A: “So wait…my entire education is not only reproducing skills needed for labor power, but at the same time reproducing submission to the rules of the established order?”

B: “Right. In other words, the school and other apparatuses like it teach know-how, but in forms which ensure subjection to the ruling ideology or the mastery of it’s ‘practice.’”

A: “I’m going to burn my school to the ground.”

Viewing politics as a spectrum with a ‘middle’ and ‘extremes’ is a really powerful and dangerous ideological concept. The prevailing ideology decides what constitutes the middle, its arbitrary, it doesn’t represent any sort of 'balance’ or any other properties outside of its material content. If your ideology occupies the 'middle’ space, it’s because the ideas constituting it are normalized in the prevailing mainstream, which speaks to the position of power it occupies, not to its inherent truth, practicality, or morality. There is no such thing as neutral, inaction and abstention are passive support of the underlying power structures of our society.

Let’s get to some brutal truths.

You have invasive racist thoughts, don’t you?

Especially we white folks, we’re conditioned by institutionally racist political and economic structures into a sense of ethnic superiority. Prejudice and the ideology of discrimination seek to embed themselves at a sub-rational level: the level of uneasiness, uncertainty, fear and revulsion.

Holier-than-thou liberals will deny it if you ask them, because they see racial politics as a matter of performative self-ablution - ‘what? No! Some of my best friends are black…’ - but if we really want to destroy racism, we cannot simply limit our ruthless critique to racist police chiefs and discriminatory voting laws.

Smashing racism is a dialectic process: in shaping the institutions around us, we shape ourselves - and internal psychological struggle is just as valid an aspect to that revolutionary process.

You are perfectly entitled to your opinions, even if they are considered unpopular or extreme.  However, if they are profoundly shitty and dangerous opinions, people may decide that you are a profoundly shitty and dangerous person, and treat you as such.  You have the right to hold any point of view, but you don’t have the right to insist that everyone treat your point of view as just as good and reasonable as any other, merely because you believe it.  Your right to hold an opinion does not grant you immunity from the interpersonal consequences of expressing those opinions.

Artists cannot be trained. One does not become an artist by acquiring certain skills or techniques, though one can use any number of skills and techniques in artistic activity. The creative is found in anyone who is prepared for surprise. Such a person cannot go to school to be an artist, but can only go to school as an artist. Therefore, poets do not “fit” into society, not because a place is denied them but because they do not take their “places” seriously. They openly see its roles as theatrical, its styles as poses, its clothing as costume, its rules conventional, its crises arranged, its conflicts performed, and its metaphysics ideological.
—  James P. Carse, Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In addition to being a fun and enjoyable movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming also contains a rich subtext on ideology and class struggle that is worth exploring further. I am excited when I see articles online arguing that Tony Stark was the true villain of the movie, but I am disappointed to find out upon reading that most of these discussions, in an attempt to remain inoffensive and politically correct, fail to expound on the classist themes and instead focus merely on how Tony Stark is guilty of child endangerment and not being as good a parental figure as Uncle Ben. While these points are also valid, it is more important to look at how Tony Stark, who is part of the ruling class, controls intellectual production and causes the impressionable working class youth in Peter Parker to turn against Adrian Toomes, a member of his own class who is trying to overthrow Stark's ruling class.

“Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.”
   ―   Michael Strassfeld

Even if you yourself are not a Nazi, if actual Nazis - people carrying Nazi flags, wearing Nazi insignia, chanting Nazi slogans, and espousing Nazi ideology - show up en masse at the same political gathering as you and openly march alongside you and your chosen allies, it’s time to reexamine your politics.  The fact that they feel they are on the same side as you should be a real concern.  Maybe you need to kick them out of your political community, or maybe you need consider that Nazis allying themselves with your cause is indicative of serious problems with that cause.  You might not be a Nazi, and you might even oppose them, but if you find yourself on the same side as them, you cannot simply let that stand.

Philosophical/Ideological Ask Meme!

♞ : Do you have a strict honor code?
♧ : Is fate something you believe in?
✍ : What’s your motto in life?
⚁ : Do you agree that “fortune favors the brave”?
✞ : Are you religious? Which religion do you follow, if any?
☁ : Nietzsche said that “hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man”. How do you feel about that?
⚖ : Do you believe in reincarnation? An afterlife?
✌ : Are you a pacifist? To what degree?
♛ : If you were a ruler, how would you use your power?
❤ : Plato said that “love is a serious mental disease”. What do you think of that?
☞ : Would you call out someone who does something bad on a busy street?
♫ : Lots of philosophers talk about the significance of music. What does music mean to you?
♡ : Would you sacrifice yourself or your time/money to help someone else in need? Or would you mind your own business?
✿ : Do you feel a strong connection to any of the seasons? Why?
✧ : What do you think the meaning of life is?