raybolger: Some of the creations of one of the most fascinating and bizarre directors out there, David Lynch. I really tried to bring all the stuff he’s made on here(but I did leave out advertisements/interviews he’s done and stuff he’s made that I just couldn’t find the thing for), if I forgot any that you think should be on here, feel free to add links to the work and so on.
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EraserheadThe Elephant ManDuneBlue VelvetWild at HeartTwin Peaks: Fire Walk with MeLost HighwayThe Straight StoryMulholland DriveInland Empire

Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times)The AlphabetThe GrandmotherThe AmputeeThe Cowboy and the FrenchmanIndustrial Symphony No. 1Premonitions Following an Evil DeedDarkened RoomRabbitsDumbLandBug CrawlsBoatAbsurdaLady Blue ShanghaiIdem Paris

Twin PeaksAmerican ChroniclesOn the AirHotel Room

music videos
I Predict | Wicked Game | LongingShot in the Back of the Head | Came Back Haunted

O T H E R   W O R K S

BlueBobThe Air Is on FireCrazy Clown TimeThe Big Dream

Catching the Big Fish(PDF, audiobook)

SurveillanceMy Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

She decided to end false friendships right at this moment but no one will notice. All she has to do is to never bother to talk to you first; but she will still treat you nicely. There’s nothing wrong in being nice to a stranger anyway.
—  Ammaryllis (her-alter-idem)

there should be a reality tv show that goes around to high schools all over the US and films in the style of the office or parks and rec, so people can actually look into the camera when someone does something fucking stupid

Useless fact #30

I see a lot of posts going around my dash about English speakers who used to say “same” as a joke but now use it, let’s say, more seriously.

In France, we used that kind of wording since a very long time, and I might even suspect that French tumblr users used to tag posts with “same” before it became a trend.

In France, it’s absolutely fine to relate to a statement by using “idem” or “pareil”.

For example:
- J’ai trop mangé! (I ate too much!)
- Pareil. (Same)

There’s no irony, or joke, or sarcasm, with using these words to express the acknowledgment and sharing of a feeling, a situation, a thought, an opinion.