this is your daily reminder that Meredith had already sent out for the Right of Annulment and if it wasn’t for Anders’s actions, the mages of Kirkwall would simply have been wiped out without any chance to fight back

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all the jokes about Ariana Grande being too young infuriate me because they’re just based on the way her body looks. the idea that ‘grown women’ is all girls with large chests or a big butt is sickening because it cause people to think of 12/13/14 children as ‘grown’ i hate it so much

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      The Darkfallen’s head lolls a bit to the side. Even for a living being, this heat was unbearable, and for someone whose rot was only held at bay by cool weather and magic combined… The symptoms of heatstroke were there, but the result was far worse: the stench of excelerated decay and a cloud of carrion flies closing in on his death-tainted flesh. “I have t’ wait for him. He’s all I’ got.”

Sure, the stench was foul, but it wasn’t something that she had quite picked up on. For a nose that had become all-too-familiar with the plague that Arthas laid behind in his wake, the fact that the very being that had been entertaining her for the past few hours was closer to the wreckage that she had thought. Silly little girl.

❛I doubt you would be able to find your brother in this condition.❜ She sighed, a long eyebrow raising while she rolled her eyes.