idek why i like him so much i just do

Phantom: Why are you so upset because I hooked up with Blackquill, you’re the one who says you’re gay when looking at him all the time.


Phantom: I’m literally you, what else am I supposed to d-


Ghost!Bobby: ……… If I kissed you, it’d be like indirectly kissing Prosecutor Blackquill.



Phantom: You’re a ghost. You’re dead.

Ghost!Bobby: Uh..

Phantom: Also I killed you.

Ghost!Bobby: Okay, okay, I realized it was a weird idea while I was still talking.

A pre-hollow Grimmjow. I haven’t been able to draw much and needed to get back to it.

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Spread some friendship and love 🌸. Give a shoutout to 5 of your mutuals and friends and say why you love them! Send this to 10 other people once your done 💮

awww this is so cute omg idk if i can choose just 5 asbkahf

@4xingdae - well there’s not much to explain other than the fact we’ve been friends for over 4 years now and it’s just been so amazing becoming friends with him. i can’t even describe how much he means to me tbh like words can’t explain it

@bfjoonie - is there any need to explain why??? she’s literally the RM to my JK!!! we’ve been friends for almost a year now how crazy is that right? and like she’s super super nice and loving and i just love talking with her!! she’s also very warming to talk to idek how to explain it tbh

@yoohnseok - there are so many hidden jokes between us it’s literally all we do. idek how we started becoming friends but like it’s blossomed so much since then. i literally love her with all my heart and she knows that even when i don’t express it enough bc i’m horrible at it ahksbfha

@dyegu - we literally scream about minhyuk and changkyun every day and i love talking to him a lot. he’s like an older brother to me and i’m thankful i’m friends with him because i can be just chill and relaxed and not to mention he puts up with my constant memes lol

(la mayo squad ofc @yoonelle / @sweatae / @jeonggukes / @monions / @seokline / @jiminhales) - there’s not enough words to describe how much i love them!! we’ve been friends for over a year now and its so crazy to think that it’s been that long

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Just stumbled across an anticas/misha blog, why are they so angry? They also seem to think that if you like him you hate Jared? I just don't understand

I know, I know. It’s a messy problem. They’re angry, jealous, idek. And yeah, it’s apparently impossible to like two people who are friends with Jensen Ackles. Science doesn’t let it happen.
But srsly, idk why they’re so mad about the best person in the world and think we hate someone we actually love so freaking much (in my case). Will always be a mystery to me /:

Preference #6- What you do when its raining at Hogwarts


In the library 

Knowing the both of you, you needed to catch up on homework and with the distraction of Quidditch and the grounds out of the way, you don’t really have an excuse for not studying. But some how, you never end up doing any work. 


He teaches you how to play Wizards Chess

External image

You were never interested in Wizards Chess that much, but you knew Ron loved it so you asked him to teach you. You spent the next three hours learning the rules and attempting to play. You were okay for a first time player. You were just glad you were with Ron.  


Walk around the castle

Seeing as the weather was horrible and you both were extremely bored in your common room, you decided to go for a walk around the castle. You spent hours, walking the corridors, talking, examining the different paintings and tapestry. It was, in your opinion, wonderful. 


In the Gryffindor Common Room

When you saw the conditions outside, you both decided to just have a lazy day. You spent the whole day by the fire talking, cuddling, drinking tea, laughing, and having a great day, despite the weather. 


Joke around

When the weather sucks and you and Fred have nothing else to do, you spend the day cracking jokes and pulling pranks. Really this was nothing new, although for some reason, it was just so much better than a normal day. 


You guys rake a nap

External image

There wasn’t much to do on raining days. You and George weren’t about to do homework, and pranks just weren’t as fun when the weather was terrible. So instead, you just took a nap. It was a great way to spend the day and be together at the same time. 

Am I the only one that gets a little bit annoyed when people ask Alex Turner about Arctic Monkeys? Like don’t get me wrong they are my favourite band and I miss them too but he seems to be having so much fun with TLSP (not that he doesn’t with AM but you know what I mean) so why not let the man enjoy his time off. Besides I don’t want him to write stuff or do another album under pressure. And don’t even get me started on how much I love TLSP too…


you know life’s being a bitch when u cant decide on an eye color

green is my least favorite color, but i think its really cool as an eye color, i think its the rarest in real life?

i adore blue/light blue so much it gives that innocent look, and it goes really well with pale skin,

gold/yellow on the other hand, looks more aggressive like red/orange

idek anymore, what do u guys think?

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/post/141608643340/person-but-you-know-phan-isnt-re-me-2122009 it could me just dan being the attention seeker he was back then?he has told so many lies idek if i can believe him anymore, dont get me wrong i have no problem if phan is real but i just don't think there's enough solid proof

i get you i do, dan has lied about so much but… I don’t think he lied about this kind of thing? I think he lied when he was saying phan wasn’t real, y’know, like covering it all up after he got famous enough that it mattered what he tweeted. 

maybe he was attention seeking with the uma thurman i guess, but like… why the fuck would he say that when he didn’t need to? Nobody would have really even cared or realised (probably) that he was at Phil’s, it just would’ve been a pointless lie. Also if he was lying, wouldn’t Phil be like ‘wtf Dan why did u tweet as if we just banged’ 

these are my thoughts


There was, of course, a temptation in sweetness. In the kindness that dripped out of Cas like sugar some days. His need to help, to do good, to serve humanity. It completed him. Dean understood that. He loved that about Cas. 

But still… there was something that stuck with Dean a little more, a dark and heady need that clung to the back of his throat like thirst. Cas’ rage. He didn’t want it directed at himself, no. What he wanted was to see the look of terror on a monster’s face when they realized just how badly they fucked up. Every monster they came across knew the name Winchester, that was beyond expected at this point. But they also knew Cas, and that was just hot. 

Cas rolled his eyes and shook his head, fondness and exasperation mixed in his smile. Dean got that from him a lot. As much as Cas would deny it, he did like that Dean got off on his power. The shattered lights in their bedroom said as much.