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What transgender debate? Like the dysphoria thing or the there r only 2 genders thing

The trump administration is arguing to keep transgender people from being able to ever identify as anything other than their assigned sex at birth. Once again trying to erase us from existence and treat our identities as a mere political stance

If I could ask only one thing of the community, it would be that we stop arguing over what ‘bi’ and 'pan’ mean. they can have heavy overlap - they can have the same fucking meaning, even - and still both be valid identifiers. I identify as bi but others might have the same attraction experiences as me and identify as pan. it’s fine! they are both fine! can we stop arguing about this please? especially people who are neither bi nor pan???

Identity has become the axis of so much university activism because, for all the radical posturing associated with it, identity politics does not threaten the established order of society. It promotes a moralistic and self-indulgent anti-politics, where a person’s use of language and the purity of their thinking matters more than confronting collectively the material conditions and social relations under which they are forced to live. It creates a simulation of political struggle - one that doesn’t merely fail to challenge the material inequality and unfreedom of late capitalism, but fundamentally aligns with the dynamics and interests of its atomised, spectacle-driven society. It is a perfect mirror of consumerism, playing-upon the individual’s desires for real freedom, only to perpetuate and prettify the conditions of their alienation.

the very idea that an identity will crumble to dust if it is ‘invalidated’ i think reveals the constructed nature of that particular identity. for instance, i don’t need anybody to validate my identity as a gay man because i AM a gay man. by my very nature i’m sexually inclined toward men and if tomorrow i were to forget everything i know i would still be sexually attracted to the male sex and my brain and body would respond in that way. it is the simple, brute reality of my existence and whether or not that is confirmed by those around me does not negate the inescapable reality of it all. i don’t have to worry about my 'identity’ being valid because its reality is not contingent on how/what i or others feel/believe about it.