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IDENTITY THEFT by Daniel Nyari, Illustrator

“This poster design was inspired by the idea that our identities are heavily linked with an online presence. The thumb print acts as the metaphor of identity and each friction ridge extending outwards transforms into computer cables indicating our immediate connection to cyberspace.”

From director Michael Mann, Blackhat stars Chris Hemsworth as a furloughed convict hunting a high-level cybercrime network.


Please do not use the credit card information that was leaked!

Even if all you were planning to do is send 20 pizzas to their house, you are still committing a crime, it’s still identity theft.

Financial identity theft

The most common type is financial identity theft, where someone wants to gain economical benefits in someone else’s name. This includes getting credits, loans, goods and services, claiming to be someone else

This is what you’re doing if you choose to use the leaked information.  Sure there’s ways to hide yourself, but companies are getting better at detecting fradulent purchases.  As good as you think you are, high chance you’ll get caught.

It’s not worth the jail time and court/lawyer fees to do this.

page 13 of this shows mandatory minimum sentence times. 

–Dionysus (seriously don’t take the risk)

Everyone is Talking About Factkin: PSA for Systems

Apparently factkin are people who identity as real existing persons.

Just heard about this.

I would be really upset if someone said they were kin of me or any in my system.

Its apparently only for mentally ill people and they’re calling it a coping mechanism- but I don’t see how appropriating the identities of other people helps anyone cope.

You can admire someone without claiming to be them.
This is tantamount to stalking or harassment- it will undoubtedly frighten people, and that’s not what the mental health community needs.

Its not healthy to cope with your own problems by pretending to be a real person and causing that person stress and fear.
The purity of your intentions ceases to matter once you start abusive behaviors. Taking someone’s identity without consent is abusive.
And this is not the same as otherkin or fictionkin or fictives- theyre not appropriating the identities of living persons.
(And alters are real, so saying you’re the factkin of an alter is about the lowest thing you could do, as alters already struggle for recognition.)

I have serious misgivings, but I’ll reserve further judgment till I know more.
I just wanted to share this for awareness-
Be careful if someone tells you they’re your factkin, this is especially for systems.

Your identity belongs to you and no one else. Only you decide what it means to be you.

Anyone in Canada - do not, please do not, sign up with Telus for a cell phone, etc. They gave away my personal information which then allowed my identity to be stolen. I am literally still dealing with the ramifications of this. Also, feel free to tweet or message them on behalf of my anger/frustration/sadness. 

- Darth 

There’s no disguise so nefarious as a blue vest.

4 Idiotically Easy Ways People Faked Their Own Identities

#4. Teen Claims to Be Walmart Manager, Walks Off With $30,000

For most people, getting fired from a Walmart is a bittersweet moment — bitter because you’ve lost a means of income, and sweet because you don’t work at Walmart anymore. For one 17-year-old from Oklahoma, it was an opportunity to show up at another Walmart in his old uniform, go to work at the register, and walk off with $3,000. Noticing that nobody even questioned who he was, he dared to dream bigger: He went to a second Walmart, claimed to be “a manager from another store,” and asked to “inspect” their money.

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This is my face.
You can check the below art for my signature/autograph.
These are all the accounts I opperate under:
Deviantart - terpsichoreanpwrs
Deviantart - terfluous
Twitter - Ellie May @StokeTheRage
Instagram - Ellie May @StokeTheRage
Soundcloud - StokeTheRage
Wattpad - Terfluous
Live Journal - gravelaceration
Tumblr - stoketherage
Tumblr - terfluous

If you see a different account or someone with a different face posting my drawings with my signatures on them and claiming them for their own, please message me about it and report them.

itsnotjustokay just notified me that a person on instagram by the username @ierobxby is doing this. Pretending to be me.

This isn’t just art theft, this is identity theft.

If people like this persist to steal me and my work, I will refuse to post my original drawings and ideas, and this blog will be discontinued. I will withdraw, and the internet will be left with mere ghosts of what was and could have been.

An Imposter in MCU Fandom

It has been brought to my attention that there is someone claiming to be me who is currently pulling bullshit in the MCU fandom: saying they’re starting an RP, con, fic fest, asking people to Anon-harass other bloggers, etc.


No, I do not mean it’s an alternate personality, acting under the influence, hacking my account, etc. I mean that either this is a literal separate human to whom I have no connection, do not condone, and did not ask to do this, or those claiming to have received these communications are lying. I don’t know which because I know none of the people who claim to have been contacted.

I’m not active in the MCU beyond some cosplay and the occasional reblog. I am not and do not intend to organize any form of fandom event larger than a handful of friends getting together for dinner and to watch a show. I have never, do not, and would never ask someone to send someone else Anon hate or harassment. Not to mention I am having less and less involvement with fandom in general as my life is getting busier.

If it’s from me, it will come from this Tumblr OFF ANON, or from the email addresses or (those x’s are actually numbers, but if it’s me the rest of the email will match and I don’t want to give out my school email in public.) If it’s from anywhere else or Anon, it’s NOT FROM ME.

Please, if you have any copies of correspondence from someone claiming to be me, I would very much like to see them, along with any potentially identifying email addresses, ISP numbers, or blog names so that I can get to the bottom of who the fuck is pulling this bullshit, but otherwise, I have neither the time, patience, or interest in fucking drama and thus nothing else to say on the matter.

What to do if Someone Steals Your Identity

Identity theft occurs when someone steals your name and other personal information, such as your Social Security or driver’s license numbers, and uses it without your permission.

What to do if Someone Steals Your Identity
If you think you may be a victim of identity theft:

The FTC’s ID Theft Affidavit is a form that you can use to report information to businesses, notifying them that there is a fraudulent debt in your name. Download a copy of the ID Theft Affidavit (PDF | requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) or call the FTC’s ID Theft Hotline at 1-877-IDTHEFT (1-877-438-4338) to get a copy.

Security Freeze
Some states allow you to place a “security freeze” on your credit report, which will keep businesses from issuing credit to a thief. The cost of a security freeze varies from state to state, and is not available in every state. Contact your state consumer protection office for more information about your state security freeze laws.


Artist Jessamyn Lovell Tracks Down The Person Who Stole Her Identity And Gets Revenge

In 2011, a woman named Erin Hart stole artist Jessamyn Lovell’s wallet, and eventually her identity, racking up credit card charges, parking tickets, and even a theft charge in Lovell’s name. As an act of retribution for this infuriating and frightening experience, Lovell created an art exhibition called “Dear Erin,” featuring documents, surveillance photos, videos, and interviews documenting Erin Hart’s crime spree. Hell hath no fury like a woman with a stolen identity.

“Using a camera and occupying the varied roles of victim, stalker, investigator, artist, spy, and vigilante, Lovell offers a body of work that touches on contemporary concerns of surveillance and selfhood within the information age.”

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