idek why i made this it makes no sense

anyway i’m kinda annoyed and disappointed with the way they’re handling vilde’s character. we’ve had three and a half seasons of her having these totally inappropriate and ignorant reactions and like. this is it, this is the last season. she’s not getting hers. and i know that skam characters can show a lot of growth in a short amount of time but i’m truly wondering why it’s still necessary to show her in that light. like we get it. they don’t need to keep establishing that she’s that way before she can start redeeming herself because she’s been that way since day one. and i’m truly wondering how she’s going to possibly redeem herself and make up for these three and a half seasons with only half a season left 

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Why is suzuki tatsuhisa "tatsuo"?

Err… well, I believe I’ve answered this before lol

It’s because his name in kanji is spelled as 「達央

Normally, the character「」, especially in male given names, is read as “O” or “Ou”. That’s why it’s a frequent occurrence that staff/announcers mis-read  「達央」as Tatsuo

Also, there’s some people like Yusa Kouji who just reads it that way, to piss Tatsuo off.

Another thing,「達央」was chosen by his parents to mean as “always among friends”. Because「」(dachi) is “friend”, and  「」(ou) is “middle/center”.

IDEK if I made sense but hope that explains it lol

also don’t ask this again lol jk here have some Tatsuo

Ohmygod shit. Noah Kutler being Cayden James makes sense. Alena could be his daughter from another woman and that’s why it made sense that she recruited Felicity into Helix.
Like, Alena has called Felicity her hero multiple times. Maybe that’s because she’s grown up listening to stories about her from Noah.

Also, after last season, who knows where Noah ended up and Lyla, being the head of ARGUS has made questionable choices and maybe she thought she couldn’t tell Felicity about taking her father because they well, reason????


  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Some random person:</b> you know what would be a great idea? Making a gmw fandom on Tumblr! What could possibly go wrong??<p/><b></b> *3 years later*<p/><b>Rucas shippers:</b> OUR SHIP IS CANON HA HAHA HA<p/><b>Lucaya shippers:</b> buT The theORIES MAN!!!!<p/><b>joshaya shippers:</b> everyone chill out!<p/><b>Zaya shippers:</b> SHUT IT YOU SHIP A FREAKING ADULT WITH A MINOR AND THATS A BIG DEAL EVEN THOUGH ITS ONLY A THREE YEAR AGE DIFFERENCE AND THEY'RE WAITING FOR EACH OTHER<p/><b>Smarkle shippers:</b> smarkle is endgame and anyone who thinks otherwise is racist and abiest<p/><b>Riarkle shippers:</b> what??? That makes no sense. But anyways...have you seen the way Riley and Farkle sta-<p/><b>Rilaya shippers:</b> shut your homophobic selves up. Riley and Maya were made for each other<p/><b>Zayadora shippers:</b> why can't this show be as simple as the fics<p/><b>Markle larkle zarkle smiley and lucadora shippers:</b> hey our ships ma-<p/><b>Shawnangela shippers:</b> PETTITION TO END SHATY<p/></p><p/></p>

Weird things I’m fixated on #57: Why is “of age” in the Wizarding World 17?

Like, I get that 7 is the most magical number or whatever, but it seems totally arbitrary? It doesn’t really serve the plot at all? It feels like JKR just made Harry 11 in the first book, struck a deal, and made the “legal adult age” 17 for that reason. The fact that there are seven books kind of makes sense because, 1, seven is the most magical number, and 2, even in the Muggle world (in America and also Britain, I think?), there are 7 grades (3 in middle school and 4 in high school in America. Does elementary really count?). And it also makes sense that magic presents itself close to puberty, meaning you probably wouldn’t have magical elementary school anyway. But Harry could easily have been rewritten as 12 instead of 11 in the first book to make “of age” 18. That’s be closer to actual (average) puberty anyway.

It just seems odd to me because the Wizarding World developed its culture and its legislature as independently from the Muggle world as it possibly could from the point that they decided that magic needed to be kept secret. Obviously there’s some overlap, with the two worlds being literally right next door. So okay students graduate Hogwarts at 17/18 and then they are “real wizards” or whatever. Fine. It’s similar in the Muggle world:  Kids graduate high school, and are suddenly “adults.” Kind of. It’s understandable that the Wizarding world would want their legal adults to appear similar to Muggle legal adults so as to not raise too many questions. It also makes sense that children who develop magic around puberty then go through 7 years of schooling and graduate as adults. Perfectly understandable from a Muggle perspective.

HOWEVER, if they wanted young wizard adults to fit in with young Muggle adults, why knock off a year? What if a newly-legal wizard tries to do adult things in the Muggle world? At only seventeen, Muggles would be suspicious that this non-adult is very seriously trying to be one. Imagine a young Arthur Weasley trying to order a pint in a Muggle pub! He gets carded and laughed at! Imagine it happening to a more pretentious person and them pitching a fit and causing a scene! If the purposes of making the legal age so arbitrarily close is to not raise suspicions with Muggles, it still fails!

BUT if they make the legal age 19, it still fails to an extent because then non-adult wizards can do adult things in the Muggle world and may get in trouble in the Wizarding World so JUST MAKE IT 18

AND WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE LEGAL AGE ANYWAY like okay non-adult wizards can’t do magic outside of Hogwarts (there are some issues/plot holes with this rule, obviously), but other than that … ????? At 13, Hogwarts students are allowed to go into Hogsmeade and drink butterbeer and fire whiskey (and I think butterbeer is served during feasts in school as well? I may be wrong about that one) whereas in the Muggle world (still using America as an example, because I’m American), if you’re under 21, you can still get carded for non-alcoholic beer. So whAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT.

Like it’s been a while since I’ve read the books, but I distinctly remember Dumbledore talking to the Dursleys about Harry and mentioning that he’s going to be an adult in a year and Petunia correcting him (”Two years, he still has two years until he’s 18.”) and Dumbledore saying “No, in the Wizarding World, it’s 17.” LIKE WHY IS THIS A THING it seems so arbitrary and dumb.

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hi omg can please you do a imagine where you're like michael's sister (or any of the boys sister doesn't matter) but you're dating calum and michael finds out (maybe by walking in on you two making out) and he threatens to kill calum and chases half naked calum out of the house?? idek if this made sense sorry

It made perfect sense, lovely. Thanks for requesting! I hope this is what you wanted!

Michael had always been extremely overprotective of you, I mean why wouldn’t he, you’re his baby sister. It often felt like overkill, especially when you got old enough to start dating. He’d chased away more boys than you cared to remember. You’d tried time and again to explain to him that you had grown up. Sometime between him leaving home for tour and now, you had become more than just his baby sister, and the more that he refused to see that, the less you felt like you could share with him.

Which is exactly what lead to now, you and Calum, one of your brother’s best friends and band mates, sneaking around behind his back. You’d been dating the past 6 months, ever since you’d visited the boys on tour, and extending into their break. It was easy at first. You weren’t around, so there was nothing to hid but late night phone calls and cute text messages. That all changed when Calum came home. He wanted more, he’d missed you, but you couldn’t risk it. Michael would kill him if he found out. 

Calum laid across your bed, casually scrolling through his phone as you finished the last of your cleaning. “Baby….” He groaned, getting your attention, “Pay attention to me. I haven’t seen you in months.” He was whispering by the end of his sentence. He worried often about having a long distance relationship, not because you would ever cheat, but more because he couldn’t give you everything he wanted to. Having to hide everything made it that much more difficult. Now was his chance, though. Michael was out for the afternoon, and Calum could finally show you just how much he missed you. 

You giggled, joining your needy boyfriend on the bed, leaning into his touch as he pushed your hair behind your ear. Slowly, Calum sat up, gently pushing you into a more relaxed position. Pressing sweet kisses all over your face, his hands found your hips. Finally pressing a passionate kiss to your lips, he pulled back, just admiring your beauty. 

“I love you so much, Y/N. I hope that doesn’t scare you, because I really do. I’ve always felt like I had to choose. Have the career I want, or have a stable relationship. You’ve changed that, baby. You’ve changed everything for me.” He whispered, bringing tears to your eyes. All you could do was kiss him, fiercely and without fear. The kiss grew more and more passionate, a clash of lips and tangling tongues. 

“I love you too, Cal. Always.” You gushed back, pulling away only for air. He could only smile at you, pulling you back into another searing kiss. Your hands found the hem of his shirt, tugging lightly to tell him you wanted it to come off. He complied, pulling away from you only long enough to remove his shirt, as you removed your own. Your palms pressed into his muscular back, bring him close to you, longing to feel his hot skin pressed against yours. 

You were only pulled from the moment at the sound of the front door slamming closed, and your brother’s voice echoing down the halls. Michael was home early. You looked up at Calum wide eyed, too stunned to do anything as your door slammed open.

“Y/N, mom said… What the fuck?” Michael stuttered, stunned at the sight of his best friend and baby sister in bed together. Calum quickly got off the bed, throwing his shirt at you to cover up in. 

“Michael, I can explain.” you started to say, trying desperately to prevent the impending meltdown. You weren’t able to, as you could already see Michael’s ears turning bright red, a tell tale sign he was much to angry. 

“You..” He hissed, pointing at Calum, “Have a 5 second head start.” Calum just nodded, taking off as Michael chased after him. You could only hope he wouldn’t hurt him. Or at least that badly. 


(overdue post!!!!!!!)

Last October 5 I went to Cosmania as japhers’s (genderbend) Filipino!Cecil (oh god I was a bundle of nerves all day, it was my first cosplay and I met really really really cool people)

  • First and second picture were taken by Japh-senpai himself uwu thank you so much (I just realized that I didn’t have any proper pictures taken when I was already on the train on the way home god I was sitting on the floor I was so tired)
  • My family!!! Went!! To!!! The convention!!!!! For me!!!! Idk I think they (especially my grandma, gosh she really went to a convention for me) were just as excited as I am, even if they didn’t properly understand my interests. My grammy was super supportive, until now I’m still kind of thrown by her unwavering support. When I was preparing my costume, she was all “what else do you need?” and was even “oh hey, here’s some makeup, I think you’re gonna need this,” bc I don’t own any makeup at all. And my mum doesn’t get me at all, but she’s happy that I’m happy with what I’m doing ;3; my friends also went!!!! Not solely for me although I think I was the one who nagged them to go, but okay I felt the love you weirdos
  • Details, photographed by my sister. I had my hair shaved and I had a pretty purple bow and I made an ID card and painted the Baybayin characters on the necktie myself (I’m planning to have them embroidered in the future, bc I really like this Cecil and plan to improve my cosplay someday okbye)

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September 12 me and my friends are releasing the valentines day video again. In total all of us together are 14 accounts. We all have at least 500 follows. Spread the word about this wonderful re-appearance ;) but dont tell dan and phil

Right, you have no fucking right to release it, how would you feel if people kept sharing a video that you wanted to keep private and you only ever wanted 1 person to see? Yeah it would probably make you feel like shit so why the fuck do you think its ok to do it to Dan and Phil, just because they have a ‘following’ doesn’t give you the right to do it. So don’t waste your time on doing something horrible which is just going to get taken down  

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Do you know if that was Merida's last episode? bc there was no resolution for her character!! i mean not that I care, but it is (one of many) strong testimony to ouat's completely disregard for it's own writing! idek why we intelligent folks still bother with it ??

I… this isn’t about Swan Queen anymore. Nothing made sense. We didn’t have any kind of resolution for anything. I need to rewatch.

Also… things went to shit when she decided not to let Hook go the first time… Now she is dragging her entire family into hell to make exactly the same mistake? Are we going for the magical three before the lesson is learned here?

I shall preface this with: I have no recollection of drawing this. But I was drawing in my sketchbook today and I was flipping to find a blank page, and apparently at some point I drew a modern AU Ben and Qui-Gon, and idek why but qui looks like a secret service dude. Ben in a sweatervest makes sense. Qui in sunglasses… Somewhat less so. But it made me laugh and I thought it might make you guys laugh, too.