identify chemicals

karhs  asked:

my puzzle-obsessed idiot ass is going through and identifying all the chemicals on ur website. why does yo-yo have three of them. amaryllis' took me like half an hour because i was reading the diagram wrong, doing all of these is gonna take me my whole life. i like how four's is stink gas tho

you’re on the right track (: in four’s case, think less gas and more liquid.  Yo-Yo has three because together they make something.

six legged soldiers

just let it heal a while.

the Emir of Bukhara used a bug pit
as a method of torture for prisoners,

now the military
trains bees to fly past flowers,
to swarm an enemy site.

a pale blue dot,
the earth,
a root radical, a rhizome,
so lovely.

a is to b as c is to d.

realizes after its fashion
the perfection under consideration,

a honey bee can
find an explosive mine or
identify chemical warfare,


sometimes the bee stops to
pollinate an apple tree or a rose bush,

the bee has yet to
submit fully to its training.

three years in a bug pit
followed by a public beheading.

a heart is to gills as
the absence of a heart is
to the trachea of insects,

[to become] is not
to progress
or regress
a series of unfortunate events,

in other words,
it is what it is

Three days after two explosions tore through a storage depot in Tianjin, China, killing at least 104 people, officials still cannot definitively identify what chemicals and other toxic waste were contained there.  Here, a massive, liquid-filled crater (center) is surrounded by smoldering building remnants, as well as rows of flattened cargo containers.  Chinese officials have tried to censor images and accounts of the catastrophe. (Photo: European Pressphoto Agency via the New York Times)