idek why i thought this was funny but it was

Concept: phantom of the opera where everything is the same except the phantom wears a ‘mrs doubtfire’ mask and pretends to be a nice old lady called madame giry - which explains why she’s the one to deliver his letters and suggests christine as understudy and generally is anywhere, anytime. Plus, has anyone ever seen the phantom and madame giry in the same place at the same time?

Ok but this one time I was high and thought I had come up with the greatest idea ever and the next day I look at my notes and I see two words: ‘meme review’
I still don’t know why or what that means but I’m into it

So I was recently on omegle asking people if they ship troyler and thought I would put it up on here bc why not.

so first of all we got our uninterested people


Then we got our penis addicts

Then we got our sassy people
Then we got our fapping people

Then we got our annoying people

Then we got my enemy  

And lastly we got our Joey Graceffas