maths teacher wonwoo AU

  • walks in when you’re rolling your eyes about a comment a girl said that last semesters maths teacher was a fucking joke but you can’t let her see you because she’s one of those people you have to pretend to like to avoid drama

 • also can’t say shit because he really was a joke and you flopped your exam 

 • when wonwoo walks in everyone looks at him w a weird look because he looks like he just came from some vampire cult meeting because he’s wearing a leather jacket and a black turtleneck

• and that girl is like “dude r u not hot in that? It’s mid Spring" 

 • and he looks at her with his straight emo face and replies w “keep that attitude up and you’ll flop your semester exam again" 

 • and from then on the whole class decides not to fuck w him 

 • at the end of the class you pray for your old teacher to come back because even tho he was a joke and wonwoo was 100x better than him you were too scared to ask him to help you because you were scared he’d call you out for being an idiot like he did with that girl 

 • 2 weeks pass and everyone is still v frightened of him but they still come to his class and 1 day you come in with your earphones in and the volume v loud and just got started on the work that was written on the board because you had a shit morning and didn’t want to be bothered by anyone or anything 

 • 30 minutes into the class and that bitch kicks you under the table and you look up and hiss at her but her eyes are wide and you’re like?? Then you turn around to see wonwoo standing there with his emo face and you’re like "what”

 • then you regret saying that the moment the words “talk to me outside the classroom” come out of his mouth and you’re like fuckkk and the whole class is like fuckkkkk 

 • you follow him outside and wait for him to start yelling but you’re met with an excited tone saying “you like epik high? Wow what’s your favourite song?” And you look at him with disbelief before replying w “born hater” and he smiles at your response and you were like wow ok heart eyes because you’d never seen him smile and you never found him attractive before seeing his smile • “that’s a classic! Who else do you like?” And you’d start smiling at his excited mood and replied with other amazing rappers that he v much liked and took an interest towards.

- “Mr jeon, I never expected you to like rap music.” “Why not?” “Idk I thought you’d like punk or heavy metal.” “Why?” “Becaus you look emo all the time” this causes him to laugh before saying “cutie” and ruffling your hair 

 • He walks back into the classroom with a smile on his face and you with pink cheeks and everyone is like wtf happened out there??? 

 • ever since that moment he turned into a lot more happier and cheerful teacher. Nobody was intimidated by him anymore and they got along well w him  

• A month later you’re very close and you feel v comfortable around him but you’re still too scared to ask him for help w your maths 

 • one afternoon after school hours he finds you crying in the school gym and he’s like?? And you’re like how tf did you find me? And he just ignores that question and asks what’s wrong? And you just spill everything and tell him how you’re such a flop in maths and you don’t want to fail again but you’re too scared to ask him for help and he just sort of puts his arms around you and just rocks you from side to side and tells you that everything is gonna be ok and that he’ll help you and you tell him it’s gonna look weird if you explain everything all over again just to me in front of the class and it’s gonna make you feel like an idiot and so he says he’ll privately tutor you whenever you want and you’re just like omg what and he’s flustered and says unless you don’t want to and you’re just like no ofc I want you to and he’s like lol ok ok 

 • then he pulls you up and says “ok time to cheer you up” and you’re like?? And the next minute you find yourself in his car and he starts blasting it g ma and he’s rapping along and you realise how deep and sexy his voice is and you’re like wowowowowowowowowowoowSOSOSOSOSOSOSOS I have the hotties for my maths teacher 

 • he stops outside a frozen yogurt place and you’re like aw cute and you walk in and he orders for you and you’re like wow how did you know I liked this and he’s just like because I’m v smooth and you’re just like what that doesn’t even make sense but ok 

 • then it comes to that awk moment when you want to thank him but you don’t know what to call him and he’s like lol you can call me by my first name and you’re like wow ok thanks wonwoo~ and he starts blushing and smiling and your insides are filled with butterflies 

 • you spent the rest of the afternoon walking down unknown streets and talking about everything EXCEPT maths and at the end of your lil date??! IDEK WHAT TO CALL IT you exchange numbers to plane a date for your ‘maths tutoring’ and then he drops you off a little bit off where your house is so your parents aren’t like why were you dropped off by your teacher??? 

 • that night before going to sleep you receive a text from him saying ’(y/n) don’t worry about failing maths ever again, you’ve got me now. night’ and you’re just like asdfghjkl and it takes you about 2 hours to fall asleep 

 • a couple of days later you set a date for him to tutor you and he comes to your house when your parents are out and you spent the first hour studying but soon got off topic and were laughing your asses off about god knows what and you’re looking at each other very intensely whilst catching your breath and you notice the twinkle in his eyes and how happy and how fucking beautiful he is and you feel yourself lean in and you see him do the same but you two jump apart when your phone goes off receiving a text from your mom 

 • after that moment you felt v awkward and you did your best to avoid him in school like in the hallways but soon enough you had a maths class and he knew what you were doing so he announced that you guys were having a mock exam next week and you needed to study and everyone was so pissed off but they started studying straight away during the class whilst you just glared at him not believing that you actually had a mock exam but then you found out later that day that you actually did have one so you were like fuckkkk

 • so you texted him and told him to hurry his ass over to your house so you could study and he did

 • you sat down on the table and waited for him to start but he just stared at you and you were like??? Help me!! And he says “how about we make a compromise.” and you’re like “wonwoo~ I don’t have time for this pls just help me.” And he smirks to himself and says “if you won’t compromise w me then I won’t help you” and you just groan and say isn’t this like another compromise and he’s like stfu u nerd. 

 • and you’re like ok will you tell me then!?! And he says “if you pass your mock exam I get a kiss. But if you don’t, you get to call me out for being a lazy ass teacher in front of everyone and I won’t tell you off.” “Wonwoo you can say that but how do I know you’re not gonna tell me off when I do it?” “So you’re assuming you’re gonna fail then?” “Ofc because you should be tutoring me now but you’re not because your lazy ass is thirsty.” He was shocked when you said that and honestly so were you. He looked upset and looked down at the table. Fuck ok you didn’t want to hurt him you just wanted to make a sassy remark. you move in closer to him and and purr “wonwoo~” in his ear and he looks up v confused and thats when you swoop in and kiss him. He instantly kisses back and it felt like you were in heaven and the butterflies in your tummy returned once again and after a couple of seconds you pull away and he whines like a child.

 • “R u happy now?” You ask him and he grins and nods his head and starts helping you study. 

 • It’s a week later and it’s the day of your maths mock exam and you wake up to a text from him saying ‘today’s the day! I hope you pass this cause if you don’t it will show that I’m a dumbass who can’t take care of his students. So I’m counting on you (y/n)! Good luck.' 

 • you walk into that math exam room like a boss and pass it like a boss 

 • you decided to prank him and text him 'this is serious, I’m coming over.’ And he’s freaking out that you failed and you arrive there with tears in your eyes and he’s like “ugh fuck baby no what happened” and you just kind of stop in your tracks because he called you 'baby’ and he’s just like “(y/n) u ok??” And you just jump into him and scream “I passed!!” And he’s like omg what why would you do that I’m gonna kill you and he’s v happy and proud of you and he’s all smiley and you’re just like “omg tysm wonwoo ily” and you both kind of freeze and you slide off of him and he’s like what?? And you’re just like what?? I never said anything?!?! And he’s like yes you did! And you’re just like bitch do you want that kiss or not? And he just grins and you just have a full on make out session on his couch where he’s on top of you and he decides to give you hickeys and you’re like dude tf I have school!! 

 • the next day you’re in class and he’s talking to the class about how well everyone did overall and then he stops and looks at you and pulls a confused face and you’re like?? And he says “(y/n) what are those purple marks on your neck?” And you’re just like KSVFAKNEWKNEWLAKRJWSJ and you quickly move your hair so it’s covering them and you glare at him and he’s like lol “it’s amazing you did the best in the class considering you look like you’ve been busy with other things” and you’re so red and flustered and everyone is chuckling but not laughing cause they know if they take the piss then wonwoo will yell at them cause they know how much he cares about you. 

 • the class ends and you’re still sitting there glaring at him for teasing you because he knows you can’t do anything about it and you’re still so embarrassed and he laughs as he walks over to you and kisses your forehead and says “hey baby girl” and you’re just like “tf you playing at wonwoo?” And he’s like what? Aren’t you happy I showed you off to the whole class that you got the best score? And you just flip him off and leave him chuckling to himself 

• next day you came in a bit earlier than everyone else and sat down at the front of the class positioning yourself in a way that would show him EVERYTHING and he just growled and asked wtf were you doing and you were like?? “I’m just here to learn sir” as the other kids entered the class and didn’t even look at you.  

• thank god, wonwoo thought. He didn’t want you to look like a slut and have people call you names. But he mostly didn’t want to yell at the other students for staring at the girl he was in love with. 

 • he tried his best to stay strong during the class but everyone knew something was ticking him off, they just didn’t know why. Whenever he asked a question you wood always answer except you’d slur your words and tried to make them sound as sexy as possible which just caused you and the other students to laugh and a few asked if you drank before coming here which would make wonwoo slam his fists in the desk and scold them for talking like that. 

 • Maths was the last class of Friday and as everyone hurried to collect their stuff and leave asap, you stood there with a sweet smile plastered on your face as you watched wonwoo continue talking to the class with pink cheeks.

 • everyone was gone and it was just you two. “You know you’ve had pink cheeks and a growing buldge for the whole class.” You say as he furiously walks over to you and pins you against the wall. “Wtf was that (y/n)?!” “Revenge! You think it’s fun being embarrassed in front of your whole class? Wonwoo I thought you actually liked me but you just played me.” You yell at him. 

 • “(Y/n) I didn’t play you and I’m really sorry if it looked that way. I just wanted to tease you. I love you (y/n), so so much.” He says and you feel your cheeks go pink and the butterflies return in your stomach 

 • “I love you too jeon wonwoo”

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