idek why i find this so cute

To all my lovely ikadifans [thats me too!!] 😊

*deep breath in* wooshh 

Righty oh

 come on a ride with me

We all gotta chill- like in a good way, like grab a cup of green tea and read a book or listen to your favourite music, or do that thing you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off for a while now. 

I’ve seen alot of us panic nearly everytime we feel there are no  Kaisoo moments. I completely understand, I’m the same, I crave their cute little bts moment and stares and when suddenly from a whirlwind of emotions we have stale periods its seems kaisoo shippers become miserable and what I wanted to say ITS OKAY!!! Its okay that we feel like that but in the meanwhile while we wait I find the more you busy yourself the quicker kaisoo moments find us. idek this logic??? So while we wait for our lovely ship lets love & look after ourselves (idk why this is turning into a pep talk lol?) Read a book, do some pilates (ayyy jongin checking out ks) Recently I’ve been into following kickboxing workouts on youtube. Its fun, free and you can do at home. Prepare yourself for school, in the words of Jongin,

Do some stationary shopping or for me I like watching Study advice on youtube- it really motivates me and in a way makes me excited for school (ehh?) 

Speaking from a personal experience I made myself really unhappy to the point where i deleted my old blog because literally, my whole life was this ship and they were going through a stale moment (stares like the office as i remember 4/1)  and i didnt find the same happiness anymore, if that makes sense??? It felt like outside tumblr i didnt really have much of a life and then cue me having a existensial breakdown. But I’m ok now lol- much happier and I adore kaisoo just as much as I id before and I believe in them wholly with my heart, except this time i feel like I’m more understanding of what a relationship is?? Like I realised I’m not always going to recieve constant images or videos of them being lovey dovey because at the end of the day I’m not them, im not in the same vicinity as them and thats ok because with what we do get we should treasure and  belive  me us kaisoo shippers get the real deal each time ( how bloody lucky are we?)

(whispers the reall dealll) You cant fake fondness and love in your eyes 

So yeah, enjoy life and go do things that make you happy, and dont you worry you shall see the kaisoo moments will happen (they always do  :)

the signs finding out they're pregnant
  • aries: HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD
  • taurus: so thats why i've been so hungry lately
  • gemini: i am so hAPPY *can't stop smiling*
  • cancer: *cries with happiness* soon i will have my own army of children
  • leo: i'm gonna be such a bombass parent chilD ARE U READY FOR THIS
  • virgo: must. childproof. house.
  • libra: CUTE!!!! BABY!!! CLOTHES!!!!!!!
  • scorpio: i hope it's not a satan spawn
  • sagittarius: this baby is gonna be a WINNER
  • capricorn: bABIES
  • aquarius: this child better be individual af or i'm done
  • pisces: *sobbing* my dream.....has come true

@uptownotakucosplay is a guilty sin ;;v;;

I was doing a homework project about Alzheimer disease, and it’s midnight and… I went to youtube to find the ‘My Dubsmashes’ by Uptownotaku, again, and ended up watching it… and then saw the 20k Live Stream …………and guess who ended up ditching her homework for the cute Adrien cosplayer that lasted over 6 hours? XD

I ain’t guilty. I love the cat puns. I love the smile. But mostly… I love her eyes… I ADORE her eyes *^* Idek why they are so beautiful… It’s really rare that someone’s eyes make me fall in love with them. First one was my girlfriend, and second was Uptownotaku… But the Chat Noir eye-contacts is worth to die for ;;;v;;; SO GO CHECK HER YOUTUBE IT’S WORTH IT SO MUCH AHHH <333

So yeah, in short I ditched homework, watched the recorded live stream and drew a copy of a photo she had of Chat Noir- and…just drew… topless Uptownotaku/Chat Noir… I want @uptownotaku now on a body pillow to hug 24/7 *^*

the signs from a libra's point of view

Aries: sex gods christ almighty u guys are perfect 

Taurus: a bit stubborn but very very nice and friendly 

Gemini: ALWAYS SO ATTRACTIVE but like u talk a lot n it makes me wanna stab u 

Cancer: so in touch with ur emotions man u get me n I get u we are one 

Leo: u guys are like little tigers awhuehaehahea so cute but so vain 

Virgo: super organised and smart and if there was a zombie apocalypse u guys would be the survivors 100% 

Libra: very very gorgeous n peaceful as fuck and friends with everyone??

Scorpio: idk why but I find u guys really attractive and mysterious wtf stop being so seductive 

Sagittarius: y'all don’t take shit from nobody and I admire that plus hot as fuck

Capricorn: I constantly wanna hug u idek man 

Aquarius: hardworking, smart people & ur always busy with something 

Pisces: even when u guys aren’t high ur still high but that’s okay