identity theft

call out post for user pityshy

also known as: wynpai, crybabyweek, tree-of-pity, and many more urls considering how she’s been changing her url like every two minutes.

i’m going to address them as “wyn” in this post because they have also taken rowan’s name and trying to differentiate between the two users would be extremely confusing. wyn used to go by wyn before taking rowan’s name, and she uses both she/her and they/them pronouns. i will be using she/her for wyn to make it easier to differentiate. 

wyn has been stalking rowan for a long time, and has begun taking rowan’s personality and information and using it as her own.

triggers: identity theft, stalking, depersonalization, manipulation, harassment

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5 Money Lessons Students Should (But Usually Don't) Learn In School

Students who have taken a class in personal finance are more likely to save, more likely to budget, and more likely to have invested money. They’re also more likely to learn:

1. The basics of budgeting.

2. The magic of compound interest.

3. The value of paying yourself first. 

4. The importance of using credit responsibly.

5. The danger of identity theft.

Here’s what else they could be missing on if they don’t learn financial literacy.

anonymous asked:

So, I've just got an email from a bank in a country I have never been to, telling me that my card (which I clearly don't have) has been cancelled because I haven't updated my information. Should I just ignore this email or is there any chance that someone is using my ID to do some illegal activities? What should I do?

There’s a very high possibility that this is a phishing scam. They want you to email back and “verify” your information in order to steal your identity. To be safe, run a free credit report on yourself to see if there are any accounts of which you are not aware. You should also just do a quick google search on the supposed company the card was with and see if anyone else has reported a similar email.


If you have a Windows OS, please pay attention.  So I just got a phone call from a Pasadena number (626 area code), and a guy with a very thick Indian accent tried to tell me he worked for Microsoft Windows Tech Support and that HQ had been recieving notifications of multiple error messages recently from our PC.

I obviously was suspicious from the onset, so I subtly asked what operating system, and he seemed rather confused by the idea that there was more than one Windows OS, eventually cluing in and saying Windows 7.  Only, our PC has Windows 10 so it’s obviously bullshit.  I keep him going a little just to have further proof that he’s full of shit.

He tells me to bring up the Run application and input “eventvwr”.  I Google it first, and sure enough, it’s a scam.  They get you to a pull up a scan system that will inevitably have a bunch of yellow and red notifications in it, pretend like it’s serious, then ask for remote access to your computer.  Once they have it, they’ll steal all your information.  I told him to fuck off and hung up, but somebody else out there might fall for it.

Apparently this is a really popular scam these days, so please be careful out there!  Confirm every detail before ever giving someone your information.

Guys, I know these are fun, but please be careful - if you’re an American born before 2011, people can mine the data of the responses to this meme to figure out Social Security Numbers or gain access to other important pieces of information.

First off - how often have you been asked your mother’s maiden name as a security question? Yeah, you should already be seeing a problem right there.

But that’s just the beginning.

If you tell me where and when you were born, I can figure out the first 5 digits of your SSN no problem. The first 3 digits is based on where you were born (or where you applied for the number, if you immigrated here), with the second two digits theoretically being an administrative number, but in practice is determined by when you were born (or when you applied) within that location.

Now, the last 4 digits of SSNs are the most commonly shared - meaning if you ever list those 4 digits with your birth date and place together in one place, I can easily figure out your entire SSN.

However, the secret is that those last 4 digits (pre-2011) aren’t entirely random. Within each grouping of the first five digits, they are handed out in order/sequentially - so the first baby/applicant within a certain date-range and location gets 001, the second one gets 002, next one gets 003, etc etc. And birth records are pretty easy to get your hands on. Depending on your resources, it’s not that difficult to sort through them if you even have the person’s own name, and it gets even easier if you also have their mother’s name. Even just the first few letters of your mother’s name would help. You can use that to approximate what “order” someone would’ve been in, within that group of people born or who applied for an SSN within that date range and location.

A lot of us on here state our ages (which can be used to figure out your birthdate) and locations right in our bio. Americans, if you did this meme while having your age and location in your bio (and you live in the same state or region as the one you were born in), I could guess your entire SSN to within a few dozen digits/options. And if I were willing to pay for additional data, I could probably figure out exactly what it is.

I don’t know how identification numbers work in other countries, but given most countries have some form of numerical identification given to citizens at birth, I wouldn’t be surprised if birth place, birth date, and/or mother’s name could be considered sensitive information in those places, too.

It’s not just these pieces of data, either.

You know that “pornstar name” meme, about using the street you grew up on, your own middle name, and/or a pet’s name? Yeah, notice how those are also some of the most common security questions that pop up around sensitive information?

Always be careful with memes that depend on your personal information. Names and birth dates are so public that I don’t worry about those, but once they start asking about things like where you were born, where you grew up, street names, pet names, etc., I automatically side-eye them.

And if it asks for my mother’s maiden name, like this one right here?

Even if an individual meme on its own probably can’t be used to steal your identity, answer enough of these and someone can mine your blog, Facebook, or other social media account for all the information they need to do it, anyway.

Be careful, guys - these memes are fun, but also dangerous.


Images and story suggestion submitted by bodstart. Thanks!

“No baby, you’re the only girl I love,” Greg said as Corey squeezed his cock from under his pants, “I’m sorry I haven’t been acting like myself the past couple of days, but there’s nothing going on. I promise.”

They uttered some sweet words to each other and then Greg hung up.

“Fuckin’ bitch believed everything I said!” he laughed, “God damn, I’m getting good at using this dumb hunk of meat. This body sure as hell isn’t used to being sucked off by another dude, though. Greg’s mind is telling me I should beat the crap out of you right now…”

“Pretend I’m Greg’s girlfriend,” Corey suggested, “That seemed to do the trick the last time I had one of my alien friends take over one of the jocks from school.”

The alien closed his eyes and pulled up images of Greg’s girlfriend. Sure enough, his rod started getting rock hard in Corey’s mouth. He placed a hand on the back of Corey’s head and started to guide him as he worked up and down his shaft. He threw his head back as Corey hungrily lapped at his cock.

“Oh yeah, baby,” the alien moaned with Greg’s jock voice, “Fuckin’ suck that dick.”


I found this on a facebook fanpage dedicated to the J so be careful if you come across these accounts. Spread the word!:

About two weeks ago I was contacted by someone on Instagram regarding some user who had re-uploaded my J fanart to their account without my permission and/or crediting me, so I contacted that person and asked for my fanart to be removed; they ignored me as expected, so I filed a report for copyright infringement which took care of the problem.
While I waited for Instagram to remove my stolen fanart from this person’s account I became aware that she had tagged someone using the username park_yoon88 who was pretending to be The J  and telling fans on this park_yoon88 account and on J’s account ( wjongjin ) that J’s actual account was a faker while the park_yoon88 was “real and official”. I know for a fact that that is a blatant lie so I contacted J on Instagram and on Kakao to inform him about the doings of this Park_Yoon88, even providing screenshots and links to these comments/accounts; he told me that this wasn’t his account and that it was an imposter of which he had found many already on Instagram and other websites; he seemed to think that it was the same thing he had to deal with right here on Facebook a while back, in other words, just another roleplayer making an account under J’s name just for fun and who wasn’t going to him to harass him or to fraud J’s fans, scam them or fool them.

That of course is far from the case on Instagram, since this park_yoon88 has gone to J’s account ( wjongjin ) to harass him, to discredit him and to tell his fans that his name is not Won Jong-Jin but Park Tae-Yoon and changing the lie from Wjongjin being a fake account to Wjongjin being  his manager/father’s account. This park_yoon88 has had the nerve of answering questions On J’s posts and has even had the nerve to rudely say that the photo that J posted of his family was photoshopped.

Well, a few days ago I found a comment from a Kiji_k88 on one of my newer J fanart posts, demanding that I stopped tagging the Wjongjin account because that was and I quote “Wons manager father account and not real account cuz wons real account is park_yoon88 cuz das his real name Park Tae-Yoon and not Won Jong-Jin”; I did with this Kiji_k88 the same thing I did with the park_yoon88 account, which was block the account to prevent them from contacting me further, report the account to Instagram and flag his comment as abusive and as spam.

I think that J may have blocked this Park_Yoon88 person because as of J’s newest post he is no longer following J even though the imposter Park_Yoon88 posted J’s newest photo in his account an hour after J did. This measure on J’s part has not stopped this park_Yoon88 from continuing this creepy game and harrassing J, he has since opened a new account Jongjin66 and began reusing an older account play_wolfboy to keep an eye on his posts; I suspect that those two accounts have been blocked by J as well in the last day because J no longer appears in their following list now. With this, park_yoon88 is unable to contact J so he has sent some of his followers to continue the harassment, mainly  Kiji_k88 and another user who was spamming J with questions, 88Kang87 ( Who claims to be J’s wife ) and who also seems to own the account wolf_hyunmin; this Kiji_k88 has gone to J’s fans on his posts or on the fans’ tags ( I don’t even know how they find these tags since J’s settings don’t allow for any of us to see who tags him ) to tell us the same lies that park_yoon88 has been spreading on Facebook, twitter and on Instagram, meaning that Wjongjin is a fake account ( At first ) or that it’s either J’s manager account or his father’s account ( Reason why this park_yoon88 has called J “dad” in some recent posts ), that Won Jong-Jin isn’t his real name but Park Tae-Yoon, that he wasn’t born in 1983 but 1988 and that he hates dogs, so Mio isn’t his dog but some friend’s dog. I wasn’t the only one contacted about not tagging Wjongjin for fanart/edits/videos and tag this park_yoon88 instead, so they are targeting us fans as well in this disturbing game to discredit and slander J, not to mention tarnish his reputation in the process.

What I find disturbing is that they speak of J’s father as being alive and in charge of J’s account, being the one updating J’s account “to promote him” when we all know that J’s father passed away 3 years ago and that J has been struggling with depression ever since. Another thing is that both park_yoon88/jongjin66 and kiji_k88 are incurring in sexual talk with the people who have fallen for their lies and are now following them, something that could affect J’s reputation and even get him in legal trouble, chiefly because some of these followers are underage girls he is teasing/flirting with. So I am leaving this comment here so fans can be in the know of what’s going on mostly because these imposters ( Park_yoon88 and Kiji_k88 ) are upping their game and going to fans now to try and lure them into their game and have opened a facebook “fanpage” for this Park Tae-Yoon ( Link: ) and both park_yoon88 and kiji_k88 have opened twitter accounts and are telling J and Kiji fans that theirs are the real/official twitter accounts ( Park_yoon88 is using wjongjinw66, while kiji_k88 is using kijikush8 )

Like I stated, I asked J and Kiji on Instagram and Kakao about these accounts and they have assured me that these park_yoon88, play_wolfboy, jongjin66 and kiji_k88 accounts aren’t their accounts and they have no association with the people running them  or the 88kang87, wolf_hyunmin accounts either, in other words only Wjongjin is The J’s Instagram account and Kijikush is tatto artist Kiji’s account on Instagram. I apologize for the lengthy comment but there is no other way to explain things.

Here’s the link:
Hackers are trying to steal our tax refunds -- again
Criminals are increasingly attacking government agencies in hopes of stealing our money and information.

While the thieves got the social security numbers from somewhere outside the IRS, they want to use them to gain so much more. Tax documents have your income, birth date, home address, family details and SSN written right on them, so the criminals could take the scheme beyond stealing just a tax return. The details can be used to access bank accounts, social media accounts, and more.

The IRS said it will notify people affected by the attack and will mark their accounts to guard against identity theft. 

Paul’s boyfriend, Mitch, had sent him some slightly odd texts that day begging him to come over. When he arrived at his place and no one answered his knock, Paul tested the handle and found it unlocked. He opened the door and called out, “Mitch?”

Mitch’s voice called out from within the apartment, “Upstairs, Paul.”

Paul went up the stairs and found Mitch sitting on a chair in full leather gear. A buckled harness wrapped around Mitch’s athletic shoulders, showing off his muscular, tattooed arms and his toned chest. His pants clung across his legs, and stretched across the noticeable bulge in front. The look was completed with dark aviators and a pair of tight black gloves. He stared at Paul seductively.

“Hey Paulie, like what you see?”

He ran one hand lightly down his thighs, tracing the muscle underneath the leather.

Paul hated being called Paulie. It’s what his ex-boyfriend, Sean, used to call him. They’d broken up not too long ago because he was too slutty, always flirting with other guys, the final straw being rumors of a gang bang while Paul was out of town.

But to answer the question, “I love what I see,” he said as he walked slowly into the room, savoring the view, “Where did you get all of this stuff?”

“Picked it up on my way home,” Mitch said as he ran his hands over his body, “I thought maybe we could go to Jackhammer tonight.”

Paul smiled tentatively, confused by Mitch’s behavior, “Jackhammer? You hate that place. Babe, what’s going on? This is… really different.”

“But, Paulie, you liked it when you were with Sean.”

“Stop calling me that. And Sean and I are done, babe. Trust me.”

Mitch laughed, his dark eyes sparkling behind the aviators.

“Oh, Paulie, this is too good. I have to tell you. I am Sean! Except, I’ve stolen your new boy’s body. And I gotta say, it feels real good,” he said, and slapped his ass.

“What are you talking about?” Paul asked, confused.

“I found a little possession spell online, and I stole Mitch’s body.”

“This isn’t funny, Mitch.”

“No, it’s not. Certainly not as funny as you forgetting to unlock the door before you stormed out on me. Remember that, Paulie?”

Paul’s eyes grew wide. “Sean? Where’s…where’s Mitch?”

“Oh, he’s still in here with me. I can hear him complaining, trying to get me out,” he seemed to wrestle for a moment with the thoughts inside his head before giving his body a shake and returning to the conversation.

“Remember that night we broke up, Paulie? And I told you you’d never be able to leave me? I meant it.”

He leaned back and spread his legs wide.

“Come on, let’s have one last fuck, for old time’s sake? I’ll even let you top. I bet this ass is nice and tight,” Sean bit his lip and began to unbuckle his belt.

“No. Get out of him. We’re done. Leave us the fuck alone.”

Sean made Mitch’s face frown. “No, we’re not done. And you’re going to fuck me now or else I’m going to Jackhammer with Mitch’s body, with or without you. I’ll fuck every single guy there. I’ll have strangers cum all over your pretty little boyfriend’s body and walk naked through the streets and let every single person I meet have their way with this body. I will ruin his reputation if you don’t fuck me right now.”

Paul was stuck. “Look, wait… don’t… listen, if we fuck just this once, will you get out of his body?”

He smiled, “That’s all I want.”

Paul reluctantly approached Sean. Sean grabbed Paul’s cock through his jeans, and then slowly unzipped the fly. He  slid his hands into Paul’s boxer briefs and began stroking Paul’s shaft up and down, licking his lips with anticipation. Despite himself, Paul stiffened at Sean’s expert touch. His cock began dripping with precum.

Knowing just what to do, Sean turned himself around and bent over the chair. He reached back and slowly pulled the leather pants down over Mitch’s muscular ass, letting them drop to the floor. Mitch was usually a dominant top in the relationship, but Paul was so turned on seeing him act like such an eager bottom. He easily slid inside of his boyfriend’s ass and began thrusting. Sean urged him on in Mitch’s voice, growing more breathless as Paul pounded faster and harder. Paul slammed his cock deep inside, hate-fucking Sean as he continued moaning with Mitch’s low voice, his cries rising higher and higher. At last, Paul could stand it no longer. He pumped his load into Mitch’s tight hole as they both cried out in ecstasy. Paul slid himself out and stared down at Sean as he continued rubbing his new body.

“Okay,” Paul said, “You had your fun, now get out.”

“Oh, Paulie,” Sean said, “It’s too late for that. When you shot your load in me, you sealed the spell. Mitch’s body is mine forever!”

“You motherfucker! You think everything’s gonna be okay now just because you look different?”

Sean sat forward and looked up at Paul with a sinister look on his face.

“It will be, because I’ll be the best slutty boyfriend you’ve ever had,” he brought his cum-drenched fingers up to his mouth and sucked on them, “I’ll make Mitch do all the things you always wanted to do with him.”

  • Upsetting things:someone has been ordering ubers on my uber account for the past few days.
  • Weird things:they have been using their own card instead of mine to pay for it.
  • Confusing things:is this person an incompetent thief or hopeless at remembering their own personal account settings? Will I ever find out? What the fuck even?

I leaned back on the couch, still a little wiped out from the possession. I had to give it to him, Mr. Perry had given up more of a fight than I had expected. I think he knew something was up when I showed up at his place on a Saturday afternoon. Guess he didn’t expect to see me outside of school. If he did, I’m sure he wouldn’t have answered the door in his underwear.

I was pretty upfront with him about everything, too. I told him he was the hottest teacher I’ve ever had, and told him how much of a crush I’ve had on him ever since freshman year. I think maybe he could have handled just that, but then he started getting really freaked out when I told him about how I was going to take over his body and live his life. I was going to live in his condo, dress up in his clothes, wear his cologne, drive his car to school, and stand up in front of the classroom every day teaching the high schoolers who I knew were actually my peers. And I was going to do it all with his help, mining his brain once I had control of it for every little bit of knowledge I needed to perfectly imitate him. No one would have any idea that one of his favorite students had taken over his body and was now living his life.

I smiled to myself, letting my breath become steady, watching Mr. Perry’s toned chest rise and fall under my control. I checked out the tattoos that he always had covered up at school. I heard some kids saying they knew about his tattoos, but I hadn’t ever seen them for myself. They were so sexy.

I flexed his abs and ran my hands down his torso, tracing a finger along the waistband of his Calvin Kleins. I was teasing myself now, really. I grabbed the outline of his hard dick through the tight, black material and licked my lips. Then, I peeled the briefs down over my sexy new legs and let my new cock slap up against my stomach. It was simply beautiful, just as I had imagined. A solid 8 inches, with a nice, manscaped bush. You could tell Mr. Perry really prized it. For a split second I wished that I wasn’t inside of his body, so that I could be down on my knees in front of that cock, worshipping it with my tongue. But seeing it from this perspective was so much fucking better.

My cock started dripping precum and I began to stroke it, pressing myself up against the couch as I felt the pleasure rushing through Mr. Perry’s body.

“My body now,” I thought to myself.

I closed my eyes and smiled as I stroked, thinking about how amazing it felt to finally be holding his dick in my hands. My toes began to curl, and I felt a shudder pulse through my body as I shot my load all over Mr. Perry’s chest. My heart was racing.

“Oh my god,” I moaned breathlessly with his voice, “Oh fuck. That was… fuck!”

His orgasm kept rocking through my body. I could only lay there in complete bliss as it washed over me. I knew that I was grinning from ear to ear with his charming smile.

“Fuck,” I loved hearing his smooth voice come out of my mouth, “I think I might just lay here and jack off the rest of the afternoon.”