I know that I’m difficult to love. I don’t want to be alone, and more than that, I don’t want to be without you. And I promise you that someday I’ll be better for you.
—  I’m too tired to say this to you so I’ll tell the Internet instead.

so for awhile now I’ve had this otgw au in my head but i never got around to doing anything with it, so I’ll do my best to explain it.

it’s explained that basically if you give up hope in the unknown, you’ll be turned into an edelwood tree to be used for oil for the beasts’s lantern, but as we saw both with wirt and greg on the show that the process isnt immediate and actually takes quite awhile. so if thats the case, what would happen if wirt had taken just a little while longer when he fell asleep and parts of his body actually started to become wood? i feel like normally at this stage, there would be no hope for the lost soul, but in this scenario beatrice would have come and knocked wirt out of it before he had been lost completely. past this point the story would remain more or less the same (save for some trouble walking for wirt) until greg and wirt escaped the unknown.

since its implied that the beast takes your soul when you become an edelwood tree, if you were only partly turned, the “soul” from that part of your body would be taken, essentially killing that part of the body. so, following their escape from the unknown, the base of wirts leg and most of his arm, which had become wood, were amputated due to what the doctors assumed was complications due to hypothermia or something along those lines, although in actuality those parts of him had been taken by the unknown. it would also leave some curious scars on his cheek from where some branches had tried to take hold.

and thats more or less the basics, but if the story were to continue it would probably result in sara volunteering to guide wirt around school until he manages to either get prosthetics or find a wheelchair that works with only one arm. they’d become much better friends during this time.

ladyindigopinstripes said to linrinkuarts:

Ok, sorry about that. Um, It was actually a drawing request on Septiplier. You were drawing ragey stuff, but I loved how your Alt!Jack came out and I kinda wanted a drawing of Alt!Jack macking on Darkiplier while his hand is on top of his and Dark’s blushing. I know you’ve been getting requests lately so whenever you’re able to is ok.

I hope you like this bc I’m terribly sorry if this isn’t what you expected.

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite trait of Mark Lee?

I love everything, just everything. He’s so damn hardworking, even Teayong has said how he’s the most hardworking member who trains the most. He’s constantly working and has he ever complained? No. He’s even said that he doesn’t get tired but we all know that’s a lie. My favorite trait idek what you would call it but when people put everything before themselves. Selfless, I guess? He takes care of the dream members, he’s always learning new choreo and worrying about the members and he has his rapping. Yet never has he ever complained or even though to worry the members about his issues. He is so talented and it so overworked it makes me so sad to even begin to think how stressed he really is because he deserves so much better. I’m so proud of him for being able to achieve his dream and have such a great opportunity but I also hope that he can be able to rest. I also hope he knows how much we will support him even no matter what. Mark Lee is a beautiful person with such a beautiful heart and I love and cherish him dearly.

Someone to make you smile - Michael Clifford

pairing: michael x reader

It truly shocked you how it all sort of fell into place. One minute you we’re fearing that you would be alone all your life, and the next you had him.

He was all you really needed in your life.

You never knew how much he completed your life until you actually met the guy. How he was shyer than you at first, stolen glances here and there and how he would be embarrassed when you caught him staring. How he just seemingly made you a happier person with each passing day. And the day your two worlds collided you definitely were in need of some happiness.

How he just came into your life and before you knew it you were head over heels for this rockstar with colored hair and piercings, a guy with such a threatening appearance, almost, but soon you came to realize how much of a softie he was.

And somehow he found you; in a sea of meaningless faces, he found the one girl that actually ever meant anything to him.

It wasn’t long until the two of you shared your love that was first kept behind closed doors—a love only known by the two of you—to the world filled with judgement and hate, but also so much joy and happiness. You were a myth at first, Michael only telling stories of the mystery girl who he spent countless nights with away from everyone, and how he returned in the morning with the cheekiest grin on his face to be greeted with what the hell made you this happy? How he would just shrug and reply with a simple smile, yet again keeping your memories a secret.

But one day it was revealed, and you were never more scared in your entire life — what if they hate me? If they hate us?

To hell with them, then — he would reply — I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I’m going to make you happy no matter what it takes.

Your happiness was the most sacred thing to Michael, and he would do anything in his power to make you smile wildly, whether it be him making some stupid joke or grabbing his guitar in the dead of night and showing you what he’s been working on, because you were the biggest critic. And your opinion meant the most to him.

He knew where you came from and wanted to make sure you’d never return to the nightmare you’ve only ever known to be life. He knew all your secrets—both good and bad—all the memories that either haunted you or made you laugh until you cried. You two were best friends that never realized the special bond you shared until a single night where everything changed.

You two were out for a walk in the city one night, how he hoped and prayed no one would recognize him, especially with an unknown girl he had his arm around. But of course, his brightly colored hair was a telltale give away, and the second some girl came up and asked is this the girl you’ve been sleeping around with? he looked the girl dead square in the face and went this is the girl that I’d give the world to if I had to.

From there, your love for each other wasn’t secret. It wasn’t regretful, but it wasn’t perfect, either. It meant a hell of a lot to the both of you, and how when he revealed his special secret to the whole world, it was pleasantly accepted with open arms. Since you weren’t rude or demeaning in any way, fans saw you as someone that bettered Michael, and made him happier, even.

He had gone from someone that didn’t know what he wanted until he found you, and how he immediately knew that you were his only remedy for his sorrows. All the love you gave to him drove him to inspire others even more. And all the love he gave you, you cherished with all of you.

You and him completed each other in ways you could’ve never imagined.

Now, you two were taking over all social platforms with your witty jokes only the two of you would think of and inappropriate humor that only the two of your could get away with. If a fan would spot you two out in public—which rarely happens for both of you would much rather stay inside near a fridge and a TV—it was as if they ran into their idol, and for some that was Michael. No matter what, they would somehow spot you, Michael’s arm around your waist as if to tell the world she’s mine, and would be so kind to you. They would leave with the memory of his childish giggle and your contagious smile, certainly telling everyone how hilarious the two of you were together and how adorable you were. You weren’t sure how, but people would be hopeful that they would be as lucky as you one day.

I hope I find someone that loves me as much as Michael loves her.

The two of you would disappear from time to time, returning to the mainstream with marks left behind on your skin reminding you of last night’s accounts. Only Michael would treat you like this, and no one has ever made you feel as good as Michael does to you. Because truthfully, you have never been fortunate to have anyone near Michael before, with his rough hands that would surprisingly touch you gentler than anything, how he treated you as a fragile work of art.

Because to him, that’s what you were.

There would be tears from time to time, and Michael would always be there for you. The roles would be switched, yet Michael would never shed a tear in front of you for fear of looking weak—no, I’m really fine—but you knew Michael better than anyone else—if you’re really fine then look me in the eye and tell me. Although he would never cry, he would latch onto you and never let you go for hours, like being in your arms was where he felt the safest. He’d hold onto you for dear life, and you were perfectly fine with that. And once he was mostly recovered, you’d remind him it’s okay to not be okay.

Smiles printed on every page, hands locked in place, you and Michael were the “it” couple. New stories would be written about the two of you and how omfg #goals you were together, it was as if you were the perfect couple.

Except nothing is ever perfect in this world, and the both of you were completely okay with that. Because to each other, you were more than perfect. You were more than you’d ever imagined, and as confused you were as to how you were lucky enough to be called Michael’s, he really was the one rambling to his friends about how absolutely crazy enough to give him a chance.

But he’d always end with another smirk and a quick God, she’s absolutely amazing.

And here the two of you were, taking on the world together. Incredible memories with this adorable guitarist would always be cherished, and whatever crazy schemes the two of you would devise in the near future would be sure to cause some sort of uprising.

He’d always be by your side, though, no matter what. Because it wasn’t just your smile he fell in love with, not your body or your laugh or even your humor—Michael loved every single aspect of you with all his heart, especially how he could trust you and how you’d always be there for him.

The two of you were just lost kids in a big world, and somehow the 6 ft dork worked up enough courage to walk across the room and greet you with an awkward smile:

You look like you’re in need of someone to make you smile. So hi, I’m Michael.