idek who was there really

So, this is entirely @kazliin and their beautiful fanfiction’s fault, specifically the part where they used a song from Notre Dame De Paris for Viktor’s free skate. If Viktor is the singers, that would make Yuuri the object of Viktor’s desire, which means Esmeralda, and there you have it.

Bonus reaction Viktor:

Myrick stared down at his hand as he stepped out of the car. He shook his head to himself, “You’ve done this before, just remember.” He whispered as he took a step forward before falling over.

Who wants dumb, stupid, inaccurate, college AU, self-indulgent idek?  *sniggers*  No really, I don’t even know.  I just decided to write things and see what came out, and this is what did.  That is why they are drabbles, I suppose.

Prompt: ‘i’m in my underpants in a laundromat waiting for my clothes to get washed and your clothes are in the machine next to mine and i noticed that when you put your clothes in they were all covered in blood what the fuck’ au

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  • tour guide voice: and if you look to north europe, you can see the majestic swedes performing the traditional melodifestivalen. i warn you not to get too close to it if you want to live.
  • sweden: *incoherent screaming and flailing of glowsticks*
  • tour guide voice: i urge you to stay away, as this is an important ritual and will decide who will be their participant in this years eurovision, which is basically the same thing except all of europe joins in. that is also something to watch from a safe distance and DO NOT under any circumstances get between two countries, especially if they are neighbors as one may not have given the other their twelve points. you have been warned.

it started out as aimless sketching in photoshop and ended up as a Mads/Hannibal doodle with zero reference. Blame any inaccuracy on my visual memory or lack thereof

I feel like Harry and Louis are gonna be that couple that drops off and picks their kids up from school together.

People who are reacting to this debate with “oh my god idek who I’m gonna vote for lol” are really scaring me right now. Any vote that isn’t for Hillary actively helps Trump and I don’t understand how you can be alright with that. And all the people who are die hard Bernie fans don’t seem to understand that voting for Bernie now will only help Trump by taking liberal votes away from Hillary. I’m honestly terrified for the future of this country. I can’t believe this is actually happening.

This Conviction

Anon prompted: Pearl/Rose but with how the other Diamonds notice Rose’s special treatment for her Pearl.

[casually writes fic from the POV of a character who hasn’t even been confirmed to exist]

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m so into pitting White Diamond against Pink, but here I am and here we are and here’s a ficlet. Thank you for the prompt! This is pretty straightforward Pink Diamond and Servant Pearl theory territory, as your ask seemed to imply. ~1200 words.

This Conviction

She found herself so distracted by the spectacle playing out before them all that the majority of the meeting flew right by her. She could review the minutes her pearl was taking later, easily - that was hardly what weighed heaviest on her mind at the moment, and catching the tail end of Pink’s little exposé about some far-flung planet felt like more than enough information as far as she was concerned.

“…thus, the Crystal System seems to me to be the one showing most potential, with several of its planets bearing indications of useful mineral deposits in significant amounts. Ah, yes, there we go. Thank you very much for your help with the holograms, Pearl.”

She’d asked for a chair. A chair for the pearl accompanying her. Special separate seating - in the corner of the room, thankfully - if nothing else, it seemed Pink in all her idiosyncrasy wasn’t as far gone as to seat a pearl at the council table of the Diamonds themselves.

White scoffed to herself. Small mercies.

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“It was a big planned thing. I had a different plan, but Sara wanted to take a break”
I feel like Shonda’s statements are just putting so much pressure on Sara. Because she knows that Calzona is a huge ship, and she knows how much it means to so many people, so basically it’s like “if she ever comes back, they’ll be endgame”. But Shonda & co. are the ones who wasted over two seasons, the ones who decided which route Calzona should take, and the only thing we now have is Shonda saying she had planned a reconciliation, but Sara leaving changed things.