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Memories from last night were flooding my dreams and fred and george dying when it was happening. So here I was sitting next to Molly while she was sitting with George

“You alright dearie?” Mrs. Weasley said, grabbing my hand

“Still shaken up about everything. I don’t know what I would have done if I lost dad or fred or George or anyone for this matter.” I said, pushing george’s hair back in a soothing manner.

“It’ll be alright. We don’t need this kind of negativity on this day.” She smiled

“Molly, have you been up this whole time?” I asked

“I’ll be fine.” She smiled

“Go. Get some sleep. I’ll stay with him.” I said and squeezed her hand

“Alright.” She said. She kissed George’s head and mine as well.

“Why do you care for us so much?” George said, opening his eyes to look at me.

“Because you guys look out for each other and ever since you and Fred brought me to meet your mum, she’s done the same for me and you guys have looked out for me and now I’m returning the favor.” I smiled

“You’re practically family. We always look out for family.” He said and grabbed my hand

“You broke your promise to Ginny ya know?” I smiled

“Promise?” He asked in confusion

“I told her that all of us would return in full piece. You on the other hand…” I laughed

“Reckon I’m still better looking than Freddie.” He smiled

“Dashing. Just Dashing.” I laughed

“How you feeling Georgie?” Fred asked, joining us

“Merlin. Fred you scared me.” I said, putting my hand over my chest to stop my nearly heart attack

“Sorry, Love.” He chuckled

“Better. Pain but better.” He said

“How exactly did that happen?” Fred asked

“Greyback or dolohov.” George said. I growled at the thought of Greyback doing this to him

“It couldn’t have been. Greyback doesn’t carry a wand.” I said, shaking my head

“I don’t care. I’m going to repay the favor to Greyback for what he did to you.” George said

“I’ll add you to the list.” I laughed

*Before the wedding*

“Hermione!” I called

“Yes?” She said, popping her head into 

“Zip me up, will you?” I asked and turned around. I heard her make her way across the room and over to me. I felt the dress being zipped up and I turned and looked in the mirror.

“You look…Beautiful.” She smiled

“Why didn’t you have Fred do it?” She asked

“I want it to be a surprise.” I smiled

“It’ll be a wonderful one.” She smiled

“Ron will be in for one as well.” I smiled at her. She started blushing

“You really think so?” She asked

“Honey, I know so. I see the way he looks at you. It’s the same way Fred looks me.” I smiled

“We should start heading down.” She said and with that she walked out the door. I took one last look at myself in the mirror and grabbed my wand and headed out the door.

“Adrianna, C’mon love. We haven’t got all night!” Fred yelled up the stairs

“Trying not to break my neck here.” I said, reaching the last step. Once was I was fully on the ground, everything got quiet.

“You look…” George Started

“Beautiful.” Fred Smiled. I looked down and blushed

“C’mon on love. We need to head out to the tent.” Fred said and grabbed my hand and led me to the tent.

*After the Ceremony*

“Now. Will the newly weds come to the dance floor for the bride and groom dance?” Charlie said

“That’ll be us soon.” Fred said and kissed my cheek. I looked down at the engagement ring and smiled.

“C’mon. Care to dance?” He said, standing up and offering me his hand. I stood up and grabbed his hand and he led us to a spot and he placed his hands around my waist and i wrapped mine around his neck.

“You look absolutely stunning.” He said and pecked my lips

“You dont look to bad yourself.” I winked

“Although, you and Georgie seem to be matching with the colors.” He laughed

“Yeah, I don’t really know how that happened.” I laughed. I layed my head on his chest and he kissed the top of my head.

“Mind if I cut in?” We heard a bulgarian accent from behind us

“Viktor!” I said and hugged him.

“Go on. Angelina’s here.” I said to Fred

“Are you sure?” He asked, knowing that Angelina has a crush on him still

“I trust you.” I smiled. I turned back to face Viktor and gave him my hand, He bowed and kissed it. I let out a quiet giggle and he led us to the dance floor. He placed one hand on my waist and the other in my hand. I placed one on his shoulder and grabbed his with my other.

“Woah Deja Vu.” I laughed, referring to win we danced at the Yule Ball

“You look beautiful, Adri.” He smiled and twirled me around

“You look good.” I smiled. He did. His hair had grown out and he now is sporting a full goatee and he had a bit more muscle than when I last saw him.

“How have you been?” I asked

“Alright. Won the Qudditch cup again. Traveled the states a few times. It truly is beautiful there. How about you?” He asked

“Fantastic, Fred and I are getting married when this whole thing blows over(Fred Lives in mine), minus the fact that last year i got scratched by Fenrir Greyback.” I said, recalling that night.

“So that’s what those are from.” He said, referring to the scars on my face and legs

“Hoping to repay the favor one day along with dad and bill.” I said, growling a bit.

“I heard about that.” He chuckled

“Dad wasn’t hared about that.” I laughed.

“I think you should get back to Fred, he looks a bit… peaky.” He said, motioning over to Fred. I looked behind me and saw that he looked very uncomfortable.

“I’ll see you at my wedding, yeah?” I smiled

“Definatly.” He smiled. I kissed his cheek and walked over to Fred and grabbed his hand and pulled him away.

“Thank Merlin. That was very awkward. She kept trying to grab my bum and i thought that she was going to have her hand go somewhere else.” He laughed. I leaned forward abit and pinched his bum

“Hey!” He laughed and grabbed where i pinched him

“How do you like it?” I asked. Just then a blue patronus flew into the tent and everyone stepped back.

“The ministry has fallen.”

“The Minister of Magic is dead.”

“They are coming.”

“They are coming.” Kingsley’s voice ran out though the tent. Everyone started talking in fear.

“Freddie.” I said, grabbing his hand

“It’ll be okay.” He said and kissed me. I saw him grab his wand and i grabbed my wand off the near by table. Just then a bunch of death eaters flew in, Screams and spells were the only thing heard

“Fred!” I shouted.

“Adrianna!” He shouted

“Stupefy!” I shouted at the death eater behind him.

“Go! Go into my room and grab our bags and stay there til either lupin dad or george or myself come get you.” He told me and kissed me one last time. I ran out of the tent and into the house i kicked off my shoes and ran into the twins room. But I was grabbed from behind and heard 

“Hello Lovely. I knew we would meet again.” Greyback said

“Greyback.” I said, through clenched teeth. he walked us down stairs when I saw the deatheaters had everyone in the sitting room.

“Adrianna!” Dad exclaimed

“Not so fast Remus. You don’t want her to have another set of scratches do you?” Greyback Laughed

“Dad, don’t.” I cried

“Let her go.” Fred said.

“Ah, You have a boyfriend. How would you guys like to have matching marks.” He said to me.

“Please. Don’t hurt him. I’ll tell you anything you want to know just please don’t hurt them.” I cried

“Where is Harry Potter?” He asked

“We haven’t seen him since last year on the astronomy tower.” I said

“How do I know your not lying?” He asked

“Give me Viertaserium(idfk how to spell it) and it’ll be the same answer.”I said

“Fenrir, quit playing with your food and lets go!” Dolohov said

“Fine. Until we meet again lovely.” He smirked and scratched my arm


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So, turns out really no one wants to speak with Iceland at 1 am..I tried to do a lot of quotes from the texts but I just kept forgetting..
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