dream journal #1

@okmayor ‘s town of apricot

dream address: 5E00-0014-584D

my very first dream visit!! (someone please correct me if I got the blog credit incorrect)

apricot is a super sweet and cute town. I LOVE forest towns, esp when they’re hacked and have cute knick knacks about, and like tHIS TOWN??? idek how to explain!!

the villagers in apricot are all adorable and sweet, not my absolute favorites, but they’re very fitting with the town theme of cozy little forest~

Kid yawned, stretching as he stepped up the stairs to his home–finally. His last training session with Lord Death had lasted almost a whole day; It’s been getting tougher. He sighed heavily as he unlocked the door, stepping in and kicking it shut behind him. His hands fiddled with the buttons of his blazer, slipping it off as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Coffee sounds great right now…” he muttered, dropping his blazer onto the counter before he readied a pot of coffee. Kid glanced around then. “I wonder if anyone’s home…” He thought aloud, glancing around and to the doorway.