identity lost

i! dont know who i am! who the fuck am i!!! what the fuck do i want to do in life!!! what are even my own interests besides the things i cling to!!! i dont know !!!!

Canadian government found liable for native children taken from families in “Sixties Scoop”

  • A Canadian judge ruled Tuesday in favor of thousands of indigenous children — now full-grown adults — who filed a class-action lawsuit against the government for forcibly removing them from their families between 1965 and 1984 in what became known as the “Sixties Scoop." 
  • According to the Guardian, those children were adopted by nonindigenous families as part of what plaintiffs alleged was a systematic effort to erase their cultural identity.
  • "The ‘scooped’ children lost contact with their families,” Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba wrote in his decision. “They lost their aboriginal language, culture and identity.” Read more (2/14/17 5:08 PM)

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I’ve realized that the reason I couldn’t let go of him was not because I was in love with him, it was because he’d convinced me that he was the best I would ever have. That he’d be the only person that would adore me in such a sense that I’d feel the fire burning in the pit of my stomach everywhere, including my fingertips. I became a prisioner of this vicious cycle of highs and lows, and I completely lost my identity. It was like we’d become one person, but more like him than me. It was like my heart nor my lungs no longer belonged to me, and this shows that he was never really in love with me, because you don’t consume the person you love. You help them grow.
—  I should have left the first time
Help me find my doppelganger!

So this photo set started circulating through ifunny a few weeks ago, and everyone thought it was me.  So I decided to do a little side by side.





I also decided to have a little fun with it too…




The Seventh House- Where Two Hearts Meet

The Seventh House is the house of partnership, and in this house is where we form relations with another, whether that be a lover, a close friend or even a business partner. It is the fusion of two hearts, where your identity becomes lost in the elixir of someone else and is influenced by the planets in that house. Understand that not all will have a planet there, but the sign on the house cusp is an indicator as to your attitudes to that house.

Sun in the Seventh House- Those with their Sun in the seventh house will need to invest their ego and their identity in that person with which they have a partnership, and they are known to be people to actively seek out a lover or a companion, looking for their self expression in the face of another. This can also be an immensely joyous position, where the Rays of the sun shine down and grace you both with the joy and the vitality of creation and life together.

Moon in the seventh House- Those with their Moon in the seventh house will be emotionally invested in partnerships, and often do not enter relationships lightly. They are known to be somewhat changeable, very much affected by the waxing and waning of the Moon in relationships, yet cast their lunar spell only when their subconscious has truly found a match made in the Moon Lagoon. Their insides will become thoroughly tied to whoever they let have their heart.

Mercury in the seventh House- Those with their Mercury in the seventh house will need an intellectual relationship and rapport with those they enter partnerships with, and often prefer a somewhat light and airy take on partnerships. To truly have their heart bloom, their mind needs to be awakened and stimulated, and the written word or more interesting forms of communication can do just this. They may be somewhat flighty, yet be attracted to those with eccentric and intelligent minds. 

Venus in the seventh House- Venus here truly invests their heart and their sense or companionship in this house, a fitting home for such a blood pumping planet of romance. They may be somewhat idealistic when searching for that one to share their life with, and may look at the ones they love through rose tinted glasses. Venus here needs completely shattering love, someone to have and to hold for a lifetime, and they may somewhat feel incomplete until they find this very person. 

Mars in the Seventh House- Mars in the seventh House creates someone who needs passion, aggression and to some extent, conflict when it comes to a partner, and may even enjoy this to some degree. They may find that they willingly, or unwillingly enter turbulent relationships, yet sometimes enjoy the thrill of this expression, feeling their blood boil over in both rage and passion. Love is not a frivolous affair with this placement, but rather full of lighter fluid ready to flame at the slightest of disturbances. 

Jupiter in the Seventh House- Jupiter here suggests that expansion and freedom are themes of the seventh house, where whoever this person joins with needs room to spread their wings. They may meet their personal growth through someone else, someone who can make them see the bigger picture and take them away from the niggling little worries. Those with Jupiter here find their magic carpet to higher learning and dimensions through the ones they love.

Saturn in the Seventh House- Those with Saturn in the seventh house will find that they feel somewhat restricted and closed off when it comes to finding that special someone who they trust to cradle their hearts. Their charts lessons are in this house, yet once they overcome Saturn’s harsh rules, this placement indicates lifelong partnerships and a certain wisdom when it comes to the people around them. Saturn can be tiresome here, yet patience will reward them with the most flourishing of relationships in time.

Uranus in the Seventh House- Those with this placement will understand love and partnership to feel like an ice cold bucket of water thrown over their heads as the planet of sudden change and revolution demands an eccentric and odd circumstance when it comes to how they find partners. They will truly need to utmost freedom in relationships and any possessiveness will not be tolerated. This is where the one they will give their hearts to will whip out a defibrillator and shock them back to life.

Neptune in the Seventh House- Those with Neptune here will suffer from illusionary partnership and love interests where they often drift away into delirium when it comes to the ones they care for. They will truly hold them up on a pedestal, only to find that the ones they thought cared may just be a mirage of a person. Neptune here wants you to drift into the metaphysical, into insanity, and this placement is known to deliver soul shattering expectations of love, and sometimes, even actual love once reality is attempted to be restored.

Pluto in the Seventh House- Pluto here creates a partnership that will go through soul shattering, intense transformations, and there could even be a sense of danger here. Themes of jealously and possessiveness could be present, yet love can also be all consuming, the complete merging of two souls. Relationships will not be entered into frivolously, yet may withstand much turbulence and hardships, where you may be sure that you have found the one you were always looking for, in this life of a past one.

Also more specifically, regarding the whole ‘identity politics is what lost the Democrats the election’ thing.

Fuck that and fuck you.

Can we really name a thing that Clinton concretely stood for regarding ‘identity politics’?  Was it her shit position on abortion?  Her last minute change of heart about gay rights?  Was it her bullshit use of BLM rhetoric while supporting the prison-industrial complex?

What did the Democrats really do, this year, to earn their positioning as the defender of the marginalized?  Because all year I’ve been hearing about how the Democrats, and Clinton more specifically, ‘represents’ us.  But why?  How?  Was it any more than a rhetorical mobilization? They didn’t do shit for us but expected us to get up front for them. 

And now it’s our fault that the Democrats lost?  Fuck that, fuck you

There is nothing in existence that has any purpose, neither does existence itself have any purpose. But the imagined identity is so lost and desperate for security that it will hold up almost any flag in reach and proclaim it has found a purpose. But all ideas from birth to death that are given so much importance have no real substance, they will all collapse. There is nothing to attain in addition to what you already are. Existence is self-sufficient onto itself, you only have to let go of that which is limited and imagined.
A Normal Lost Phone Tries To Explore Queer Identity And Falls Short
A Normal Lost Phone bothers me. As an adventure/puzzle game, it is experimental and intelligent. Players must learn more about a lost phone and its owner. But as the game begins to explore LGBTQ themes, it takes a turn for the uncomfortable.
By Heather Alexandra

As you progress, the game feels more and more invasive. It starts with the discovery of a dating app with two profiles: one for a man, another for a woman. They’re both for the same person, Sam, the owner of the phone. It turns out that Sam is a young transgender woman struggling to come out to her family and school friends.

Sam has been chatting with a friendly and helpful stranger through her dating app. He has sent a picture and asks that Sam do likewise.

On A Normal Lost Phone and who gets to tell your trans story. [Trigger warning for invalidation/outing]


ATTENTION: These two precious cinnamon rolls smiles need to be protected at all costs!

Also I’m pretty sure that Yurio is just Gladion in an ice skating AU

Or they are long lost identical twin brothers

I mean both are edgy af with hearts of gold and smiles that clear acne, make flowers bloom, and create world peace.

Protect my sons from 2017

I keep seeing messages from (invariably white) people that boil down to: of course the liberals lost, because identity politics alienated common (straight white) voters. Over the last eight years or so, thanks to social media, straight, white, cis voters have seen the ugly side of minorities that they easily overlook. Our anger, our despair, our outrage. We used harsh language among ourselves, and because white people overheard them by poking themselves into our lives, it was perceived as a threat. And now they’re claiming that because of that, they can’t be blamed for electing a candidate who ran on a platform of racism, xenophobia, and sexual assault. The campaign headquarters haven’t even been cleaned up yet and straight, white people are already blaming minorities for the monster they elected.

Let’s be abundantly clear right here and now, because a lot of us will probably have to retreat even further away from general social media and back into hidden groups and communities for our own safety like we used to:

We know exactly what you think of us when you call us uppity, even when you don’t use that word.

We know exactly what you mean when you tell us to know our place, even if you don’t use that phrase.

We know because you tell us loud and clear “see what you made me do to you.”

That isn’t the language of love or respect or tolerance.

We know exactly what you mean.