I understand why some folks are celebrating ‘marriage equality,’ but I still don’t legally exist. With rare exceptions, most governments don’t recognize our existence. In the United States, “male or female?” is everywhere – on forms and licenses, in doctors’ offices, and on birth certificates. There is no other legal option here.

Debunking Transphobic Ideas Behind Six Anti-Caitlyn Jenner Memes

The meme-ifying of the trans experience goes to show that there is a long road ahead towards full acceptance of transgender people and their identities. While the focus has been on Caitlyn, the main concern, one that Jenner brought up during her ESPYs speech, is that this type of mainstream transphobia is harmful, particularly for young people still discovering and learning to accept and be accepted for their trans identities.


La Botería es un local oscense con mucha historia en su interior.
Un lugar emblemático que tras más de 100 años cerró sus puertas en el año 2013. Dos años más tarde reabrió sus puertas sustituyendo las botas de vino por las botellas de albariño, las gambas o las ostras, entre otros. Una tapería gallega que, a pesar de todos los cambios en el interior, mantuvo la fachada centenaria y el nombre del local. Es por este motivo, el contraste de lo antiguo y lo nuevo, por el que nos decantamos por realizar una identidad que fusionase estos dos conceptos (bota vino + producto fresco gallego).
Con el mismo objetivo, para acompañar a la identidad de esta tapería, creamos el tagline “Bo Provecho” en el que mezclamos el gallego con el castellano (bo proveito + buen provecho).

La Botería is a place from Huesca with many history in its interior. An emblematic place that after more than 100 years closed its doors in the year 2013. Two years later re-opened its doors replacing the wine boots with the bottles of albariño (typical Galician wine), shrimps or the oysters, between others. A Galician tapería that, in spite of all the changes inside, maintained the centenary front and the name of the place. It is for this motive, the contrast of the ancient thing and the new thing, for which we praise ourselves for realizing an identity that was fusing these two concepts (wine bottle + Galician fresh product).
With the same target, to accompany to their dentity of this tapería, we create the tagline “Bo Provecho” in which we mix the Galician language with spanish (bo proveito + good profit)


ok I get the system now, identity is super important to the individual but doesn’t affect ANYONE else, so just go by how they identify, because that’s not affecting you, and if you think it does you’re a bigot.

A Surma of the Atlantic Rainforest - XV von CHILDREN AT RISK FOUNDATION - Brazil
Über Flickr:
- The delicate balance between nature and man…. - O delicado equilíbrio entre natureza e homem….

I’m a mess of unfinished thoughts. A collection of sentences with no endings. An unwritten story thought out a million times. I swear I’ve written novels inside my head. I am a bundle of theories with no backbone other than my passion and logic of love. I am a complete and utter mess but I wouldn’t have it any other way.