Cullen is pacing, nervous and barefooted across the cold stone floor of his office. The bed creaks upstairs and Dorian’s sleep-roughened voice calls to him. Cullen does not hesitate to answer, to ease Dorian’s worry.
“I am here.” He answers. It is late. Or early now, depending on how one looked at it.

There is movement and shuffling, and Cullen feels guilty at the first creak of the ladder rungs. He glances up as Dorian, swaddled in the bed covers, slowly works his way down to Cullen. He is half asleep still as he reaches Cullen, Cullen’s cloak in his hands to wrap around the man and keep him warm. “Nightmare?”

Cullen pulls the cloak to him but lets go and stares at Dorian instead. As arrogantly self-serving as Dorian pretends to be, he never fails to wake when Cullen stirs at his side and needs comfort. He never fails in giving it, either. A warm hand, gentle words, soft embrace. Even just space and a slow walk around Skyhold.

“No… not a nightmare.” Cullen takes a breath to speak but it catches in his chest, frozen as he watches Dorian rub his tired eyes and curl into the bedsheets. Tucking his toes into the edge of it to protest the mountain’s chill, but still stood patiently before Cullen with no intention of leaving him yet. “I…” Cullen rubs at his neck and swallows hard. “I thought I might… think. Down here. Without disturbing you.”

Dorian yawns and chuckles. “That worked out very well. Shall I leave you to your pondering?”

Words stick in Cullen’s throat, large ones that feel like they will shatter the world if they break free but will explode from him in the need to get free if he does not say them. “No, I… I will sleep.”

Dorian smiles as he shakes his head, fondness overtaking any irritation Cullen wouldn’t blame him for as he takes Cullen’s hands and leads him to the ladder. Cullen looks at Dorian and feels that same realisation he had woken for, thrum through him- heat and shock and need, burning through his chest and clawing to get free from his tongue.
He loves Dorian.

by akaiba

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aah i’m not sure what you really wanted anon, but i hope you like this! it’s kinda short bc idek what creativity is

part 1!

  • once the media realizes that andreil are actually together, and not hating one another, suddenly everything they do gets painted in a romantic light rather than a malicious one (forget the homophobes we don’t want them)
  • they’re going to watch the conjuring 2 in theaters together?? how cute, boyfriends on a date!
  • they yell at each other in russian on court?? sO adorable they have their own language!
  • andrew and neil are standing beside each other?? so scandalous they’re crazy for each other!
  • the media doesn’t understand, though
  • they never see andrew drawing neil out of flashbacks and panic attacks, keeping him grounded
  • they don’t see neil understanding that andrew has days where everything’s a no, so he’ll make some hot chocolate and leave it at that
  • they’re never there for the two of them sitting in silence on their balcony, sharing cigarettes and using their sock-clad feet to urge the cats back inside (neil insists smoke is bad for them)
  • they will never see how gentle they can be with each other, hands fluttering over shoulders and backs and hips as their bodies rock together and soft noises escape both their lips
  • as much as the media may love to talk relationship, they don’t truly know andrew and neil
  • even the foxes have only gotten glimpses
  • walking in on makeouts
  • accidentally witnessing andrew stroking neil’s face
  • watching neil fall asleep during movie night with his head on andrew’s shoulder and his body curled against his
  • the only people who really understand neil and andrew are neil and andrew because they’re not like other couples
  • they’ll never call each other sweetheart or honey
  • they’ll never have kids
  • but they’ll always be happy

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ahhhh kaya i am reading through the au list and I'll probably send you a couple more prompts if that's cool? Buuut for now jerejean road trip au or friends with benefits au? bc i can not choose

thats so cool shannnon you dont even know how cool that is send me all the promts

SO FRIENDS W/ BENEFITS bc im feeling that okay 

  • it all starts one night when they get home from movie night/victory celebrations/random saturday evening with the team and are both slightly drunk and jeremy just slurrs “man i could use a blowjob right now” 
  • and they just,,,dont stop 
  • literally take all the tropes, its here 
  • “professor can i go to the bathroom?” “…Professor i need to go to the bathroom too.” (its a suspiciously long bathroom break)
  • oh look a broom closet how convenient 
  • *texts* [eggplant emoji] ? (only jeremy does that its beneath jeans honour)
  • until the fateful day where jean starts dating and calls it off 
  • (i originally had jeremy there but i feel like thats too predictable idek man)
  • (in lack of creativity for another OC right now) jean is with renee and the thing is, the thing is 
  • jeremy likes renee, he adores renee, she is nice and sweet and everything jean deserves
  • but he sees them together or he overhears jean talking to her on the phone 
  • and theres this knife in his chest that’s getting twisted everytime
  • and at first he thinks that its just because jean has someone know but he doesnt and he needs to date too
  • but after a few disastrous one night stands and dates he realizes that the problem is that jean has somebody that is not jeremy 
  • and jeremy just falls into a deep hole of “hell fucking no
  • ofc he sees that jean and renee are happy, things are good the way there are (well for everyone except him) so he sure as hell wont interfere
  • he isolates himself from jean and ditches team things 
  • one time at practice alvarez makes a good-natured joke about how jean and jeremy never sneak off together anymore (ofc they knew)
  • and jeremy shoots a deathglare and a sharp “thats none of your business” her way before leaving the court
  • jean is going crazy because he doesnt know whats wrong 
  • (he originally called it off because he was developing feelings and he thought that jeremy wouldnt want their thing to become like that and he didnt want to lose jeremy and n ow He s lo s I n ´g h i M??)
  • those poor unfortunate idiots smh 
  • they need someone to save them tbh 
  • our lord and saviour, renee walker 
  • she’s over for a weekend and she talks to laila about whats wrong with jeremy and laila explains the thing and renee understands 
  • and she sits jean down and talks facts with him 
  • biggest fucking heureka moment in the beans life 
  • and after dramatic developments, possibly a near death experience, lots of tears, a violent rainfall they get their happy end and they kiss and everyone is happy thanky you very much
  • this is the plot of 98389295 chickflicks 

send me a pairing/group/fandom and a setting!