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Hi! May I request Red and Blue texting their paladins about confessing to each other? Like Blue's all supportive and telling Lance, "You're amazing. Of course he likes you." And Red's all "Just do it! Oh my god, do it and stop with the pining!" (PS: You're amazing. Thank you for this blog.)

(ok i kind of changed how you wanted red to react but i hope you still like this 💜 )


(damn this is a long one but i hope it’s kind of what you were looking for :) )

EDIT: i made keith’s pining playlist because i’ve lost control of my life lmfao


What kind of story am I? A romance? A tragedy? Or just another cautionary tale?

;^) fine dwarven crafts are my SPECIALTY. @ that one person who requested Varric, you’re welcome. Bianca and Varric’s looks here were based off the bits with them from Until We Sleep, though I modified her hair just a bit.

Full view the last panel for a painful little surprise.

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One time in French, we were playing the board slap game, where there's a bunch of words written on the board and you have to touch the right one first, and if I'm being honest, it gets brutal. So my French teacher had two yard sticks and told us to go nuts, and we did, except one dude went a little too nuts and shattered it. The whole class froze, and the teacher just looked blankly for a second before saying "half points. You owe me a meter stick."

Idk about you, but I kind of have some sort of minor trauma from meter sticks. In fifth grade our teacher was really fun, there was a lot of hands on things. The one thing I didn’t particularly enjoy was when we did the unit on child labor in the great depression. 

To simulate the stress of factory work, he turned on an excessively loud mechanical audio track (like whistles blowing and metal clanking and loud bangs).On top of that, we had to draw these clocks. Idfk about clocks, we just had to draw them really well very quickly and none of us could. To top it off, he and the student teacher had meter sticks in both hands, slamming on the desks and yelling “FASTER!! THAT LOOKS TERRIBLE! NO DINNER!”

One of the sticks shattered because he hit it on my desk so hard and I was like ten and I freaked out and now I just lose my shit when people start beating things with meter sticks. sorry for the long post


Some sketches I did during the Crisis Text Line Livestream without pausing, plus a concentrated Jackaboy in the fifth episode of Layers of Fear.

There’s captions in the pics too!


Hiiiiii if you do not mind, can you do texts where you and Suga talk about music, composition, writing, producing (?) something like there are advices, point of view etc…?

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omg I loved doing this one. I come from a music background too so this kind of talk is so familiar to me!! I WISH I COULD ACTUALLY ASK YOONGI ABOUT COMPOSITION ADVICE WAH :(

Feel Smaller Under Your Hands

Summary: It’s Dan’s first time at Phil’s house, and they’ve just finished filming PINOF. Lots of kisses, Studio Ghibli, and Dan can’t seem to keep up with Phil. 

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Word Count: 3.7k

Warnings: swearing, pre-smut, body image

Author’s Note: See if you can spot the Life is Strange reference. 
this is honestly kinda my way of practicing to write actual smut. maybe one day when i’m better and more comfortable with it, i’ll write a sequel to this where they actually have sex

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Wait what kind of parallel between MinaKushi and NaruHina did NS make? Kushina screaming? What? Context?

This one:

Which, as you may know, was meant to mirror this:

Like idfk how these people can deny the NaruHina/MinaKushi parallels when we have official artwork confirming it:

As well as manga parallels:

And even SP showing it:

Because Kushina=Naruto, Minato=Hinata

I guess switching the parties involved is too much for antis to handle?

I s2g, they’re so embarrassing

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ok i know we’ve been giving a lot of shit about this ep, but i need to defend my doctor son for two seconds. yes, he’s like, idfk what kind of bones they are… small ones? even though he’s supposed to be a fucken doctor, but he does also say that he can hardly see anything–so little that he can’t even tell if mycroft is down in a god damn well with him or not–so i’m gonna cut him the tiniest bit of slack here

man the more i think about this interaction between dave and karkat in openbound, the more im just like.. lmfao… like okay karkats talksprite has to look up constantly. and the fact that karkatas eyebrows are almost never even, he generally has one kind of cocked. and dave is more expressive than ud expect with how quiet and dodgy hes being. like.. hes so fkn quiet whats even with that lmao when is dave ever not rambling? and karkat just blatantly flirting w him.. and ending up flustered when dave tells him to get some rest (after previously treating him w disdain like..!) and hes like not while ur watching.. and fkn can we talk about “man our conversations can be so embarrassing. im glad we manage to have most of them in private.”