idek why did i make this

What if
  • Ushijima: You should have gone --
  • Oikawa: I KNOW I should have gone to Shiratorizawa, I know, I get it, I should have gone to fucking Shiratorizawa you've only told me 800 fucking times...
  • Ushijima: -- to nationals.
  • Oikawa: What?
  • Ushijima: You should have gone to nationals, Oikawa. You were more than good enough.
  • Oikawa: ...Oh.

I’m trying to find a good poster/cover for Les Mis 78 but these are all just WEIRD.

Which tbh might say something about this adaptation.

Most of them are variations of this one picture of Javert Staring Angrily At Camera. There’s a definite trend of making Javert look like the main character for some reason. The most common one I keep running into is this one with the… tagline:

“The Classic Story of One Man’s Search for Freedom and Another’s Quest for Revenge”

Yeah, sure. That’s what Les Mis is about.

This one also has the same picture of Javert but at least Valjean is more prominent I guess? But the tagline isn’t any better. ALSO WHY DID THEY PUT GILLENORMAND ON THE COVER WTF.

Idek where to start with this one.

- Javert positioned like The Hero (with the French flag behind him too)

- Not one but two Valjeans because who cares about other characters?


“He would stop at nothing to exact justice & vengeance”


EDIT: Also “Richard Jordon” lol

Umm…… okay

(The woman isn’t Fantine ftr, that’s Valjean’s sister Jeanne.)

See, this is ugly as hell but at least it’s slightly more appropriate??? in that Javert looks all menacing and Valjean looks…well he looks like he’s making puppy-eyes at Fantom!Javert but oh well.

(God that barricade is terrible btw. Is it even a barricade or a trash heap? We may never know…)

I think this is for the AU in which Valjean and Javert run off together to raise Cosette.

OMG NO JAVERT! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? Instead it has two Cosettes, but hey, can’t have too many Cosettes, amirite?

I think I like this one the best tbh. Even though with this adaptation I do feel like Javert should be on the cover since this movie really IS all about Valjean and Javert and nobody else really matters.

otp aesthetic || zutara

You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.


and when the last one falls, when it’s all said and done
it gets hard but it won't take away my love

anonymous asked:

I'm nb and I met a girl tonight who's trans. I really liked that her chest was completely flat and I was like wow, this is what I've always wanted in a person. It's not fair though because I read that people attracted to trans women BECAUSE they're trans are chasers and I feel bad because of that...I like her appearance BECAUSE her chest is flat and that's wrong....I'm sorry and I feel guilty idek please tell me how I'm being transphobic and how to stop being this way

(I sent an earlier ask where I said I think I might be a chaser) it seems I’ve only ever felt a strong attraction to trans women, but not cis women (or cis men or anyone else etc etc). I really do see them as women…but then why am I not attracted to cis women? I mean I did think the girl I met earlier tonight was cis at first, if that makes me not a chaser? gahhh

I am not a trans woman, so I feel that I probably shouldn’t be the one to answer a question like this.

If I have any trans women followers who would like to answer this, please do feel free to add to this post so that anon can read your answers.

Deal - Jungkook

A/N: I’ve had this idea for a while now. I mean, it’s vamp!Jungkook + roommate au… and i haven’t written in awhile so maybe this could make up for the lack of activity?? I’m on spring break so I’ll be writing more! hopefully, it’ll be Mr. & Mrs. Jeon next!!

Summary: He had strange requirements for a roommate and you didn’t question it but why of all conditions did his potential roommate had to work at a hospital? 

Word count: 2.2k

You didn’t steal. Not even once have you taken something that was yours. When you were younger, you had attempted to steal an extra lollipop but before you could even taste it’s dangerously sweet strawberry flavor, guilt practically swallowed you whole and your little legs carried you back inside to return the candy with a blubbering apology.

It was from that moment that you realized being a thief was something you weren’t cut out for. 

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What makes you think you'll be alone?

Pairing: Marauders Era Wolfstar

Words:One thousand and something :)  

First thing published here so don’t hate me…


The Marauders were sat together in the common room, late on a Wednesday evening. Homework was completed, their OWLS were fast approaching, and so conversation turned to the boy’s futures. After the many remarks Sirius made to James about how he’d be taking up a permanent residence in the Potter’s house, they both stated they wanted to be Aurors.

“I could take him! Voldemort I mean,” Sirius joked which caused Peter to frown. James laughed and slapped Sirius arm, causing him to recoil a few inches.

“Yeah right. Over my dead body.”

“I could, don’t believe me? If you want I can try out a few hexes on y-”

“No, you’re alright,” he interrupted quickly, blocking the harsh blows he was getting.

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Honestly I’m so lucky to have such great friends online. Like you’re all so amazing, and sometimes I just have to sit here and wonder “why me?” I don’t deserve you guys, you’re wonderful and amazing and funny and talented. What did I do to deserve friends like this. I’m so lame, and uncreative and I can almost never contribute to an interesting conversation, but you guys put up with ne anyways. I really really love you all and I’m so thankful that I have you in my life. Thank you all so much ♡♡♡

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Dark 03)

(He said being at the castle was suffocating, i’m fine coming to this abandoned building with Shuu-san but…)


(I wonder what I should do. Shuu-san is listening to music)

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Why did i have to see that? I was talking with my friend the other day and she said that it's way too late for tvd but not for to when it comes to stick with a plot till the end BUT SERIOUSLY IF THEY'LL MAKE HOPE EVIL IT'S GONNA BE WAY WORSE. WE'RE FINE WITH THE DE AND STEROSHIT DIARIES WE DON'T WANT THE 7 YEAR OLD WITCH-VAMPIRE-WOLF-HAMSTER-WHATEVER THE HELL SHE IS HOPES EVIL BIOGRAPHY

Idek why I’m surprised. I think they said that she like loses it or something, because she takes matters into her own hands or whatever? And like, yeesh, we are in for a trip, ya’ll.

gOD im exhausted and RSJ did this ep????????????????????? nice going for him he nearly KILLED me but I WANNA KNOW WHAT CROWLEY DID WITH THE SPEAR AND ALSO WHY he didnt take it a big piece of something like that de-magicked or not itS STILL like HUGE so i just??????? also crowley cares about these boys cuz they basically earned his respect and yeah

god idek

but THANK GOD cas didnt fly away

he just went with them

I DONT like that mary is keeping a secret

but i guess thats where the boys get it

john wasnt a secret keeper from the flashbacks BEFORE her death he was kinda

what open???

this makes me worried