idfc man

The Signs as Songs They Need to Listen To
  • Aries: Gasoline by Halsey; White Teeth Teens by Lorde; Cold Heart Killer by Lia Marie Johnson
  • Taurus: DNA by Lia Marie Johnson; Touch It by Ariana Grande; Play Date by Melanie Martinez
  • Gemini: Guillotine by Jon Bellion; Sorry by Beyoncé; Holiday by Green Day
  • Cancer: Don't Let Me Go by G-Eazy; Not In That Way by Sam Smith; Wasted Youth by Sody
  • Leo: Be Alright by Ariana Grande; River of Tears by Alessia Cara; Atic by Astrid S
  • Virgo: Lostmyhead by The 1975; Suburbia by Troye Sivan; Ruin by Shawn Mendes
  • Libra: How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina; Pity Party by Melanie Martinez; Ride by Twenty One Pilots
  • Scorpio: Show Me Love (Acoustic) by Robin Schulz; Pillowtalk by Zayn; Crazy In Love (50 Shades of Gray version) by Beyoncé
  • Sagittarius: Idfc by Blackbear; Piano Man by Billy Joel; Yours by Ella Henderson
  • Capricorn: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran; Space by Ally Hills; Heartless by Kanye
  • Aquarius: You & Me by Marc E. Bassy; Break My Heart by Hey Violet; Invisible by 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Pisces: In My Veins by Andrew Belle; Start a Riot by Banners; hate u love u by Olivia O'Brien

alphabetic aesthetic // listen here

26 // one random song for every letter of the albaphet // some old, some new

// angels - the xx // bloodflood - alt j // colours - grouplove // da vinci - weezer // east of eden - zella day // fairytale - milky chance // goodbye copenhagen - new politics // honey - magic man // idfc - blackbear // jet pack blues - fall out boy // kangaroo court - capital cities // let her go - mac demarco // memory boy - deerhunter // neighborhood #1 - arcade fire // out of the blue - julian casablancas // pure pleasure - drowners // quiet houses - fleet foxes // rillo talk - wild child // somebody new (feat. tiffani juno) - jakwob //  turn blue - the black keys // under control - the strokes // venice queen - red hot chilli peppers // work song - hozier // x-kid - green day // you’re so dark - arctic monkeys // zak and sara - ben folds // 

Is anyone else attracted to laughter?

Like not sexually or anything but like, just… just, you hear a person laugh, and you don’t know the person at all, but you’re just suddenly very struck by how they laugh.

Maybe they snort when they inhale while laughing, maybe their laugh is really breathy or sounds like a big long wheeze. Maybe they make a funny little noise during their laugh, or it’s squeaky, or a hiss, idfc man,they’re all awesome.

Laughter is one of my favorite, most genuine expressions of emotion, and wow, I just really, really love hearing people laugh. It’s why I’m usually the ‘funny guy’ amongst the groups of people I talk to in my daily life, because I love experiencing that.

So if you ever feel self-conscious of your laugh, and you think it sounds ‘stupid’, just remember that some freak named Brit would, without a doubt, think it’s beautiful and would 10/10 crack whatever joke it took just to hear it again.

‘Your Gz sans is just useless’

 I’d like him that way, because I love him being useless and look pathetic at the same time.

That’s make him unique <3