idfk how to spell

1. Name/Age? Caitlyn / 22 (until next month yo)
2. What do you think of makeup? I LOVE playing with makeup, I really like the avante garde (idfk how to spell that) style mixed with street makeup, but I usually only wear tame makeup because I dont have the confidence to wear “loud” makeup
3. Should guys wear a beard and what kind? Depends on the guy. Some guys I like better with some type of facial hair and others I hate it on.
4. Where would you like to live? I don’t know if I’ll stay in one place for long until I’m old, I wanna live 4-5 years all over East and South East Asia and a few places in Europe
5. Which countries have you visited? Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Germany and Austria
6. If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it? Probably the same bullshit I do anyways
7. Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner? My friend Cassie. Lately we’ve been having “tifs” over really stupid stuff, but we’ve been through so much of the same shit that there’s no way I’m giving her up.
8. What’s your opinion about the death penalty? Whoa deep all of a sudden. It depends on the crime…Pre-meditated murder and serial murderers and rapists in my opinion should be put on death row.
9. What song did you most recently get tired of due to its overplaying? Im gonna be shot if I say it so like…
10. What fandom(s) are you in? VIP, Blackjacks, Unicorns, Hottest, Aliens, BABY, Melodies, Boice, IGOT7, ARMY, BBC,  High Skool, Primadonna, Inspirit, Papitus, A+, Buster, MYgirl, Cassiopeia, Cloud, SHAWOL, Shinhwa Changjo, SHU-EYES, Kiss Me, Starlight, Sone, Royal Treasures… some who dont actually have names yet so like…you get how long Ive been here?
11. Biases? //sighs// I don’t bias a lot of groups anymore so I’ll go with my first biases of groups —– Gdragon, Bom, Yixuan, Taecyeon, Yongguk, Eunkwang, Yonghwa, Jr, Namjoon, Minhyuk/Bbomb, Jaejin, Myungsoo, Mir, Kangnam, Seyong, Jaejoong?, Taemin, Eric, Hyungjun, Kiseop, Hakyeon, Sunny, James

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