things i did today,

actually went and did the stuff i said i was going to!

  • dumped off old couch and angel’s chair (thanks mom for helping me get it in the truck bed), (i need more buff friends)
  • got lost driving trying to figure out where the recycling center was
  • vacuumed again
  • screamed a lot
  • mowed the lawn half-assedly, i realized when i got there that i forgot the lawn treatment shit SO IT WAS KIND OF POINTLESS
  • started to rake front lawn but gave up bc of time
  • cleared out fridge
  • threw away a LOT of garbage rabbit left in the yard, it was disgusting idew to talk about it
  • threw rabbit’s mattress and box spring outside in a fit of rage 
  • flea bombed the house
  • took a shower
  • clothes in the washing machine