While our christmas pressies - Tracing Arcs’ Eye See You EP and Bit Spencer’s Beats and Bytes mix - are both still sizzlingly popular with you folks, we already throw in the another package no less rich and lush. Number three in our series “iD.EOLOGY - because best things are free”, the edition electro/techno, comes with one good hour worth of the finest danceable tracks far beyond worn-out clichés and boring conventions. The individual mixtures of our iD. allstars - from cuddly synthpop-electro to sweaty bigbeat-techno - will most certainly not leave you cold, even at subzero temperatures.

Our fabulous new addition Strobotone combines futuristic electronic dance-sound with a truckload of references from 35 years of musical history on his one-hour debut-album entitled Flashback Forward. Skillfully he amalgamates bits and pieces from funk, disco, electric boogie, house, electronica, ambient and many more into a crisp and detailed mixture of perfect pop. And since this is such damn good fun even for those who are not highbrow academic eclectics, these tracks sound like tomorrow’s classics already today.