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But Snape only bullied because HE was Bullied! And he was a death eater UNDERCOVER for Dumbledoor! SO he AHD to bully children for his disguise! he is a hero!😥 So Brave! 😤 So strong 🙃

listen….he was brave! in that, like, he lied to voldemort’s face repeatedly and he was instrumental in harry being alive & bringing down voldemort. he was a double cover secret agent and that is badass.


h o w e v e r

what the actual fuck to this shit idea that he’s a good person or trying to erase that he was an absolute fucking bully, bitter hag of a teacher, outed remus lupin as a werewolf b/c he was bitter abt not getting his award

and also wtf to this apology bullshit where he *felt pressured to join the death eaters* or *was driven to it by lily’s rejection*

BITCH pls he was putting down petunia, a muggleborn, when he was ten years old. attacked her???? had no qualms abt it. never apologized. literally invented dark curses.  couldn’t wait to join voldemort and hung around with the slytherin gang doing creepy shit to muggleborns and used slurs on everyone except lily evans and was eyeball deep in the dark arts

god he was intent on joining voldemort from a very young age and absolutely agreed with the ideology. shit went down and lily died and i do think he regretted that and tried to make it right.

and i get that he’s a morally gray character, etc, so interesting.


he’s still a dick. to children. to children entrusted into his care.  not ok????

ugh i’m done.

Here’s the thing about the “ACLU supported Nazis!” shit that’s going around completely context-free on this website and other corners of the Leftist Internet, and that I’m now hearing “Woke People” use for why they no longer support them. (Under a cut, because long:)

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antifa/the left want to destroy the confederate statues because apparently "racists/fascists/altrighters worship or idolize them"... how is this any different from what ISIS claim the "polytheists" are doing when they demolish the old assyrian statues in iraq/syria, or the taliban are doing when they blow up the bamiyan buddhas? haha, yeah nice shit ideology, strange enough fukuyama was right about the left being impotent and basically being the establishment of liberal capitalism worldwide.

That’s not why the left wants them taken down, and even if it were political ideology isn’t comparable to religious belief in that way

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YOU'RE APATHETIC IDEOLOGY DOES JACK SHIT, ALL IT IS IN THE END IS SAYING "Well you see we gotta blame the doctors for letting this disease spread because that's how it works right we blame the people who try to stop it rather than the disease itself" WHICH MAKES 0 SENSE.

You’ve yet to make sense since I’ve first met you today.

Either way, you’re still the ones that are doing more harm than good.  And, again–you’re an open shoplifter, so you’re still an untrustworthy piece of garbage that’s apparently totally fine with causing unnecessary inflation in retail and endangering the livelihoods of the working class, so I don’t think you’re in ANY position to say what’s good for anyone else.

You act strictly from a place of aggressive selfishness, and are distinctly lacking in the political education necessary to properly understand and define fascism.  You’re like a spoiled child trying to teach the world about poverty.

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hi momma. so, there's this kid in my school who is so racist and homophobic and sexist that it makes me feel sick to be near him. i know i should be giving everyone a chance, but as a lesbian girl, it's so hard for me to listen to him speak. he's straight, white, and christian, and likes to talk about "lesser people". i'm leaving this school in june, thankfully, but what should i do about him until then?

as a friend, fuck all that noise. SQUARE UP.

as a mother, there are going to be a lot of shit people with shit opinions, ideologies. stay true to you, dear one.

remember that despite what that absolute dipcrap thinks, you are your own person. you? you’re incredible. you already understand that everyone is different. you embrace others. going out into the real world with all kinds of people won’t be so scary for you.

him on the otherhand?

things are changing. as slow as it may be. we are changing this world. we will make it brighter, more beautiful and more colorful. we will make it such a blend of so many wonderful things that people like him with one way thinking minds will break. different is beautiful.

in the meantime, we stay true to ourselves. we keep our vibrancy and beauty. we love ourselves and each other and make it known that we aren’t going anywhere.

so yeah, fuck all that noise.

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I'm reading uhv thanks to you and my new favorite thing is how pt. 1 is all deep and thick with religious ideology n shit but pt. 2 is essentially gay ghost busters


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it's definitely sad that it got minimal attention in the fandom - a lot of ppl were trying to shut down discourse about it which is Sad - but it got a lot of traction in the press. the view did like a 10 minute segment about sexuality because of it, glaad used his quote to start a conversation about identity, nme and huffpost and others wrote articles about it. so it definitely made ~waves but just less-so in circles of his own fans, which is super disappointing

i saw the view clip omg i was so happy he sparked that discussion tbh. i wish ppl in his own fandom would give him more credit but i guess talk of harrys sexuality is kinda tainted with larrie ideology and shit which sucks

really unpolished off-the-cuff hypothesis: nu-atheism is a development of the secular western “progressive” (in the historical sense, ie eugenics and shit) ideology that fluorished in the capitalism in the victorian era. this was an evolution of the french revolutionary secularism of early capitalism. which itself was an evolution of the state protestantism of mercantile capital after morality and the threat of divine punishment stopped being as effective as tools of class domination.

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Hello! I love your blog, and I think you would be the right person to come to about this: I am having a debate for my high school debate class, and the topic is "communism is inherently more ethical than capitalism." We are focusing only on the theories of each. Do you have any ideas for some main points that I can use in my speech? (I'm pro-communism, both in the debate and real life lol)

It’s especially easy if you’re focusing on just theory, cuz then you don’t have to go through the draining process of explaining why attempts at communism have been unwieldy over the years (it’s got a lot to do with imperialism, historical poverty, it not really having been attempted in a late capitalist country yet, etc.).

Seeing as we humans produce our necessary goods collectively, the machinery that helps us generate those goods ought to be collectively controlled – i.e. democratically. If you’re debating for a high school class, I highly recommend taking that route – emphasize the hell out of economic democracy and how it’s a logical conclusion for our supposed love of democracy. Now that most necessary work can be automated, it only makes sense to collectively take command over the automation, divvy up the workload that can’t be automated, and free up people’s time for things they’re actually interested in (another good thing to emphasize; everybody loves leisure time, i.e. freedom). People not only have to work long hours under capitalism, it’s also that they aren’t even remunerated fairly for the work they do – profit is the surplus unpaid labor of the working class.

There’s a good quote by Marx that summarizes historical materialism nicely: “Society with the windmill gives us the feudal lord; society with the steam engine gives us the industrial capitalist.” It’s not an unalterable dogma, but it does lay out a proper framework through which history ought to be examined – that is, social systems are byproducts of technology and material conditions. Now that we’ve advanced well beyond the steam engine, getting to a point where we’ve been to outer space and where we can reduce the work week to 15 hours, the social systems ought to catch up. And that’s to say nothing of climate catastrophe that is being caused by a system predicated on endless unsustainable growth (as capitalism is).

If they try to reduce debate down to “freedom vs equality” at any point, call out that shit. That ideology is based on a faulty premise – that being able to command limitless amount of capital and workers is “freedom” in its default form (it’s not; it’s just another form of class tyranny). Communism is predicated on both more equality AND more freedom – what better representation of freedom can you find than bountiful leisure time, something actually possible in the democratic/for-need/automated system of communism? Communism is the natural conclusion of centuries of questioning authority and hierarchy; it’s putting actual material social power into the hands of the people, rather than just vaguely asserting that everyone has the same rights with no concern for real-life power dynamics (as capitalism does).

I hope this helps for your debate in some way! 🙂


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i dont think that persons a TERF, theyre a transmedicalist

oh lmao i typically saw that being referred to as truscum, still a shit ideology

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Hey this might be weird but I'm someone that doesn't suffer from any disabilities and I'm not educated on stuff like this. I just wanna ask: what is identity first language and why do people prefer it?

Identity first language = disabled person, autistic person, mentally ill person, etc.

Person first language = person who is disabled, person with autism, person who suffers from mental illness, etc.

A lot of environments, such as nursing programs and even places like Disney World, will teach person first language because “it puts the person before the disability,” despite that not being the terminology that the majority of disabled people prefer. 

It’s interesting because it’s usually abled people teaching other abled people what is and isn’t offensive to disabled people without the voices of disabled people involved in the process. I feel like it comes from a place of ableism and thinking that “disabled” is a bad word and wanting to separate disabled people from that label because of the stigma that people have about disabilities. (Kind of like colorblind ideology where people say shit like, “Well *I* don’t see you as Asian. You’re just a person!” Uh, what’s so wrong with being Asian that you have to separate me from it? It’s not a pejorative.)

Of course, not all disabled people agree on this subject and some prefer person first language and you should always honor individual’s identifiers; however, most of the discourse and discussions I’ve seen from disabled folks promote identity first language.

In my case, I don’t identify as disabled but I do identify as mentally ill so when a non-mentally ill person tried to tell me I was “identifying” wrong because I’m “not my mental illness” it reeked of privilege-splaining and came off as really ableist. So definitely don’t do that. I identify as a mentally ill person because (like many other mentally ill people and people who use identity first language to describe their disabilities) my mental health *does* define my experience and reality and that’s perfectly fine. 

please stop hating on female characters in the name of feminism

rose tyler did not leave her family for a man, she left her family to follow her dreams (which do involve a man but since when is that a crime???) 

martha jones loving the doctor is not anti-feminist either.

nor is amy pond wearing short skirts (that she was filmed in all kinds of gross ways is anti-feminist, of course). 

i stg fandom. you NEVER throw this shit at donna noble, and I wonder why. hmm. what is the major difference between these women and donna…?

oh yeah! donna was never in love with the doctor! oh so that must mean EVERY other female character who loved the doctor romantically is awful and anti-feminist.

This ideological purity shit is absurd.

Voting to prevent things from getting rapidly worse isn’t mutually exclusive from working on mobilizing and organizing collective action against states, industrial complexes, etc. It’s not physically impossible to do both things.