identikits  asked:

chris evans or charlie hunnam

see the thing is they both do this Thing where when clean-shaven, they look like the cutest lil puppies ever and i wanna eat them all up then suddenly they grow a beard and it's sexy and i want them to eat me

basically what i’m saying is that this is a really hard choice and i’m not picking chris evans over charlie hunnam but i also am ONLY BECAUSE YOU’RE MAKING ME

identikits  asked:

justice, the tower and death

Justice: If you could be a super hero (or villain) what would you call yourself and what powers would you have?

My name would be Nitro and i’d probably be a villain (in a hot ass white and blue outfit with way to make shiny bits) and my powers would be MAKE THINGS ICE and i would drink a lot of martinis. ps u can be my partner in crime riles

The Tower: Describe your dream home.

I love old homes, my parents live in a 16thC cottage in England and to be honest i’d like something like that. A nice log fire, a lot of throw pillows and tartan blankets, low beamed ceilings in the Scottish countryside!

Death: If you were able to reincarnate, what would your next life be?

I asked this question to trekordie and she gave a very sincere and lovely answer but i am going to say i would be reincarnated as a dinoSAUR ina  post-apocalyptic future where man is pitted against giant beasts (and not just because of all that dino erotica that’s going around.of late)

Accetta chi sei. Non è facile, lo so. C'è una frase attribuita a sant’ Agostino che dice: «Conosci te stesso, accetta te stesso, supera te stesso». […] Non è facile conoscersi, individuare i propri gusti, che cosa ci piace e che cosa no.
Però è possibile: devi dedicarti tempo, cercare, cercare e ancora cercare, finchè non appaiono i primi tratti del tuo identikit.
Quando sei arrivato a conoscerti e poi ad amarti, c'è la parte più difficile. E qui entriamo nella seconda parte della scoperta: conosci gli altri e accettali per come sono.
Può suonare a comandamento religioso, ma si tratta semplicemente di avere con gli altri la stessa pazienza che si è avuta con se stessi. Accettarli per come sono, e per come non sono, è fondamentale per accettare te stesso cosí come sei e come non sei.
—  Albert Espinosa

lix-storms replied to your post: last post before bed. last bed before australia. i…

have a safe trip!! (into the pits of hell). Deanna would tell you that everything will be fine, and she’s right :3

thank you carolina <33 she’d also touch me bc deanna and bcrush went to the inappropriate touching school of psychology and medicine to get their respective qualifications.

this ensign is me. 

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safe trip, sweetie! :)

thank you!! ps i love your new icon!!!!!!!!

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THANK YOU. I AM QUITE PROUD MYSELF. lmao tho lbr not really because i’m just going to sit in our flat, play video games and watch tng. 

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Welcome down under - where about’s are you moving too. Don’t worry too much about the over - this is the hottest time of year - but in Winter we turn into a fridge.

:3333 thank you for the welcome! i’m moving to Perth! I look forward to when it becomes a fridge!

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omg kelly i love you and have a safe trip there. this is so exciting and i hope amazing things happen down under

I LOVE YOU TOO RILEY. thank you! hopefully it’ll be a blast. they have internet in australia and everything! ~*~THANK YOU EVERYONE~*~

8 July 2016 / NOS Alive Festival / Lisbon, Portugal

01. Burn the Witch
02. Daydreaming
03. Decks Dark
04. Desert Island Disk
05. Ful Stop
06. My Iron Lung
07. Talk Show Host
08. Lotus Flower
09. The Gloaming
10. Exit Music (For A Film)
11. The Numbers
12. Identikit
13. Reckoner
14. Everything In Its Right Place
15. Idioteque
16. Bodysnatchers
17. Street Spirit [Fade Out]
18. Bloom
19. Paranoid Android
20. Nude
21. 2+2=5
22. There There
encore 2
23. Creep
24. Karma Police

so much thanks for streaming


Identikit was the only one i recorded in full. It was so perfect ♡


Many thanks @the-raindropsx46 for tagging me, and the rules are: Put your mp3 player, ITunes, Spotify, etc… On shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag ten people. NO SKIPPING! You must also include your favourite lyric from each song.

Human Behaviour - Bjork
“But oh to get involved in the exchange
Of human emotions
Is ever so, ever so satisfying”

Lies - Low
“I should be sleeping by your lonely side
Instead if working on this song all night”

El Manana - Gorillaz
“And in time, you’ll want to be mine”

Identikit - Radiohead
“Now I see you messing me around
I don’t want to know”

Alien Days - MGMT
“You don’t need smoke to cover most of the world in a gloom”

Battery In Your Leg - Blur
“Put a rock beat over anything
Get it stuck there in your head”

Ong Ong - Blur
“I got on a boat on a hot sunny day
To get out of this town”

She Wants - Metronomy
“Its getting late
Yeah that I know
The hours come
The hours go”

Double Bass - Gorillaz
OK this song only has one line so…
“All of which makes me anxious
At times unbearably so”

Follow Me - Muse
“Be brave, I am coming to hold you”