idek why i find this so cute

@uptownotakucosplay is a guilty sin ;;v;;

I was doing a homework project about Alzheimer disease, and it’s midnight and… I went to youtube to find the ‘My Dubsmashes’ by Uptownotaku, again, and ended up watching it… and then saw the 20k Live Stream …………and guess who ended up ditching her homework for the cute Adrien cosplayer that lasted over 6 hours? XD

I ain’t guilty. I love the cat puns. I love the smile. But mostly… I love her eyes… I ADORE her eyes *^* Idek why they are so beautiful… It’s really rare that someone’s eyes make me fall in love with them. First one was my girlfriend, and second was Uptownotaku… But the Chat Noir eye-contacts is worth to die for ;;;v;;; SO GO CHECK HER YOUTUBE IT’S WORTH IT SO MUCH AHHH <333

So yeah, in short I ditched homework, watched the recorded live stream and drew a copy of a photo she had of Chat Noir- and…just drew… topless Uptownotaku/Chat Noir… I want @uptownotaku now on a body pillow to hug 24/7 *^*

the signs finding out they're pregnant
  • aries: HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD
  • taurus: so thats why i've been so hungry lately
  • gemini: i am so hAPPY *can't stop smiling*
  • cancer: *cries with happiness* soon i will have my own army of children
  • leo: i'm gonna be such a bombass parent chilD ARE U READY FOR THIS
  • virgo: must. childproof. house.
  • libra: CUTE!!!! BABY!!! CLOTHES!!!!!!!
  • scorpio: i hope it's not a satan spawn
  • sagittarius: this baby is gonna be a WINNER
  • capricorn: bABIES
  • aquarius: this child better be individual af or i'm done
  • pisces: *sobbing* my dream.....has come true

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jaeminnana (ilu flo 💞)

@jaeminnana why do u have such a pretty name and URL????? I feel like a reject right now lmao anyWAY I FEEL A LOTTA LOVE FOR YOU BUT WE DONT REALLY SPEAK IDEK WHY BUT WE DONT BUT THATS OKAY??? YOURE MUTUALS WITH A LOT OF THE SAME PEOPLE AS I AND IDK I JUST FIND THAT SO CUTE AND HEARTWARMING AND I FEEL LIKE WEVE MADE A FRIENDSHIP GROUP OR SOMETHING ON HERE WITHOUT REALISING? honestly tho I’m like shook that u like me let alone follow my shitty blog usually ppl don’t like speaking to me bc I write and I’m not one of those cool gif making blogs or aesthetically pleasuring blogs (which I feel like u r) so I’m blessed that people like u do want to speak to me djshjshsidh YOURE SO CUTE AND I WANT TO PROTECT THIS ANGEL OKAY ILYSFM VIVIENNE

send me a url and i’ll tell you what i think about them💘