a) Luna liking Mamoru and being Claws McFangface over Tux is, I think, closer to Luna approving of people who disapprove of Usagi and disapproving of people who enable her, which is a really weird dynamic.

b) Usagi’s irritation here, though it stems completely and directly from jealousy, and the specifics she goes into, even though they seem to be completely made of dramatic irony, are probably why people go D: BUT HE’S OLD– when it was only JUST THIS EPISODE that she found out – with truly epic amounts of disbelief – that he was a college student. Lo:

Now, compare this really quickly with what’s probably the manga scene that informed this revelation:

…wherein she mistook him for a MIDDLE SCHOOLER. yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, she thought he was fourteen or maybe at the most fifteen. Mistaking him for an adult was not in the cards. (Yes this is quite possibly my favorite early Usamamo scene because lmao trollmoru)


usagi own your jealousy

anonymous asked:

i want more smc positive blogs on my dash, can u recommend?

There are many, many smc positive blogs on tumblr! So many that it’s taken me months to properly find you an answer as I can more easily point out the whole 2-3 blogs on tumblr who aren’t positive about it.

So sorry in advance if you’re not @ on this list. The number of people who like SM Crystal is overwhelming. I had to edit so many times as I was basically @ing everyone and most of you post other things beside sm/smc although some of you who do still made it to the list.

So my apologies to anon if you were looking for smc only blogs, most people on tumblr don’t run specific fandom blogs and if they do it’s a mix like sm/smc/manga/pgsm. This list is about tumblrs who are positive about smc which is a whole lot of people!

Feel free to reblog with more blogs that you can think of, if you want to include them here. This is a Sailor Moon Crystal positivity post.

@sailorcrisis @moonlightsdreaming @purinsesu-sereniti @tiny012 @crystalbehindthescenes @crystalmoonxo @serizawazs @triaelf9 @supersmashnash @sailorgojirarex1997 @i1976blunotte @kagenoneko @little-more-than-a-whim @serafukubishounensenshi @p-serenity @glittermoonandstars @goldenharmony @gwenthewelshgal @carryonmywaywardsenshi @crystalcaps @demisexualmako @eternal-sailormoon @fyeahsailormoon @sailorcinnamonroll @guardiancosmos @mooniesforever @prettyguardianscreencaps @rabbit0fthemoon @tumblin-milano @sailormoonscreencaps @sailormoonfavorites @kindnessiseternal @usagixoxo @thesailorbook @venusmelody @cookie9377 @frozendiamond85 @atinylightinthedarkness @superimaginationcreativity @cinnamonrollusagi @personaeffect @sailorsoapbox @irritablevowel @gingerbowtie @paulthetic @senshiofmom @blackotaku97 @carlosfarinas @luna-whiskers @blackmantagirl @fsakurazuka @reignlove @lunasmagicbox @chanelflorahl @raynfarron @allthatglitter @ainomessage @sailorcorgimoon @solitarysetsuna @silvermoon424 @eclecticdancerm @lookuptotheinfinite @sailorhoneymoon @astraearose93 @she-dreams-in-pink @sailor-moon-turtle @sailormoon-princess @tallladyserenity @supersailorwhore @sailor-skank @cutie-tabootie @cynthiaamata @mdkmoon @louise-valliere-dono @doslunasdereina @erisol-ediciones @ladyaldara @lasmokingreblogger @uswagi-tsukino @idesofnovember @d011qu33n @abbymacaroni @mooncaps @senshiofserenity @smokingbomber @sailormoonparallels @peacelovehappinessandwriting @heavensubt @sailorfailures @sailormoon-mooniverse @sailorkittykrys @moonie-love

Again, if I missed anybody, this list got overwhelming so I plan on adding to it again in the future. I ❤ all these positive Moonies!✌

Fic Rec Time <333

So, if you read fanfiction this post is most definitely for you. If you don’t read fanfiction, this post is also for you, because WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GO READ SOME FANFICS!!! Here’s a list of just a few of my Sailor Moon fanfic favs from nearly 20 years of reading them:

Ikigai and its sequel Yugen by @floraone : Am I biased about these because the author happens to be one of my dearest friends? Maybe. But that aside, Ikigai is a masterwork of fanfiction, and Yugen is following closely behind. FloraOne has created one of the most beautiful and authentic portrayals of Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship…and I just can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these. Plus, she’s written a couple of AMAZING one shots, and a 7 piece series about Mamoru’s life before canon that you should definitely check out here.

Jealousy and Rapture by Pearl Prynne: This is, quite possibly, my favorite one shot EVER. Sweet, sexy, cheeky and beautiful Usagi and Mamoru goodness. Set after episode 108, Usagi and Mamoru try to deal with their feelings of jealousy over Haruka and Michiru. Seriously. This is AMAZING. Well worth your time.

Anything ever written by @idesofnovember: Ok, Antigone2 is so crazy, ridiculously talented it’s not FAIR. She amazes me with every new story she puts out. They’re all SO different, but all SO amazingly in character, I’m constantly in awe of her. Just a few of my favs include It’s You (I Fell Into), Desperate & Divine, and Forget Me Not

Destiny Decision by LunaV-chan: This is an amazing rework of the first season, and how the girls + Mamoru regain their memories of their past lives. It’s not your typical Serenity & Endymion star-crossed lovers tale, as there are some interesting twists and turns, but it’s well worth the read, and it remains one of my absolute favorites.

Hunches by Senshi’s Bard: A series of connected one shots centered around Usagi and Mamoru, where each chapter takes place following an episode of Sailor Moon S. The series was never finished, but there’s still 28 chapters of bloody brilliant UsaMamo fluff.

And of course, I must take the time to shamelessly plug myself, and my little fanfic library of works. I’m nowhere NEAR as talented as the above named authors, but if you need a little Usagi & Mamoru pick me up, that’s what I specialize in! You can find my stories here, but check out the ones above first because they’re the reason I started writing in the first place <3 

Happy reading, lovelies!!!

OH, and take the time to make a fanfic author’s life and REVIEW!! You never know how much it might touch one of them!

aloeislands  asked:

hey! I accidentally deleted my blog and lost all the sailor Moon blogs I followed. could u maybe lost some of ur favorites for me?? thanks so much!!

Sure, no problem!

By the way, this is by no means a complete list. These are just blogs that I pulled from my “following” list. I’m sure I’m leaving out a lot of great blogs. If you run a Sailor Moon blog or know of any good ones that aren’t listed here, feel free to list them! 

These aren’t listed in any particular order. If a blog has an asterisk (*) by its name, that means that it’s inactive but still has a lot of good content to comb through. Bolded names are blogs that I highly recommend.

Oh, and I just remembered that a couple of months ago I reblogged a list of blogs that are positive about Sailor Moon Crystal. There’s also a fantastic directory of Sailor Moon blogs, thesailormoondirectory. Those are both good places to look!

I always wanted to do a follow forever or  fave blogs lists but I always decided against it because I know I was going to miss someone that I love. Since I was learning how to do edits I decided do one. There are 44 blogs on this list and I still probably miss someone. If I did, I still love you and your blog a lot. There are in no particular order.

antigonetwo  asked:

5, 8, 27

5. Favorite Attack:
Moon Gorgeous Meditation, hands down. It’s just perfect, okay?

8. Most beautiful/handsome character?

27. What has Sailor Moon done for me?

Sailor Moon has done so much for me. It was a large part of my childhood. It was something that my childhood best friend and I had in common and I have a lot of great memories with her watching this show. Sailor Moon taught me the importance of giving everyone a second chance and to be very open-minded. Nowadays, Sailor Moon serves as a stress relief for me. And of course, Sailor Moon gave me the ability to have many great friends on this website :) <3

idesofnovember reblogged your photo: Even more proof that the kiss isn’t really sweet…

(emphasis mine) HOLY SHIT…DIDN’T NOTICE (probably

haha I didn’t notice completely until I rewatched this episode tbh, but I just the part where he’s just dumped on the concrete makes me SO SAD and I was like “why why does this make me sad when the other eps don’t” and I realized that it was because I never saw Mamoru wake up or have a “yay you go” moment like the other girls had and I was reacting that subconsciously…


‘tis that time of year guys. and also, i did nothing for my last milestone so all the more reason. and i love any chance to flaunt all the lovely people that make my blog what it is. because i love them. so here we go! (if i forgot anyone i’m so incredibly sorry, i’m useless. if i’m following you i appreciate you!) 

bolded are faves and italics are mutuals.

honorable mentions 💗 : @laura-p-g (my mills sis and the cutest cutiepie around, thank you for reading all the fic pieces i throw at you ily) | @freifraufischer (you put up with me when i’m annoying which is all of the time and i love when you talk) | @the-alpha-incipiens (i feel very comfortable telling you my thoughts about ouat and i’m so happy you humor me) | @henmills (you accept me for the trash i am and i’m grateful that we bonded over bad friends) | @shahi-sarah (i love it when we talk even though i’m terribly awkward and always end up dropping the convo because of that but <33)

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