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“Our identity reflects our own design principles and our multi-cultured background. Every detail is carefully selected and crafted with the same effort we put in every project. We believe in the power design has to change the perception of a business.”

Studio Weidemüller is a small independent design studio, focusing on brand identities, digital solutions and objects for international & local clients. As a studio they strongly believe  in working with talented peoples, so if you want to show them your work or have an idea for a project to collaborate on, feel free to contact them.

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So I’ve been gone for a little while, but my car went through some pretty gnarly changes, and here’s how she’s sitting now.

Thanks to 201Wrap/Identity Design/PaintIsDead and everyone involved to help bring her where she is today.


Leta Sobierajski   |   http://letasobierajski.net

“Quoted by VinePair, "You should never feel intimidated because you don’t know what a tannin is, or because you’re unsure about the difference between an oaked and an unoaked Chardonnay. We created VinePair to solve this problem.” VinePair’s visual look and feel was built to reposition wine selection and wine drinking as a friendly, contemporary and fun activity, and to move it away from its stereotype as a prestigious, snobby and elitist hobby.“

Leta Sobierajski is a multidisciplinary designer living and working in New York City. She combines mediums in design, photography, art, and styling to develop tangible compositions for both print and motion. She studied graphic design at Purchase College and has been working as a designer for print and motion since 2010.

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