idek why it took so long

its funny that isak is now apparently so jealous of mikael that he turns violent. whereas he had more reason to be jealous and bitter about sonja, which he wasn’t. he never took his frustrations out on her, he even went as far to call her sweet and forgave her immediately when she was quite awful to him. but with mikael - suddenly isak is all for throwing punches??? sonja and even were in a long term relationship and mikael and even never dated but may have had a thing (onesided or not, who knows)

why is it that isak is so threatened by mikael and not sonja??? it gives me really gross vibes tbh. it makes this feel like, to me, isak never fully took even and sonja’s relationship seriously bc sonja was a woman whereas mikaels a guy and has ‘more of a chance stealing even’ or something idek….. do u get where im goin with this? this is such a bad look, im getting biphobia vibes. its as if sonja never counted bc it wasn’t ‘real’ or something. just yeah. gross vibes tbh.

SF9: How they treat you when they have a crush on you

Feat. gifs of them being cute

Inseong: He’d be one who admires you from afar. Noting your beautiful smile, your bright eyes. Whenever he’s near you, his heart is in knots. Maybe he’ll manage to say hi, and when you say hi back, he’ll be dying inside because you’re so adorable. Inseong will be as sweet and caring and nice as possible to make a good impression on you.

(credits to owner)

Youngbin: He’d always talk to you as much as he could, but when he’s not around you, he always talks about you and tells the guys about how beautiful you are. When he’s with you, he low-key flirts with you by telling you you look pretty. You smile and say thank you while Youngbin’s heart melts. Also, he would definitely be protective, maybe walks you home from somewhere while telling you that people need to travel in groups at a late time. You would mention how it’s only lunch time, and he’ll ask you to get lunch with him. 

(credits to owner)

Jaeyoon: What a flirty guy. Seriously, he’s the one who flirts the most out of all of the members. He’d tell you how beautiful you were in that outfit you wore, take your hands during conversations, stare at you with so much admiration. Basically, he’s already acting like your boyfriend, but you never notice how flirty he’s being because he kind of eases all of this contact with you so that he doesn’t make it too obvious that he has the biggest crush on you.

(credits to owner)

Dawon: Jokes around with you. Basically, with you, he’s just his normal, hyper, extra self and loves to make you laugh. He’d throw in a few flirty comment here and there, a couple of friendly hugs, and throw in something random so you two can keep talking. He’s hilarious, and seeing you laugh makes him love you more. He always smiles around you, just to see you happy.

(credits to owner)

Zuho: He’d be a bit quiet. Maybe he’d shoot you a few smiles and would love if you walked up to him and started conversation. He might seem cold but really, his heart is just warm, especially when he’s around you. You’d come up and talk to him once, and once you’ve said your goodbyes, he would be so happy that you had talked to him. Zuho would try to show his softer side to you sometimes so that you could see he wasn’t a dark, cold person. {Maybe he’d be that one guy who acts like he’s too cool for you but likes you deep down? Not sure.}

(credits to owner)

Rowoon: Rowoon would ball of fluff and ask you questions, for example, who you’d like. He’d ask who your ideal type was, and when you wouldn’t tell him, he’d be a bit worried, thinking maybe he shouldn’t of asked and that you probably don’t want his company anymore. He’d be a bit shy and flustered around you, blushing a bit and most likely not wanting to say something wrong or say anything that will reveal his crush on you.

(credits to owner)

Taeyang: He’d probably be the only one who actually really acts like himself (aside from Dawon). He’d be chill, smiling his bright smile while casually talking to you. When you’re not looking, he’d probably stare at you, admiring how beautiful you are. If you ever caught him (which was rare), he would say you had something on your face and you’d brush the “something” off of your face and ask if it was gone. He’d say no once more but then say yes after, just to stare at you more.

(credits to owner)

Hwiyoung: He’s such a little ball of fluff. He becomes shy and blushy around you. He’d be quiet around you, too. You would be the one to initiate the conversations and he would quietly listen. Once, you asked him why he was blushing. He responded by telling you he was hot and you would just laugh and say okay, when really, you knew something was up. Hwiyoung would just blush even more and get mad at himself for his bad habit of blushing around you.

(credits to owner)

Chani: He’d be a bit like how he is in ‘Click Your Heart’. He’d say all of these cheesy things about the girl he likes (you) and would ask you about who you liked. You would just laugh it off and tell him to stop as he kept teasing you. He would be the kind of guy who would say the most obvious things ever about you and you somehow wouldn’t notice (unless you do notice, but that’s when you guys would start dating later ;).

(credits to owner)

I have a super soft spot for Chani, Inseong, and Hwiyoung. Like, idek why Inseong is in there but my soft spot for Inseong is just. AND I ESPECIALLY LOVE CHANI’S GIF LIKE HOW? And sorry this took so long, but I’m doing this behind my parents back so….

UPDATE: So I created another blog, but for NCT. I posted NCT 127′s version of this on there!

lights flashing [M] // JIMIN

summary - Your parents’ beach house always sparked the right kind of imagination in your mind - but what happens when a certain boy with a camera in hand becomes your main focus instead?
word count - 3.4k

genre - fluff, (implied?) smut
pairing - Photographer!Jimin x Poet!Reader
warnings - mature language, smut

A/N - okay, i’m so nervous to post this idek why ;; it’s my first time writing actual smut and i’m not sure if it even classifies as smut and if i did a great job on this overall. feedback is very much appreciated as always

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New York // Part 2

omg it took me ages to write this and idek why. it’s not the best, it’s actually really short and the reason why it’s like that is because i felt like i was dragging it out tooooooooo long and that just makes stuff not enjoyable. i’m sorry i took ages and it’s not even up to standards smh but i really wanted to give you guys somet!! if you have any ideas regarding what i should write about next, preferably not something that i will take ages to write lmao, then please leave them in the message box thing. ummmm, not much else to say so i hope you’s kinda like it? you don’t have to, you can tell me if it’s shite lmao. also i’m really sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, i didn’t proof read bc i wanted it out for you lads as soon as i could! OH ONE MORE QUESTION. do you’s prefer longer or shorter one shots? just so when it comes to writing them i have an idea of what to include and stuff. 
lotta love, xoxo -b

part 1 if you haven’t read it yet here 💗

I was in the shower for probably at least 45 minutes after I woke up from the longest nap ever. It wasn’t my intention to stay in bed until 6 pm however I couldn’t do anything about it. I was tired and although I knew that it didn’t help my jetlag at all I just slept anyway.

Once I was out of the shower, dry and feeling comfortable in my pair of black leggings and baggy shirt I laid back down on the bed. My phone was charging which confused me for a minute because I didn’t remember putting it on the bed side table or even taking it out of my pocket. Then I suddenly realised that it must have been Harry who put me to bed properly and sorted my stuff out as well.

Sighing, I took my phone off of the charger and pressed the middle button which caused the screen to light up. As I scrolled down on the locked screen I saw a whole lot of messages from my mum, my dad, and my mates and if I saw correctly even Harry’s name popped up as well.

I didn’t pay much attention to them because as soon as I unlocked my phone I somehow instantly forgot about the messages. After I finished my daily routine of going through all of my social media accounts which mainly consisted of Instagram and Twitter I decided it was time to show my face. And to be honest, I was rather bored as well. Not to mention my hunger which didn’t seem to fade.

Although when I got downstairs I found myself on my own, it was as if I was the only one living here. I didn’t know where Harry was though he probably told me about it in his text which I never read. Oh well – I thought as I made my way towards the kitchen and opened up the fridge door. It was full of food.

But it was full of healthy food.

Then I found some chocolate yogurt and a smile creeped its way onto my lips. I took it out of the fridge without any hesitation, taking a spoon out of the drawers as well then sat down on the bar stool chairs. My eyes were probably shining like the stars on a night sky while my mouth was watering but just as I was about to eat the first spoonful of desert, Harry stumbled in the house.

First I thought he was drunk or something but then I saw the bags in his hands. His sunglasses were low on his nose, it was about to fall off actually, his shirt was wide open on his chest and his jeans were hanging down on his waist as well.

Basically, he was a mess.  

I raised my eyebrows as I put the spoon in my mouth and ate what was on it, not minding one bit that he just came back. He didn’t seem bothered and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting me to actually get up because he knew me too well.

“Are you still hungry?” he asked me a few minutes later when I had finished my yogurt. He was still putting the things he bought away and right up until the question slipped past his lips, we were both extremely quiet.

Maybe a bit too quiet.

“Umm,” I muttered as I turned around with my chair, leaning back on the counter with my elbows. “Depends what you bought.”

“Just some stuff,” he shrugged then when he turned around he looked at me with a questioning look on his face. Arching my brow, which seemed to be the only facial expression I’ve shown since I woke up, I waited for him to carry on but instead he just looked away while messing with the shopping bags.

“Why are you being so awkward?” I asked him finally, a laugh escaping my lips although I didn’t find the situation funny.

“I’m not being awkward. I don’t know what you’re on about,” he scoffed. “The jetlag must be hitting you and your little nap probably didn’t help you.”

“Are you seriously gonna be acting like a dick to me because I was moody on the way back from the airport?” my voice got stronger and louder as I stayed sat down. I tried not to let my emotions show on my face but I totally failed. I always did so I wasn’t surprised. “I’m so sorry I was tired, hungry and stressed.”

“Well, I was tired, hungry and stressed as well yet I put a smile on my face because I finally got to see you after ages.”

“I’m sorry you felt like that, okay? And I didn’t ask you to force a smile on your face, hell, I-, I don’t even know-, gosh, do we really have to argue?”

“I’m not arguing-,”

“Well then shut your mouth and give me a hug. You didn’t hug me since that awkward one at the airport where everyone was looking.”

A sigh left his mouth as he looked to the side. I saw as he swallowed then shut his eyes and let another sigh out before he concentrated on me with his eyes again.

“Okay, don’t give me a hug then, that’s fine too,” I gave up as I slipped off of the chair. I chucked the spoon in the sink then did the same to the empty yogurt box.

“Baby, look-,” he started to talk as I was about to leave the kitchen but his voice stopped me. I didn’t turn around, hoping he’d carry on with what he wanted to say but the room was dead silent.  

“Do you want me to stay here at all or should I just get my shit and leave?”

“Listen, I’m sorry-,”


“I am, I just-, I’m stressed, and I don’t know where my head’s at. I have my first solo performance in like hours, well, tomorrow night, but still. I’m nervous as hell and it didn’t help that I made you so angry when we were in the car.”

“I know you’re stressed and I know how it feels to be like that. You feel like you’re lost as if there’s no way out and you’re just stuck in one place. You don’t know what to do to get over yourself and your problems until you have a big crying session or talk it out with someone. So I don’t think it helps that you’re so distant, and that you made me so angry? When? You were being nice to me and I just flipped because I was not in the mood. You did nothing wrong.”

“Well, then why do I feel like I upset you? You said I was being awkward then I was acting like a dick towards you just now. What am I supposed to think?” his voice was desperate and lost, my heart suddenly started to ache for him and my actions spoke louder than my words could.

As I walked back to him I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, making sure I did my best to collect all of his pieces that were not stuck together to make him his perfect self. I absolutely hated seeing him in a bad shape and no matter what he did or did not do I couldn’t just stand there and let him be.

Which might not be always beneficial and it may make me look absolutely weak when it comes to him I had to accept it.

Almost right as I hugged him, his arms wrapped around my neck and his head rested on top of mine, making sure our bodies basically moulded into one.

“I love you. I’m sorry I’m such a mess,” he whispered into my hair, his soft voice full of emotions making my heart beat faster and goose bumps arise on my arms.

“I love you and please don’t say that. You’re not a mess.”

“I am a mess though and you know it too,” he sighed as he slightly pulled away, shoving one of his hands through this short hair.

“Well then in that case, you are my mess,” I winked at him as I got on the tip of my toes to press a light kiss on his lips.

He smiled which made me smile and I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his neck this time and jump into his arms. Thankfully, he held on to me so I didn’t fall, a soft chuckle leaving his irresistible lips while his eyes were shining brighter than anything I have ever seen before.

“I’m sorry about my attitude before,” I told him as I hid my face in the crook of his neck. My grip was tight on him, my fingers formed into a fist as I locked my arms around Harry’s neck.

“Don’t worry about it, love,” he said and he suddenly started to walk out of the kitchen.

We didn’t go far, just to the couch in the living room where he sat down with me in his arms then I ended up sitting on his lap with my legs on each side of his waist.

“So you’ll come and see me, right?” he asked me a few minutes after he was just staring at me but not in a creepy way. He did that sometimes and I didn’t mind it because I knew he gave me his full attention and I loved it.

Now that might have sounded uptight and kind of selfish, it was the truth plus I didn’t mean it in that sense.

“Yes,” I said right away. “I mean if you want me to, it’s up to you.”

“I want you to,” he nodded. “Actually, I need you to come with me,” he laughed. “M’gonna be doing these skits and I need you to be there not to mention I’m performing a new song.”

“Which one?” I asked him curiously. I haven’t exactly heard his full album yet only because I told him I want it to be a surprise.

He actually really wanted me to listen to it then after I told him I wanted to wait for the actual release date he kinda got onto my idea. Of course he showed me snippets here and there because he knew how curious I was all of the time but I’m also way too stubborn so I wouldn’t just ask him to show me stuff.

“The only one you heard. Apart from Sign of the Times.”

“Ever Since New York?” I asked again just to make sure I was thinking about the right one.

I knew of the titles of the songs but I didn’t listen to them.

“Yeah,” a small smile made its way onto his lips. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned forward and pressed my mouth against his in a soft peck, his right hand came in contact with my cheek as he rested it on my face while our lips were touching. “I’m very happy you are here.”

“I’m very happy to be here.”

“Good,” he chuckled. “I missed having you around.”

“I bet you did,” I joked which to he raised one of his eyebrows and pouted at the same time. “I think I missed you too.”

“What do you mean you think? Aren’t you supposed to know that?”

“I don’t know, am I?”

“Um, yes?”

“Well, I don’t,” I shrugged as I kept on messing around with him and eventually got off his lap.

My legs were still on his thighs but I was sitting on the couch, right next to him. He took advantage of this position as he leaned into me, resting his head on my shoulder and placing his hands on my legs. They were warm and big and it made the butterflies in my stomach come to live as he rested his hands on my thighs. He just had that effect on me and it was lovely really.

“I’m just messing with you, I missed you more than you’ll ever know,” I said suddenly as I hugged his bicep tightly and pressed a few kisses on his chin as his head was still leaning on my shoulder.

I had this really weird dream that I bought these 4 puppies and kept them in my room to see how long I could go without my mom noticing I had them. Well one of them went missing and so I texted Rihanna and asked if she took him, because naturally she was living in my guest bedroom, and she said she didn’t. And then I got a ransom note for my little pup. And then the rest of my pups were missing. The ransom note was from Donald Trump. And when I went to get my puppies back, he said he was keeping them because I wasn’t worthy of having them. So I beat him senseless and took my puppies back

anonymous asked:

Can I request the paladin's reaction to their s/o betraying them? Like their s/o was a spy for the galra and during a battle they turn on the paladins. To make it more interesting, the only reason their s/o agreed to it is because they threatened to kill their family (or someone important). Please consider! Have a nice day!

Some of them aren’t during a battle?? I did three of them and reread the request and I realized and I am sorry odndmdm. Also I have a Lance Fic pretty similar to this, except it’s a bit fluffed

•when first meeting you he had known something was off right away
•of course tho, he eventually began to trust you
•by the time he had found out of your deeds, you’d only been dating for two months.
•naturally, The Galra are the Fates. They controlled Life and Death among your family and you felt you had no choice but to save them.
•getting closest to the leader, Shiro, for information? smart, but difficult.
•you’ll never ever forget the look on his face
•he looked so sad and hurt and it really hurt you as well
•he had no choice but to listen to you finally confess to him, that all this time everything was false.
•when he had found out that you were doing it for your family, it hurt even more.
•the fact that you’d do absolutely anything for your family, and now you had no choice but to leave and go back and possibly die
•he tried saying, “stay and we can rescue your family and attack their base”
•but you stopped him and told him you had all the information they’d need, and oh mhhjsoh his heart dropped
•he was honestly physically sick, he felt he’d throw chunks any second right there if it wasn’t for his overly loud sobs distracting him. he didn’t want you to hear him.
•you walked away, a ship landing in front of you on auto pilot and you boarded, not even bothering to look back because what was the point of seeing someone you had slightly grown to love, come to resent you
•he delivered the news to the others and was silent the rest of the night, refusing to speak unless need be.
•did end up becoming sick that night
•if he ever saw you again (after the war) he’d probably ask about your family but I feel like he’d be distant and not even talk about you. or himself.

•like Shiro, Hunk was genuinely sick, figuratively and physically.
•you had joined the team after Coran deemed you to be a great accessory to the team
•you and Hunk were immediately best friends and you actually enjoyed hanging with him and the others
•you forgot about your mission twice because of that
•you fell in love with him and he fell in love with you and one night he found you crying in your bed
•asked ‘what’s wrong?’ And you explained how you missed your family
•he said he missed his family too but you snapped and yelled saying he doesn’t understand; he didn’t understand that your family could die any second if you didn’t return soon with the information you’ve finally gathered
•he was so shocked when you told him he ran to the bathroom to barf and you tried explaining to him and comforting him but he literally pushed you away
•Lance heard the commotion, along with Pidge. Lance told Pidge to get the others while he checked what’s wrong.
•thought maybe Hunk was just sick but when he saw you stumble from the bathroom because of Hunk pushing you he began to yell
•when the others got there all they saw was Lance standing in front of the door doused in absolute fear as you sobbed loudly explaining what you told Hunk
•Hunk would probably never forgive you but if he saw you again he’d either give an angry stare. if you were with a family member he’d talk with them
•he understand why you did what you did but he trusted you enough that he believed you could’ve told him a lot earlier

•dude honestly idek how this would work
•this boy won’t even let a fly into his home I’m surprised you can get through his barrier and walls
•you joined shortly before they met the Arusians. you “happened” to be living on that planet too so you decided to see exactly what the whole commotion was
•took so long for him to even remotely let you in, and you didn’t want to waste time so you became closer with everybody else as well
•he didn’t find out until you two became quite close (hanging out and hugging and acting all loveydovey but not REALLY dating)
•a soldier that you happened to recognize approached you as you pretended to retrieve info from part of the base
•Shiro saw from afar, but was currently too busy to go check on you so he warned Keith
•Keith snuck by everywhere, even planned to sneak into the room and knock the soldier out just in case
•right as he got next to the door he heard the two of you speaking, you told the soldier everything you learned and keith got so pissed, both at you and himself
•he hid himself when he heard the soldier leaving, you asked to have a moment for yourself before you left everybody
•he stood at the entrance of the door and when you turned you slammed into his chest and just broke down, apologizing but he was just so visibly angry with you that you shut up
•he jabbed his finger at you to emphasize himself but he basically dragged you to hell and back for being a horrible person, you said that it wasn’t what he thought and you shouted seconds later you weren’t doing this for yourself, but your family
•he stopped, genuinely shocked at your shout. but went right back into betrayal mode.
•he looked so upset, frustrated but not as noticeable anymore.
•basically looked like he was on the verge of tears and he just turned, back facing you as he moved his bayard around, telling you to just go
•you said sorry but he cut you off and said “go before I make you.”
•he was….very angry when he got back to the castle

•okay so everyone thinks that Lance would be the most open out of everyone which is true, but, it would still take an effort
•he may be comfortable around you when you first meet but he wouldn’t just gush about every detail to you straight away
•you’d start dating after three months
•and that’s when he really starts to talk
•you get more information about Earth than Voltron, and you honestly couldn’t care less
•but sometimes you’ll realize your family is waiting for you and then ask him what he knows about voltron, simply because you’ve always bee interested in things like it
•you told him right before a battle, right before you and him were to deploy to a part of a Galran Ship
•you were mumbling and all that and he couldn’t understand, you repeated yourself louder, refusing to look at him and refusing to cry
•you explained why you did it, and Lance (seemingly) being the most homesick, understood exactly why
•he’d do the same
•he was still sad about it obviously, I mean he fell in love with you and he knew you reciprocated those feelings. Just knowing that half of it was just for information hurt
•he actually walked you to where you needed to be, right to where you would meet with a soldier who wasn’t there yet
•he had his weapon in his hands, pointing downward and to the side as you remained feet away from him. tears going down your face
•he mumbled “I’m sorry” before looking down and turning away, leaving
•if he were to see you again he’d probably hug you, not like strangling hug but just a gentle hesitant hug

•warning: actually depressing pidge doesn’t deserve this
•hesitant of you at first, but you specifically were targeting them so you pretended to be interested in tech and asked them to teach you things
•you two became close, as well as with the others
•fun fact: not only is your family captured, you know Samuel, and you know damn well he’s Pidge’s father
•you met Matt once, you were the one that helped him escape
•you were sent instead of Samuel because they knew Samuel wouldn’t come back
•because you grew to love Pidge, seeing them sad in anyway was physically painful for you
•the two of you slept in the same room, you on the bottom bunk while Pidge is at the top
•one night you decided enough was enough, there was enough information for them and if it wasn’t enough then you didn’t know what you could do
•you wrote a letter, explaining everything, how you loved them and how sorry you were and that you’re doing this for your family so they can be safe and happy
•the next morning Pidge wakes up and you’re gone, confused— they practically ravage the castle
•where are you?
•the others are searching while Pidge checks their room again, almost slipping on a pile of papers on the floor (inventions, blueprints, etc.)
•sees your letter, a lot less writing than Pidge would ever put
•gets so angry and mad they rip the paper up and yell, turning and punching the wall, then proceeding to punch the absolute crap out of your mattress, until it’s wet from tears
•Keith and Hunk have to pull them back, as they pretty much threw an absolute tantrum
•kicking, screaming crying, incoherent shouts that consisted of curses and insults toward you
•Pidge knew though, knew that you had to do it and they’d do the same as well
•but all this time you knew Samuel? and you had left without anyone knowing or anyone being able to follow so they could never find him
•pidge broke down into Keith’s arms and just cried, no yelling no nothing.
•they miss you already, and will for so so long
•meets you again and refuses to speak to you, will ask if you saved your family
•if you did: they’d nod, and continue on with the day
•if you didn’t: they’d hug you so tight it’d squeeze the bottles up tears from you

Checkmate (ch2)

oliver/adrian (eventual olicity) || ao3 || mature  || angst || 2679 || more fics

summary: Oliver is trying to move forward with his life. He wants Felicity to be happy, but he also wants happiness for himself. He thinks he might find this happiness with Adrian. (season 5 rewrite)
chapters: 2/?
chapter word count: 1447
a/n: this took me so long to write and idek why, but here we go….

disclaimer: This is a story about Oliver and Felicity dating other people. It’s about the exploration of their sexualities as well as who they are as people. It is going to feature Oliver/Adrian and to a lesser extent Felicity/Dinah. The relationship between Adrian and Oliver is a manipulative and abusive one. That’s canon and it continues in this fic, but in a different way. The farther the story goes the closer it’s going to get to an Olicity ending, but if you are not interested in Adrian/Oliver or Dinah/Felicity then I suggest you skip this story.

Oliver found himself in a position he didn’t think he would be in again. He was on a first date. After finding out that Felicity was dating someone new, and apparently had been for awhile, he decided he owed it to himself to take a chance. He was still very much in love with Felicity and he figured that part of him always would be, but it was time to move forward.

It felt strange to be on a date after being a taken man for what felt like eons. He knew it was less than a year, but he had been ready to marry her.

“You okay?” Adrian asked as he sat down across from him.

Oliver sighed, “Just thinking.”

“Looked like it was more than that.”

Adrian leaned forward on the table, his deep blue-green eyes looking at him expectantly. Oliver sucked in a deep breath. He wasn’t sure why, but he did feel like he could talk to Adrian. He was kind and was the first person to pull him out of his shell in a while. There was really no point in stuffing away his feelings, right?

“I was just thinking that it’s the first time I’ve been on a date in awhile. It feels weird,” he let out a slow breath.

Adrian’s brows went up, “It’s not because….” he motioned at himself.

He felt heat creeping up his neck, “I’ve never been on a date with another man before, no, but,” he drummed his fingers on top of the table, “I guess everything is a bit new.”

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Commish for Chicky 
Aaahh I went overboard and stuff, I’m sorry that it took so long chicky I wanted to make it nice for you ahsuidff and I kept adding stuff and now it ended up like this wahhhh I hope you like it tho!
Well they are about to do something and I hope the person who cleans this limousine knows what he is doing /laughs