idek why i made this but whatever

((((so little drabble of the Fight-Teen Dreemurrs: Asriel, Frisk, and Chara. my first Undertale work ever so lol. this was something that @paychiri and i were talking about and i kind of had to write it bc. why wouldn’t i. they’re older teens here (hence the name) and it’s Asriel/Frisk with Chara just being rly entertained. hope you enjoy this piece of silly.))))

It was a beautiful day outside…

Birds were singing, flowers were blooming…

On days like these…

Chara wished the birds would shut the fuck up and wished the curtains were closed so they could go back to sleep.

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So say after legacy/high school nothing gets sorted out (I know I know I would hate that too but there’s lots of rumours about that being the case) and the ‘triangle’ remains. Both girls still like Lucas, and he hasn’t made a decision.

So after the campfire, and when they’ve started high school, Maya still teases Lucas/acts mostly the way she did before, but feels way too awkward to 'ha-hurr’ him again.

Maybe Lucas sorts out his shit with Riley, or whatever, but Maya doesn’t want to go out with him because of Riley - even though Riley is okay with it.

Maya and Lucas continue to get into these hot fights where you know they just want to kiss each other but they CAN’T

And Maya doesn’t ha-hurr Lucas. Ever. Maybe it reminds her too much of the campfire, or maybe it was ruined when there was all the 'he just held my face’ shit, or maybe she just feels too old to be acting like that.

But Lucas doesn’t like that.

So Lucas and Maya are arguing or whatever, teasing one another.


Yes, the next ha-hurr is initiated by Lucas.

We finally see how Lucas feels 😏