I don’t know where this came from but have some scheming Liam and jealous Killian.

It isn’t often that Killian Jones is jealous of his older brother. Siblings they might be, but Liam is unerringly fair and almost painfully honourable. Killian admires him, but he’s not jealous.

At least, not usually.

But it’s suddenly very difficult when Liam announces, “I’ve decided to ask Emma out.”

Killian was focused on the video game he’s playing, but any concern about capturing this Imperial command post disappears like stormtroopers under rocket fire. “What?”

Liam flops down into the armchair at the head of the coffee table, lounging back with a smile on his face. “I’m going to ask Emma to accompany me to the summer dance.”

The screen explodes with blasterfire and flashes red before switching to the respawn screen, and Killian finally remembers to pause the game. “Emma Swan?”


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