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Press the picture if you want to contribute to my cause of buying girls clothes, accessories etc. I am basicly just adding this in desperations since my dysphoria is getting worse every week. My dad can’t help me buy new clothes and things because his car is broken and he need it to go to work. So he has to spend all his money on that.

If you donate I would be eternally greatful and I would love you forever. I will pay you back in the future if you want me too. I am just extremely desperate right now and would greatly appreciate your help. In return right now I’ll post pictures of me in cute skirts and thigh highs. Ain’t that fair? :3

I don’t care what anyone says, when they walked into that bathroom they found Charlie alive and well sitting there eating gummy bears over a dead Stein and glaring at them and saying “You guys are late” and then they all went home and left Sam alone for keeping the book and Cas sat there eating his pork rinds and they found a cure for the Mark and Sam got a dog that’s what happened they just wrote it wrong you know how typos go


actually dying

No but really what if a fic where Loki and Thor keep having dreams about passionately sleeping with one another

But in reality they only fight. Neither of them thinks the other wants what they want, so they keep trying to hate each other.

Until one day the fighting gets too close and they think they’re about to seriously end each other but really they’re just rolling around in the dirt aimlessly…Until one of them is like. “What the fuck is happening?” Then they fuck it out in some random field and come back almost completely at peace…