— REPEAT || finale

PAIRING: jeon jungkook x female reader [ with appearances of the other members ]

GENRE: high school au, hockey player! jungkook



A/N: and that’s the end of this short little series maybe? idek what you would call this but i absolutely love it!!

SUMMARY: Jungkook’s days felt repetitive due to the lack of conversation between the two of you.



You rushed home after saying your shy goodbyes to Jungkook, deciding that Taehyung would simply have to face the consequences of not attending practices. You did not hesitate to run to your bedroom and stare at your closet for at least a few minutes, pondering what could possibly impress the boy you had fallen for in only a small conversation. Eunha had still not replied to you, which explained why you didn’t just simply contact her and ask her opinion. You allowed a defeated groan to leave your lips as you desired face planting onto your bed and napping rather than going to a hockey game. The cold temperature inside the arena would cause you to be freezing being that you are always cold anyways, so you hoped that your small crush that continued to blossom would result in your face to become warm if Jungkook ever cared to glance in your direction. After all, many girls more worthy of his attention attended those games for him.

Meanwhile, Jungkook was feeling his palms clam up as he sat in the locker room with his fellow teammates. Taehyung had just shown up with a lie for an excuse, stating his mother had gotten into an argument at work and needed him to be there for her, which he admitted was untrue to Jungkook. Taehyung specifically said that he was at his house with Eunha; that they had skipped last period and went to his house. Jungkook felt disgusted hearing that he would forget about his teammates, also being aware of the fact that Eunha is the most supportive attendee if the games. Jungkook did not understand why she allowed him to skip, wondering if Y/N would do the same. He shook his head, his hair flying around along with his thoughts.

“Go Taehyungie oppa~!” Eunha cheered brightly beside you as her boyfriend raced around on the ice to earn a point, but ended up being tackled by a member from the opposite team. Eunha gasped at the sudden attack; you sat quietly, shivering while not being surprised her boyfriend was stopped. The referee then whistled, and the players all sprawled out. You watched closely as Taehyung stood up, Eunha standing along with him as she shouted his name over the glass barricade. You glanced over at Jungkook who allowed Taehyung to lean on his shoulder, comforting his friend on the ice despite having shared a few unhappy moments with him. Eunha shouted at Taehyung although he appeared fine, rushing over to the gate that Taehyung would soon walk by. You remained sitting, observing closely as Jungkook peered in your direction and smiled directly at you before furrowing his eyebrows, appearing frustrated.

Jungkook and Taehyung would soon disappear in the direction of the locker rooms, Eunha bickering with a referee demanding that she was allowed to see Tae. You shivered, gazing down at your phone that felt like a brick of ice, noticing that it was still fairly early into the night. Glancing up, you noticed Jungkook walking out holding a large coat that you had seen him wear around the campus during the winter months. Eunha began yelling at him in distress, begging to know insight on what was occurring beyond her own eyes. Rather than stopping and talking to her or the girls who had cheered his name throughout the game, he nodded at the referee and walked straight in your direction. He wore normal shoes that were not tied, obviously having thrown them on to make the delivery specifically to you. You felt your cheeks warming as you glanced down at your hands.

“You are going to catch a cold,” Jungkook chuckled, placing his coat over your shoulders. You attempted to protest, but he speedily shut down the words you spoke and insisted that you wore his coat. You could feel the eyes of his fangirls burning holes in your skin as they filled themselves with jealousy. He took a seat beside you, glancing out at the ice to see the opposite team huddled up talking. They glanced in your direction a few times, their brows furrowed and carrying angry scowls. Jungkook smiled warmly, nudging you with his elbow. “Since you are borrowing my coat, you might as well come along with the players and their girlfriends to the local diner. We always eat right after games to celebrate another win or loss, and if I had someone there to talk to me I would really appreciate it.”

Suddenly, the referee whistled again. You and Jungkook both looked over to the locker room and saw Taehyung walking out with a grin. Jungkook smiled as he swiftly faced you, speaking all that he could in the short time span.

“I’ll win for you; make up your mind and let me know!”

Once Eunha returned, she sat where Jungkook previously did, a smile on her face as she motioned towards his coat that you wore. The sleeves surpassed your hands by a lot, and you appeared as if you were a penguin. Jungkook could not help but smile brightly at the sight of you in the stands, envious girls glaring in your direction as they attempted to win Jungkook’s attention. Eunha giggled, finally understanding that Taehyung was simply knocked over and he would be alright. You kept your eyes locked on Jungkook for the remainder of the game, cheering as he gazed in your direction with every point he scored.

The game would end fairly soon after it resumed being that there was a large gap between opposing teams in regards to their points.  You followed Eunha as she walked over to the gate to congratulate Taehyung; realizing that this time you had someone to talk to rather than just stand there.  You allowed your arms to rest by your sides, giving up on pulling the sleeves up to have more access to your hands.  The team walked over cheering, Jungkook and Taehyung approaching you next to one another laughing about something that one of the other players had apparently said.  Eunha was about to hand you her stuff to hold so that she could hug Taehyung when she remembered you were going to talk to Jungkook.  He stood with a grin as the both of you walked a little bit away from Tae and Eunha.

“I told you,” Jungkook teased, and you couldn’t help but allow a soft giggle to slip through your lips.  You never giggled, and the thought that Jungkook was the boy who caused it made your stomach turn. Jungkook smiled at you as he reached to adjust the sleeves of his coat that you wore, noticing that it had began to slip off your shoulders. You felt your heart racing in your chest, hoping that Jungkook could not feel it as he chuckled while helping. You bit down on your lip, glancing down at your shoes before your eyes met Jungkook’s. It was the first time you had seen him as more than just Taehyung’s teammate and best friend; now you just saw him as Jungkook. “Are you going to come to the diner with us? It is alright if you can’t make it. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities.”

You peered over at Eunha and scowled as she began to harshly kiss Taehyung. Jungkook laughed at your reaction, finding your response completely adorable. You smiled faintly as you nodded, explaining to Tae why you decided to accept his invitation.

“Yes I will tag along, but only because I feel bad that you have to witness all of the couples doing whatever that is…” You motioned towards Eunha and Taehyung, which resulted in Jungkook to begin laughing as he happily nodded. It was the first time he had ever appeared so happy in front of you, which partially made sense being that you never spoke, but you often found yourself surrounded by him and his friends. You allowed a sigh to escape your lips as you continued, your cheeks flustering in color. “Thank you for handing me your coat earlier.”

“Anything for the finest guest.”


“I’m Namjoon, you must be the girl that Jungkook won’t shut up about!” A boy just a little bit taller than Jungkook approached you and Eunha, his words resulting in Eunha to begin laughing and your cheeks to redden. Apparently, Jungkook had been talking about you to Tae for ages, and Eunha and Taehyung are the most excited to see what the future holds. You believed Eunha’s high-pitched, cutesy voice was only being used because you are younger than her, but turns out Jungkook is also the youngest on the team. You also came to know that you are one week older than Jungkook, which could possibly cause some problems being that he had already attempted to call you his noona just before arriving at the diner; you turned completely red and begged him to stop while laughing. “Don’t tell him I said that or—“

“Namjoon~!” A random girl you had never seen around campus was quick to steal Namjoon away from you and Eunha. The boys were just behind you but talking to one another in some sort of code, which did not help at all. Jungkook caught up to your side, which caught the attention of the other players who sat at a nearby table waiting for you. You watched as Jungkook’s cheeks brightened to a light pink, and you realized that they all probably knew about you. Jungkook nudged you, leaning his face close to yours as he whispered in your ear a quick explanation.

“Anything they say is probably not true,” Jungkook chuckled, resulting in a smile to form on your lips. You personally thought that his embarrassment was adorable being that he always appeared so confident around school. Jungkook shyly placed his hand on the small of your back as you all approached the large table full of players and their girlfriends.

“This is Y/N, Jungkook’s friend,” Taehyung put emphasis on the word, leaning forward a bit as he spoke. Eunha playfully hit his shoulder as they took a seat, leaving two empty spots remaining just beside Eunha. Rather than simply waiting for you to sit, Jungkook pulled your seat out and earned more than a few stares by the table’s residents. You kept your head down shyly as Jungkook took the seat beside yours, greeting his friends as they all awkwardly continued their conversations. You grinned as Jungkook glanced over to you and could not resist smiling back. You would later discover that it was the first time he had gone out to eat with his friends since their first game at the beginning of the year; you just so happened to drag him out of his slump and back into his supportive friend group.

Jungkook leaned over to you and began pointing to every person present at the table. “That is Jimin, Namjoon, Yoongi, Jin, and Hoseok. You already know Taehyung. Then their girlfriends or friends are here as well. If you ever need anything you can go to one of us and I can assure you that whatever you needed would be quickly found.” Jungkook introduced you to the many people sitting at the table. You nodded at smiled, hearing the sincerity in Jungkook’s words which you never expected to experience yourself. Eunha grinned at you as Jungkook told a joke to the table, earning a choir of laughter to erupt. You laughed along with them, realizing that you had been close minded when you believed that Eunha’s group of friends did not share any similarities with you. Sitting next to Jungkook, you wished you had had the guts to speak to him before just earlier that day.

From that point, on you would be a permanent figure sitting at that table. Girlfriends and friends came and went, including Eunha, but your bond with the boys never dwindled. You were the last surviving couple out of all the players; you and Jungkook had never pondered being away from one another after that fateful day when he wandered into the library searching for Taehyung. Eunha remained friends with the boys and spoke of how awful dating Taehyung was being that they were such close friends before dating one another. You attended every game you could, sitting in the same spot wrapped in the same jacket Jungkook allowed you to borrow, his smiling expression never falling even when they lost a single game. Even when heading off to college, he acted fearless, understanding that no team or person could break the bond he shared with his closest friends.

You and Jungkook attended the same college, visiting one another in the middle of the night although it was against the rules. You both snuck out and ran around campus holding hands, promising one another to never forget the moments that you shared. You eventually grew out of reading romance novels, switching to books focused on friendships instead. Turns out, they were right about what love feels like.

You knew that with Jungkook by your side.