hair so she cuts it off, that a huge, hulking beast of a man lifts her up in the air and she jabs her thumbs into his eye sockets, that she’s covered in blood and exhausted, barely able to lift a weapon, or that she’s laughing, a frenzied figure in a circle of enemies, and they’re falling one by one around her.

Don’t fucking tell me that she’s beautiful. She deserves better than that

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i have the whole fucken vday video memorized you come up to me on da street and say "awrf" ill spit dat shit out like a mofo fire rap idgaf leggooooo yall dk how many times i seen that boys vid gaah love is so mutha fecken real my mates gaaahh

i can’t breathe

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Link/My Dick(Epona)

Hello @vagabondssweetass senpai I know it’s u

I’m gonna take this and run a it fight me


The man behind the counter froze, the saddle and bridle hovering awkwardly over the counter where Link wasn’t sure if he should take it or not. The man blinked a few times, staring at Link like he had multiple heads.

Shit, did he forget to take off the Lizalfos Mask again?

“A…are you sure you want to name your horse…… that?”



Link grinned and nodded, sliding the piece of paper he’d filled out further across the counter. The man eyed it again before very hesitantly handing over the saddle and bridle.

“A…alright, then. Take g-good care of… My… Dick.”

Link smiled brightly and nodded, mentally snickering at the joke as he placed the saddle and bridle onto his new steed.

A kid standing near by busted out laughing. “Are you going to ride your dick into the sunset, mister?!”

Another kid snickered. “No, it’s name is MY dick!” He corrected. Immediately a woman - likely their mother - ran over and began scolding them, glaring at Link as she led them away.

Even a noble knight has to have a little fun sometimes.

He couldn’t wait to introduce My Dick, his noble steed, to Zelda.

Dear strippers,

Idgaf how well you can move your ass or how much money you made off a Black customer once. Idgaf if you have a Black partner or half Black child. Idgaf how much “Black guys love you.”

If you aren’t Black, you don’t get to say the n word in any of its variations.

I’m about two deep breaths away from hitting you in the face with the dense side of Pleaser.


A Black stripper 😘