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“Just Assuming” by spideybaby (mee!!)

I promise this really happened, I was there. -OH. Hey, I know I haven’t posted a strip in a while, I got…sidetracked with fanfictions. Anyways! I totally missed Stark’s b-day on the 29th AND I just passed a milestone with over 300 followers! So, since this is my 100th post I wanted it to be special, but I’ll probably make more art for all that I skipped later, so follow me for more?


laying quietly tangled with luke in bed one night, his hand mindlessly running through your hair, until you pipe up asking, “why don’t you ever text me cute things throughout the day anymore, babe?” and glance up at him with a pout. you really don’t care all that much, you and luke text all day long, but maybe you miss the romance a little that has faded since you and luke first started dating. and he twists his neck to look down at you, brows furrowed in confusion, before he lets out an amused chuckle, muttering “where did that come from?” to which you simply smile and shrug, settling back against him. within minutes he’s removing himself from you to use the bathroom, and just as you close your eyes again, taking in his scent on the sheets, your phone buzzes beneath you. you blink a few times, swiping at luke’s name that appears on the screen: baby you’re my everything. my sun, my moon, my stars, the queen of my entire universe and i fucking love you forever and always. your smile grows harmoniously with each cheesy word he’d sent you, and he quickly sends an addition: also your boobs are a work of art, making you erupt in a fit of giggles, his cue to poke his head out of the bathroom with a dopey smile adorning his face as he simply asks “who are ya texting, babe?”


TMR College AU + Thomaris // raretmrshipsweek + Day 3: a ship involving Aris or Jorge

“I swear, Aris, if those high school bullies saw me now, oh man…”
“Yeah, right. You’d still get stuffed in a locker. Only difference is you have a boyfriend who will free you before the janitor locks up.”
“Fuck you.”
“I love you too.”

Those two nerds who spent high school as scrawny targets, so when they got hot over the summer, they didn’t really know what to do with it. Those two nerds who were conditioned for the Ivy Leagues since they were pre-school and have never done a single irresponsible thing in their lives until they meet each other. Those two nerds who disobeyed their study schedules for the first time because they had to go on their first date. Those nerds who look like pretentious assholes but are actually huge dorks with big hearts. (Those two nerds everyone hates anyway because, even in the grand scheme of things, those two nerds who still manage to top the class.)


my aesthetic is grey cloudy skies and trying pathetically hard to be cute

you have been in love with your best friend for three years when he proposes to someone that is not you.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you ship Klefan so much? I'm genuinely curious.

Oh nonnie, I am so glad you asked.

So! As you know, they met in 1922. At that time, Stefan’s emotions were off because of what happened in Monterey. It is my headcanon that his relationships with Rebekah and Klaus turned his emotions back on. Now, how does this happen? It’s cause by a deep emotional trigger of some kind, some incredibly strong emotion that can’t be shut out.

So, you could of course argue that it’s all due to his love for Rebekah (which is the biggest reason I ship Stebekah. Believe me, I ship Stefan with everyone), but it could also be argued that Klaus had a part in it. 

Klaus and Stefan understand each other. They see themselves as monsters, but somehow they don’t seem to see it in one another. In the 20s, Stefan tells Klaus he is a king, and this is the first time Klaus has ever been called something more than a monster or a bastard - and a king? He couldn’t fathom it before. But Stefan believed it. He really saw that in him, saw him as being better than his siblings, than everyone. He laughed at the idea of anyone looking down on Klaus. And Klaus has held on to that name since then. He is obsessed with being King. That seems to be his whole purpose in life right now. And it started with Stefan.

The only time Stefan was really in control of his urges was when he was with the Mikaelsons in Chicago. He still loved killing but he wasn’t out of control as he had been before. He fed and let his victims walk away. For a ripper that should be impossible. But it wasn’t. Klaus was his best friend and there’s no way you can tell me it was all about Rebekah.

Stefan is also the only person Klaus forgives without punishing him. Anything he’s done to Stefan has more or less been trying to win him back, to get his only true friend back on his side. Stefan fought against his control, betrayed him, left him, hated him. Klaus didn’t kill him or maim him or do the equivalent to Stefan of putting him in a box for however long he felt like. He didn’t kill Damon, the person Stefan loves most. When things don’t go his way, he usually will attack the loved ones of the person he wants to persuade (look at Katherine’s family), but he left Stefan’s family alone.

When Mikael came to Chicago, he compelled Stefan to forget them until they met again and Klaus could lift the compulsion. I think he always had every intention of finding him again and picking up right where they left off, and did it to protect him from Mikael in the mean time. He didn’t know about Stefan’s guilt because he’d never seen it. It makes no sense to him, I don’t think. How could it? He sees the ripper as the real Stefan and the “humanity-on” version as a cheap imitation. All he wants is his best friend back. 

Klaus is also one of the only people in the world who likes the darker side of Stefan. Everyone else tells him it’s wrong and needs to be done away with, to be stamped out. Klaus would probably still believe that that control Stefan once had is the norm. He’s never seen anything else. Now maybe I’m reaching on that, but honestly? Klaus is willing to accept and love the darkest parts of Stefan, the parts he hates about himself. 

Stefan saw the good in Klaus, the strength in Klaus when all Klaus saw in himself was a lowly bastard. They trust each other (or did once, but that can be rebuilt). They became family in their darkest times. 

I could seriously go on forever, but have I made my point yet?

Klefan belongs together and you can’t tell me otherwise. 

P.S. Paul Wesley ships it too.

I did a cover again!!! I’ve been wanting to do IWTWYAS since I first heard it and now I finally found an instrumental. So yeah, please listen!! I would really appreciate feedback! Thank you! xx

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