Monthly Horoscope for September 2015
  • Aries:Learn to be more cautious in your financial dealings this month.
  • Taurus:Share yourself and your possessions with close friends to attract good karma amongst each other.
  • Gemini:You will soon embark on a business venture.
  • Cancer:The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.
  • Leo:Happy events will soon take place in your home.
  • Virgo:A long time admirer who thinks highly of you will soon reveal themselves.
  • Libra:An important message from a distance is coming.
  • Scorpio:Use your charm and personality to obtain your wishes.
  • Sagittarius:You are the key to your own success; assess carefully the choices you make.
  • Capricorn:Seize from every moment its uniqueness.
  • Aquarius:A good position and a comfortable salary is within your reach.
  • Pisces:Luck helps those who help themselves.

diary-of-a-idgaf asked:

What would you suggest for really sensitive eyes for mascara? My current mascara makes my eyes water like crazy. I get waterproof but still.

Hi there!  I can totally empathize with you on this.  It’s odd because my eyes never used to be sensitive, but now I need to be careful about what products I use.  In fact, I can’t use any eyeliner on my waterline at all anymore or my eyes get swollen, red and sore!

Your best bet would be to get products that are exclusively fragrance free.  I’ve found that fragrances are usually the main irritant in cosmetics, especially when it comes to the eyes.  I’d really recommend Physician’s Formula, as they’re one of the most natural brands from the drugstore and are great for people with sensitive skin and eyes.  Not all of their products are fragrance free, so check the labels, but a couple of their mascaras are really quite good.  My current favorite is the Organic Wear CC Mascara.  It’s fragrance free and has a really nice brush.

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear CC Mascara - $10 here

Many of the L’Oreal mascaras are fragrance free as well, including my favorite - Voluminous Million Lashes.  Waterproof formulas aren’t going to be better in terms of preventing irritation, their only benefit to you would be that if your eyes did tear up, the mascara wouldn’t run.

I hope this helps you!  Good luck!


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Rant time

It’s ridiculous that my entire dash is full of so much bullshit about Dean being seen with Renee. Grated, I can’t stand her but it’s getting old already. Is it really this deep that there’s a fucking war going on about this? Like it or not, at this point it’s pretty fucking clear they are together whether it be fwb, and on &doff again thing or something serious. If that’s who he chooses to spend his time with then so be it. I’m not gonna sit here and trash talk Dean over it. I refuse to stop being a fan of someone’s talent because of who they choose to screw or who they associate with. If that were the case, I would like no one. Everyone in this world makes poor decisions, has done something less than perfect in their past, or has bad taste in something. Every damn wrestler, diva, actor, singer.. Etc has done something questionable in their past or is just a shit person. That doesn’t mean I have to stop being a fan of movies, music and wrestling. Just enjoy the entertainment these people provide and if you feel like you can’t be a fan of someone based on their personal lives then fuck off and let the rest of us enjoy the show.

caboosethecutie asked:

i absolutely agree with you, the way that the mercs have been played out makes me so... angry? for shipping lolix, because dont get me wrong, i loved them so much, but last episode revealed that they had such a power imbalance.. idk, im probably just gonna end up with it in my 'non-canon universe only' ships :/


if i am to take this canon reveal at face value (which, tbh after the past 24 hours of contemplation i’m likely not going to), i can’t ship this as it is any longer

i guess this is me saying I am now that canon au lolix writer

i guess it’s time for me to enter into the ranks of the “reject canon squad”

because canon means nothing to me now

to be completely honest, I work as a cashier at a grocery store and I could not give less of a hell what you’re buying. the only thing I think of when I see a box or condoms or some lube coming through is “yeah get it”, then I go back to trying to make small talk (WHICH IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF THE JOB), so buy your laxatives and your tampons, your midol and your lube, I couldn’t give less of a fuck.