A Miss and a Kiss: Season 3 Episode 8

Well that working title is only partially true, as there were quite a few misses but only one kiss.

Having been lucky enough to attend the big screening in Melbourne, can I say how well the Ep leant itself to the cinema screen format  - from what I remember -  as I think I now understand what having a fit of the vapours actually means.

Enough of that and on with the show:

So what were all these misses then?

For a start, everything seemed to hang on the need for bits of paper. There were scrunched up bons mots with quotes from Psalms, invitations, newspaper articles, police identikit sketches, letters, threatening notes and scholarly papers in folders. If you missed the bit of paper, you missed the plot. 

So beware you young things with a phone as an extension of your hand. Abandon paper at your peril!

Luckily Dot was on hand to identify Father O’Leary’s handwriting!  Miss Williams take a bow.

Scientists, fugitives and wayward fathers all want that prize money! It’s a race to the safe.

Dot begins preparations for an academic career as Phryne instructs her to do some research into the properties of plutonium  - chemical symbol, atomic number and all known compounds, or was it polonium?  Dot can figure it out; then everything there is to know about some sort of alumina paint, by consulting scientific journals no less.  

I particularly liked the bit when Phryne asks Dot if she is OK having been nearly shot by mad cousin Eugene:

Phryne: Are you alright Dot?

Dot: Yes, I’m alright Miss (adjusting her hat)

Phryne: (without missing a beat) Did you find out any more about that polonium paint?

These scientists, talk about dedicated.

Fortunately, just as Dot was about to rush off and start her PhD,  they come across yet another piece of paper with some mathematical formula but also the name of an abandoned hat factory.  Ah ha, so that’s where the fugitive has Dad the Cad tied up.  How lucky was that!

Phryne and Jack both consider scientific treatises on distances between celestial bodies as vital clues in unravelling the mysteries of, well, more on that later…

Dad the Cad secretes the truth from everybody and thinks he can sort things out for himself.  The fugitive demands the Cad’s presence in a note:

and just in case you missed it, zoom in, a very close up shot: Got it now?

Phryne comes across another letter  - an ultimatum from her mother to her father.  Be on that ship home, or else.  The seeds of the flight are sown.

This episode was about science (and seriously, the deceased was Mr Toad or was it Mr Tode - I thought that was only in Wind in the Willows)  and If you are a scientist, you must wear brown.

At a girl Dot - one upwomanship again.

And you must be in rooms that look very scientific:

Unless of course you are Osman Efendi!

His Turkishness was hard to miss because there were a lot of clues:

Clue 1: He played a Turkish guitar 

Clue 2: He spoke with a  funny accent

Clue 3: He had a very Turkish-looking study, complete with rugs and imperial Turkish tea sets:

Phryne rather took to him and his apple tea, but he managed to Efendi Jack.

 Jack realises he may need to take drastic action.

Jack: Oh good.  Brilliant scientist, talented musician, dashingly handsome and an Ottoman prince.

He does  a drawing hoping to impress.  No luck.

OK, watch me pull a teapot out of my hankie:

And don’t mention the war, especially not Gallipoli.  Ooops except that’s important.  Apparently Mr Efendi saved the fugitive from a bombed ship in the Dardanelles and kept his abandonment of country a secret.  Or something.

Unfortunately he ends up falling on his aptly named kilij as it were.

The more I considered his name, the more I kept thinking of a rhyme that children would chant when they play skippings in the playground  - a child at each end of the long rope and others run in on cue:

Osman Efendi

Looks quite trendy

Fancies Phryne

Jack gets whiney

Tries to nab him

Eugene stabs him

Then peppers!

OK that’s enough of those motifs. Let’s get down to other business.  

It was excellent to see that the staffing of City South has been considerably increased.  There were constables everywhere.

Unfortunately none of them on the ball like our Hugh.  They all failed to see mad cousin Eugene lurking with intent across the road.

In fact mad cousin Eugene dresses up as a constable so as not to be noticed among the scientists.  If only he’d stuck to brown.

Hugh is a little jealous of Dot’s candidacy for her PhD so engages in some intellectual debate on theology and science with Father O’Leary and manages to convince him in about 1 minute flat that religion invented science.  At a boy Hugh.

Then of course, that keeps everyone happy for the very rushed wedding where the only people, the ONLY people, invited to the event are the Phryne Fisher extended household.  Poor old Mrs Collins senior and Mrs Williams are left off the list.  Serves you right.  Should have been more tolerant in the beginning.  You too Lola.

It was rather lovely though.

They told us at the panel after the big screening that it was hard sometimes for the regulars to get much of a gig in some episodes, which is why Cec got to sing the song in Hysteria. So I suppose that’s why Cec and Bert got to be the bridesmaids in this Ep.

Dot and Hugh looked gorgeous:

and everyone wished them happily ever after.  And those looks… there was something in the air wasn’t there?

And I think P gets a tinsy bit jealous of Mac and Jack (with thanks to phrynesboudoir)

until the shooting star comes along so they can both make a wish:

Jack wishes he hadn’t mentioned that whole universe and the telescope thing.  He was just trying to be all surrealist and channel Magritte and reference being and representation:

How he wished he hadn’t said “…you’re not a telescope.”  Especially as it meant he missed out on that kiss.


Phryne’s wish?

Phryne wished Jack would come after her….

(and just to make sure she wore the swallow brooch and guess what?  He wore the date tie!)

identikits asked:

chris evans or charlie hunnam

see the thing is they both do this Thing where when clean-shaven, they look like the cutest lil puppies ever and i wanna eat them all up then suddenly they grow a beard and it's sexy and i want them to eat me

basically what i’m saying is that this is a really hard choice and i’m not picking chris evans over charlie hunnam but i also am ONLY BECAUSE YOU’RE MAKING ME

identikits asked:

justice, the tower and death

Justice: If you could be a super hero (or villain) what would you call yourself and what powers would you have?

My name would be Nitro and i’d probably be a villain (in a hot ass white and blue outfit with way to make shiny bits) and my powers would be MAKE THINGS ICE and i would drink a lot of martinis. ps u can be my partner in crime riles

The Tower: Describe your dream home.

I love old homes, my parents live in a 16thC cottage in England and to be honest i’d like something like that. A nice log fire, a lot of throw pillows and tartan blankets, low beamed ceilings in the Scottish countryside!

Death: If you were able to reincarnate, what would your next life be?

I asked this question to trekordie and she gave a very sincere and lovely answer but i am going to say i would be reincarnated as a dinoSAUR ina  post-apocalyptic future where man is pitted against giant beasts (and not just because of all that dino erotica that’s going around.of late)

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