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The Signs as Scenes from Yuri On Ice
  • Aries: the fact that Yurio just fucking hops on a plane to Japan by himself at the age of 15 and a half without telling anyone because Victor was ignoring him
  • Taurus: out of a weird combination of insecurity and misplaced attempt at friendship, JJ brags about how he will marry his fiance first
  • Gemini: Victor fucking off to Japan to chase after the stripper who stole his heart
  • Cancer: the scene where Yurio sees the tiger shirt in japan and gets emotional over how cool it is, betraying his otherwise punk exterior
  • Leo: after setting the scene with a sexy bike ride and a beautiful sunset, Otabek deadpans asks if Yurio will be his friend in the snidest way possible
  • Virgo: Seung-gil deadass ignoring everyone on the elevator
  • Libra: Georgi's make up
  • Scorpio: Guang Hong and Leo video chatting to watch the skate finals like the truest bros
  • Sagittarius: All the moments Chris turned himself on
  • Capricorn: Lilia freaking bending Yurio's leg up past his head and declaring him not flexible enough in total seriousness
  • Aquarius: Phichit's hamster dream
  • Pisces: the point where Yuri tries to be sexy and the only thing he can try to emulate is a bowl of food

Honestly the scene in “The Stork Job” where Parker’s first instinct is to shield the bus full of orphans from machine gun fire with her body, as in full on turns her body TOWARDS the gunfire and extends her arms and legs to take as many bullets as possible just….it gets me every time. And it comes on the heels of her telling Harrison she doesn’t want the kids to turn out like her? Because she thinks there’s something wrong with her?? And I just?? She was good long before Nate turned turned them into the ‘good guys’.

Soulmate AU where instead of your soulmate’s first words to you written on your skin, it’s their last words you ever hear them say so you don’t know who your soulmate is until you lose them. And maybe losing them doesn’t mean death, but it means the moment they stop becoming “yours”.

And although the words on your skin mean that they’re your soulmate, it doesn’t always mean that you’re theirs too.

Imagine people with words and phrases all over their skin. They’re the type of person that sees the beauty in everyone, and can’t help but fall in love easily.

Imagine people without anything on their skin. Maybe they’re asexual or aromantic, or maybe they just don’t have a soulmate. And a lot of times, they’re looked down upon for it, so they band together in support groups. They know they won’t have a soulmate, but they still find ways to be happy with other people.

Imagine people that believe that soulmates are your one and only, and being with anyone else is wrong and immoral.

Imagine people that reject the idea of having a soulmate and go out with anyone they want to. Maybe they’ll even try to deface their words, not wanting to have a soulmate at all.

Imagine people with soulmates that are dead, so their words have faded to white. It’s like having a disability; other people will take pity on you and feel bad for you, but they don’t know what it feels like. In the end, all they see is that you’re different.

Imagine people with generic phrases like “I’ll be down in a minute” “have you seen my phone” “oh I like that shirt too” so every time a phrase like that is casually thrown out, you freeze up.

Imagine people with phrases like “what’s your name” “that’ll be $4.99 with tax” “can I get you a drink” and you know that you’ll barely know your soulmate because it’s one thing to lose them and know too late, but it’s even worse to not have known them at all.

Imagine a soulmate AU where the system is screwed up and nothing is perfect, but people still manage to be happy in a harsh, cruel, and unforgiving world.

Just imagine.

When a person says “you are not trans therefore you are cis” it isn’t an insult. Cis isn’t a gender identiy, cis is simply identifying with the gender you were asigned at birth. It’s not an ~oppressive box~ that the Mean Trans People are putting you in, it’s litterally a fact.