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I did a thing! I honestly don’t care what your ship. Ship whatever you like! Shipping doesn’t hurt anyone(maybe just someone who ships something else’s feelings) so just ship whatever you want. All those haters can fuck off for all I care. “Why don’t we all marry each other?” ~ Pearl

k so i’m not gonna get involved with a one-sided “““shipping war””” so i’m pasting the question here and censoring out the ship name

anonymous asked: totally not judging, but why don’t you like sn0wb@rry? (is that even how you spell it idfk)

i was gonna make this huge thing but to be honest, i wasn’t in this fandom when it all went down so i don’t have the most agency on what happened. basically, it’s founded on a lot of people hating the fact that iris is a beautiful black woman and while some people in the sb fandom aren’t like that, a shit ton are. it started before the show even started, where all they knew was that candice is black and danielle is white and they shipped caitlin right along with barry faster than they got the pilot out. they send (present tense) candice vile racist messages and keep saying how she (candice and iris) should die and i keep seeing posts that are just honestly horrible to candice and iris and i can’t deal with it.

at the same time they’ll blow up the ship to more than it is. you know how people in crackships usually kindly stay in their lane and acknowledge canon??? this often doesn’t happen with sb, including taking to begging the writers and going into the wa tag to spam. the sb fandom as far as i’ve seen it has the highest concentration of racism in the fandom and it really sucks. i could go on but. anyways i think there’s a few actually thought out posts in the anti tag if you wanna check that out but yeah.

so. tldr; sb is a ship founded on racism

but also i just plain can’t see the ship lmao

EDIT: here’s a really good post on why sb fandom is fuckin wild as well as the rest of the tag

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HEY SENPAI NOTICE ME PLS aphtextsfromnordics
So, turns out really no one wants to speak with Iceland at 1 am..I tried to do a lot of quotes from the texts but I just kept forgetting..
Also, there’s a crap ton of stuff I just found ironic (the Antonio captcha thingy idfk how to spell it, the younger brother thing–) and i don’t know, I just want per to contribute to your amazing blog!! (Though I doubt you’ll see this? I’m not too sure. Aha, anyways.)