idfk who is she ;A;

so we're making gingerbread houses, right

steve makes an honest-to-god house with a picket fence and 2.4 children (he bit off the legs of one poor kid, the shit)

tony got out the blowtorch and got bruce to get out flasks (plural) to make the perfect building icing 

nat covered hers in ‘traps’ which is just to cover up fuck-ups where the shit didn’t stick

clint makes a house out of goddamn donuts. a fucking donut house. it doesn’t even look good. 

sam tried to make an igloo out of gumdrops but it wouldn’t stay up and he didn’t trust the newly patented Stark-Banner Building Icing™ and i kept eating the gumdrops

thor is trying so hard, trying so so hard. vision is helping him put things in the right spots to maintain structural integrity

wanda made hers with her family, including her brother pietro who had white icing for hair? idfk but she was done early and spent the rest of the time shooting pretzels at clint’s donut monstrosity

don’t ask me what i made gingerbread is for munching not for construction work