50 Tacos Branding and Interior Design by Estudio Yeyé

“50 combinations of tacos will show the variety of our gastronomy and culture, seeking a branding that will represent the contemporary Mexican folklore in different ways, leaving behind the typical Mexican stereotypes of hats and cactus, and really show what we see in the streets of our country.”

Estudio Yeyé - Killing Helvetica with a machete since 2010. Based in  Chihuahua, Mexico, Estudio Yeyé is focused on graphic design, branding, print design and illustration.

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Boci Tej by Nóra Rohmann / behance.net

The Boci Tej is a four piece product line of school breakfast milks. The compact packaging makes it possible to become a part of school or work snack, due to the label which is removable and foldable. It contains enough milk to cover the recommended daily milk consumption. The target audience is mainly schoolchildren and young ages.

Identity Pride Wonder Trade

Tonight at the BButtonBits Wonder Trade Stream, we will be starting a month long theme of PRIDE! Today we celebrate Identity! We chose to breed Pokémon that symbolize LGBT icons from history. 

We’re sending out Miltank named Harv Miltank and Rhyhorn named Sally Rhydon. Both boxes of Pokémon have been bred with egg moves and they all have 5IV in various stats. 

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay politician to be elected to office. He sat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in California. He is responsible for many gay rights ordinances in San Francisco during his 11 months in office. He was assassinated in 1978 and is considered a hero in the LGBT community for his activism. 

Sally Ride was the first woman in space in 1983, as well as the youngest person to go to space. She faced scrutiny from the media in regards to going to space as a woman, but remained strong saying she only saw herself as an astronaut. She died of pancreatic cancer in 2012, and in her obituary it was revealed she left behind her partner of 27 years, Tam. She is considered the first LGBT astronaut.

Join us at 6pm ET at Twitch.tv/BButtonBits to join in the Wonder Trades! Our OT is BButtonBits and our PSS Message is “Watch On Twitch!” Hope to see you there!

anonymous asked:

Personally I feel that genderfluidity is underrepresented and maybe that's because it's a bit confusing for some people?? It's when you're not really a male or a female, you're just in the middle, and sometimes you feel a bit more like one of the two

(+)If you’re genderfluid your pronouns could alternate between male and female, or maybe you don’t mind being gendered as one or the other. Some people identify with they/them pronouns but I personally dislike those so I just alternate instead.


Ooooooh, okay, I get it. Well, I understood parts of it before, but this clears things up a bit.

Did you know that the first time I saw the word genderfluid was on tumblr? I didn’t know about being demisexual or about the different types of asexuality until I joined this site. I don’t know if it’s because of the very machismo culture of my country (god the sexism here makes me want to punch everyone) or the lack of proper sex ed (the only sex ed I remember was looking at different types of sexually transmitted diseases and watching the birth of a baby and yeah no). Thank you very much for the explanation!

Feel free to educate me about different gender identities and call on me if I say something wrong because I am currently Jon Snow and I know nothing.

ring of keys

So I was checking out this years Tony performances and I’d heard about Fun Home and how it had won and I had a vague idea what it was about. But I hadn’t or heard any music. Then I saw ring of keys http://youtu.be/Y4bV3IP_Zww as a woman who struggled with being told what I should look like and how I should dress and even now as an adult get that kind of critism from my family this song hit so close to home that for a long time every time I played it I wanted to cry.