idgaf he is really attractive

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bts reaction when they see a beautiful girl across the street (aka me hahaha kidding) x

Heya sweet! Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you like it ~~

Yoongi: We all know he’s someone with a big idgaf attitude, so if he saw a girl he thought was really attractive he would have no problem being obvious about her, checking her out as she walked across the street, secretly wanting her to look up and make eye contact with him.

Namjoon: He would try to be subtle when he saw her, trying to get a better look out of the corner of his eye but Namjoon having the luck he does she would catch him staring, in the spur of the moment panic Namjoon’s body would move without his permission and he’d wave at her with a little too much enthusiasm.  

 Taehyung: This little cutey woudn’t be able to keep his eyes of her, confidently walking over to introduce himself and even asking her out to coffee, the entire time insisting that she should feel no pressure to say yes. (But how can you resist those eyes, I mean come on)

Jimin: I think Jimin would want to play it cool and be the suave heart breaker we all know he can be and would make a beeline in her direction but it would all fall apart the minute she looked up and made eye contact with her. Jimin breaking out into a wide smile that stretched from ear to ear as he silently cursed himself for suddenly forgetting everything he was going to say to her.

Hoseok: He wouldn’t even waste  two seconds, pushing the members aside as he strides across to the other side of the street, introducing himself in a flash. (I think the gif speaks for itself)

Seokjin: Contrary to what you might think I don’t think he would be shy or awkward at all because since Seokjin is older, he has had a lot more experience than the other guys so when push came to shove and there was a girl who he was really attracted to he would know exactly how to handle it and approach her with no problems. (Make way for the new prince)

Jungkook: Little Kookie would go with the intention of showing his manly side but his age would be become obvious as he starts teasing her as soon as they begin to talk, Jungkook full of smiles as he subletly hints for her to give him her number.